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    There is many fellow new illy's who have either been stuck in that Mez paradigm or just buff and question.
    Why do I not parse like other Illy's i have heard about?

    Simple really,,,timing and casting order.

    First off lets start with Flash of Brilliance,most wonderful name and buff it is,were you aware you can cast that while moving?
    Second,Piece of Mind,again can be cast while moving.

    Ah yes TimeWarp,Yah know i would make a macro letting others in group know when i hit that that they have five seconds to when it is in effect.

    So your tank pulls,you do Piece of mind,destructive rampage,Flash of Brilliance,then time warp ,,,right? what next?

    Ok first off use your psychic Trauma,Theorems, chromatic storm then shower (Some debate either) then your nightmare and Anurism,master strike and lastly your choas on the tank.
    Now i know there is plenty of other illys that will say use this and when and you simplify this and you can do that or this,but my point of this thread is to give a basic idea and for those stuck to try it out.

    Thus i will add more in the near future AA spec etc.

    on that note try it,or dont.
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    KornRollKid wrote:
    Try casting Prismatic Chaos prior to tank pulling. Then cast Time Warp first on the pull, not the other 3 buffs. Otherwise you are wasting the buffs and procs from the other 3 spells you listed. If you cast TW first, you'll be done with the other 3 buffs just before the TW kicks in. (You'll have time for one non-TW'd spell before TW kicks in.) Now you can start casting your damage spells with all the benefits of TW.
  3. ARCHIVED-KornRollKid Guest

    Well thats what i meant,you hit the cool downs and then TW etc and all should be blazing,you explained it better than i,so thnx (Il refrain from posting while tired).
    If anyone wishes to add or has some insight plz share.
    Thnx in advance.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gladiolus Guest

    KornRollKid wrote:
    This shows exactly what's wrong with the game.
  5. ARCHIVED-Coju Guest

    This isn't even close to the right information this is why so many Illusionists can't parse well. Here is how you do a casting order on an Illusionist.

    First off you got high priority spells listed from highest to lowest priority. Hit these spells everytime they are up in this order if they refresh at the same time.
    Prismatic Chaos>Theorems>Psychic Trauma>Chromatic Shower
    The starting casting order will look something like this.
    Prismatic Chaos (1st scout)
    Prismatic Chaos (2nd scout)
    Flash of Brilliance (Pre-pull)
    Destructive Rampage (tank usually gives a 5 count hit this on like 2)
    Peace of Mind (right after destructive rampage)
    Timewarp (when tank turns the mob, if its a high dps group you have to precast this as well)
    Beam>Brainburst>Beam>Nightmares (timewarp should have 1 second till landing)
    Chromatic Shower (pre-casted when timewarp has 1 second till it lands)
    Psychic Trauma
    Bewilderment (shadows AA not the encounter stun)
    Prismatic Chaos
    Then the normal casting order is pretty much Beam>Brainburst>Beam>Nightmares while casting your "Top Priority" Spells in between.
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    Coju@Permafrost wrote:
    I thought that any spell that you start to cast before Time Warp starts does not get the benefit of Time Warp, even if it finishes casting when Time Warp has already started.
    Also the spell priority you listed is only valid versus 1-2 targets. Chromatic Shower will be much higher priority versus large numbers of mobs. As will your other encounter aoe. Ideally you want to hit both of those during a Time Warp.
  7. ARCHIVED-Citsade Guest

    That is a lot of buffs to cast on pull...
    In a raid on a named fight, I will often use my Book of Sel'Nok or whatever for the 25% extra procs, and my AOE blocker from the charm (Fallen Swords timeline), then go into buffs/dps...

    Prismatic chaos is one of our biggest DPS spells, so I have that macroed in a group or raid to a high DPS scout, as tanks will often not proc Chaos enough (especially with the bonus of time warp).
    Once we cast Time Warp, we should be able to get off 4 quick cast spells like Nightmare, brainburst, bewilderment, beam...then precast our big DoTs which will doublecast as long as the cast is done when time warp becomes active...ill throw my 2 dots, then Theorems, then another Chaos to finish (which will doublecast even if Time Warp expires - both Theorems and Prismatic Chaose will add the extra triggers if Time Warp expires before the spell is done casting). If your timing is perfect on precasting Shower, you can do the 2 big dots, then brainburst OR nightmare, followed by Theorems and Chaos.
    I will usually separate Peace of Mind and Destructive Rampage so as to spread around the DPS goodness...unless of course the fight is very short. Flash of Brilliance whenever its up. I have to use Enchanted Vigor in raids so Psychic Trauma is not part of my cast order.
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    Citsade wrote:
    This is such a bad thing to do - you want DR running with PoM so that PoM hits harder for you and your group.