Knightwolves 95 Guild [Crushbone]

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    Knightwolves is a level 95 casual guild on the Crushbone server. It is our intention to play the game to its fullest while upholding a moral high ground. It is our practice to treat others as we want them to treat us while also keeping in the spirit of competition. We encourage our members to share among each other, promoting a sense of fellowship and ensuring our members are geared to the best of the guild's ability. Our guild chat and play style is mature and tactful (mostly) with a bit of sailor humor thrown in. Our leadership is open and approachable, so guilded with us or not please feel free to voice any questions, comments or concerns.

    We currently run CoE content and older content for updates, AA and as a cure for boredom from the monotony of grinding obols. We also do a...

    S U N D A Y E V E N T
    To partake in a long lost ritual known as, fun
    5:00pm PST | 7:00pm Central | 8:00pm EST
    8:00pm PST | 10:00pm Central | 11:00pm EST

    We welcome new players, rusty returning players and veteran players - we just like having fun!

    For more information, visit our website, post in our recruitment thread, or contact us in-game.

    Leaders - Porcelina, Teiwaz,

    Officers -Pelee, Cleansweep