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    I was wondering if they were going to shed more light on what the Knights of Truth/Order of Marr been up too.Lets face it when the prophet Sir Bayden Cauldthorn was out in CL talking about the return of Mithaniel Marr, and his Order of Marr, you would think Sir Lucan De'Lere would jump to arms and wipe them out for evening beening so close to his city.Since Lucan has bad blood with the Knights of Truth which now has become the Order of Marr, you would also think Lucan would spend resources trying to find out where there new base of operations is located.I would love to see them do a free mini expansion like they did with Neriak but instead have the Fabled Lionheart castle.
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    Lucan knows that Mithanial Marr would truely end his life for good this time if he tried to fight him. Remember, it was Mithanial Marr who stripped away Lucan's holy powers as a paladin in the first place. Instead of killing him, he made the mistake of letting him live and turn himself into a lich. He may be eternal undead, but a god can still end his existance.
    Freeport is far too involved with other matters in the world than to expel the religion of a diety who's avatar likes to show up outside Freeport, yet poses no threat to it.
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    It could be simply that the Avatar of Valor is there. Lucan may want to go after the Order of Marr, but he knows he can't take on the Avatar. Despite his ego and boasting that he's responsible for winning the battle of defiance and such. He knows he didn't beat the Avatar of War. and that he couldn't. and he ain't about to test his luck against the Avatar of Valor, the manifestation of a god that already has bad blood with him.
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    Maybe Vhalen can shed some light on this since he know Lucan the best. maybe throw up some Knights of Truth/Order of Marr history
  5. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    Those devoted to the worship of the Divine Twins, (in all their incarnations), has always been my primary focus.
    Through all the lore, official and otherwise, I sit in anticipation of whatever revelation may be gleaned from the loremasters; no matter how, (seemingly), small or insignificant.
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    I'm a Tunare and Sol Ro guy, myself. though we hear a lot about many of the 'good' and 'evil' deities...some of the neutrals I think could use some light. like Bristlebane and Sol Ro, and Prexus and Karana.
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    I mentioned the Order of Marr in past entries. I mentioned how they departed Freeport and vanished from the eyes and ears of Norrath towards the end of the Age of Turmoil. They would not be seen again until the Battle of Defiance.

    From a hidden fortress, the Order of Marr sent a small unit of knights to the Battle of Defiance. Imagine the thoughts racing through Lucan's mind as, in the midst of the largest battle in Freeport's history, a small but mighty cavalry unit of the Knights of Truth stormed onto the battlefield, cutting though the horde of Rallosians. They were charging through the densest and most dangerous orc forces in an attempt to reach the leader of the evil horde, the Avatar of War. The Avatar of War was in a heated battle with the Avatar of Tranquility and a band of powerful monks. The forces of war gained the upper hand and the monks would soon perish if not for the valiant charge of the Knights of Truth. Instead of looking to the Knights of Truth as an extra sword to strike at the massive Rallosian Army, Lucan saw their brave charge as a threat. Lucan led his own elite cavalry to meet the Knights of Truth within the sea of orcs that surrounded the mount. When their swords crossed, the orc elite withdrew from the skirmish either wishing to take no more losses from the two mighty knighthoods or to allow them to destroy each other. It was an epic clash that took place within an even greater epic battle. In the end, the Knights of Truth would fall to the blades of Lucan's knights. It was not until after the Battle of Defiance that Lucan would discover that the Knights of Truth were in fact part of a new Order of Marr. He knew that there must be a greater force of these knights waiting out there somewhere in some hidden castle. He would also wonder why they appeared at the Battle of Defiance with such a small contingent. Having been a knight of Marr in his youth, Lucan knew they must be on a new crusade... a secret crusade.

    It was within the Overrealm that some of you learned a portion of that secret crusade. You know that they are caretakers of a great artifact. They may not truly understand the origin or purpose of that artifact, but they know that the fate of Norrath is tied to it. And if some of you know about that crusade, then I can assure you that Lucan is well aware of it also. It just may be that Sir Lucan D'Lere knows more about their secret crusade than they do.
  8. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    How typical of Lucan to make a new enemy in the middle of a battle.

    well, at least he didn't interfere with the knights until after they helped out the Ashen Order just enough for them to gain the upper hand again.
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    Bows to the Loremaster, and goes off to study the tomes collected over millenia concerning the Paladins and Clerics of the Blessed Twins, and their past Crusades.
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    I do believe that light has been shed regarding their current hiding place. We learned of it when asking about certain places we'd heard of, but had never seen. Vhalen told us of such visions:
    What you are looking at is Lionheart Castle, part of the hidden city of Marr. The village rests beyond the bridge to the right. In an early version of the game the Knights of Truth, Priests of Marr and other benevolent residents from North Freeport migrated to this village after the Freeport Militia drove them out of Freeport.
    The guardians of Lionheart Castle are an order that can be seen in North Freeport since the Age of Turmoil. These guardians are called the Sentries of Erollisi. They wear ornate silver armor with a shiny silver helm. The helm's visor is shaped in the guise of Erollisi Marr. These guards don vibrant blue capes with cowls. They are highly skilled with crossbows and always have one slung on their back. Their primary weapon is a blessed ornate war hammer of fine design. Sentries also have long hair regardless of gender. A Sentry is bound to protect the Priests of Marr and any sacred ground of the Order of Marr. These elite knights are very alluring, but pure of heart.
    The village of Marr may not appear in game, but its original design document had many elements that have made it into EQ2 lore. Many of these secrets will be revealed in time. The village itself does not exist as designed, but there is a hidden fortress that represents this original design. So, this image does exist on Norrath, in lore.
    Let me look around, and see if I can't find the image. The one that had been in the post has been removed (at least for me) probably because the individual who had posted/hosted the image, no longer plays the game. It was from one of the pre-release screenies of the game.
  11. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    After a bit of searching, I failed miserably in finding one of the pre-release screenies that sparked Vhalen's original comment, I did, however find a gnome sporting a crossbow in shiny armor! I wonder if we'll ever see crossbows in game..
  12. ARCHIVED-Jalerdo Guest

    I was looking on the IGN website and found this looks like a possibility.
  13. ARCHIVED-pookie9981 Guest

    cool thank you vhalen for info. now I can RP my paladin better on Lucan DeLere server. Now if they only did a uber mini expansion about the Order of Marr ;p
  14. ARCHIVED-DreamerCloud9 Guest

    Yep, thats the picture. I believe it is used as the DeathFist Citadel graphic now?
  15. ARCHIVED-Leatherneck Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    That's some serious efficiency!
  16. ARCHIVED-teddyboy420 Guest

    Jerole@Blackburrow wrote:
    Yeah, at one time that may have been what Lionheart Castle was going to look like, but in the end it seems it was used as the basis for what would become Deathfist Citadel.

    Hopefully one day we will find the hidden Lionheart Castle, it most certainly would be a place I'd like to see with my own eyes after hearing so much about it. I am not, nor have ever been, a follower of either of the Marr twins as I'm a Tunare & Bristlebane kinda guy, but with all the lore and mystery surrounding this fortress it would most definitely be a place I'd like to visit.
  17. ARCHIVED-Vhalen Guest

    The village of Marr, Deathfist Citadel and Busheldown were all designed at the same time. They were some of the first zones to be built. I wrote a lot of lore for each of these places and did not wish to see that lore abandoned when the zones were. The 8 Virtues of Marr and the holidays Marr are bits of lore that I hope to introduce soon. That and other lore from original documents lives on and has even become part of the greater tales of the Age of Destiny.

    Busheldown and Marr still contain points of interest that I find to be some of the most beautiful locations we have made. The Cathedral of Marr inside Lionheart Castle and the Temple of Sullon Zek inside Busheldown are still amazing to gaze upon.
  18. ARCHIVED-teddyboy420 Guest

    Vhalen wrote:
    Any chance we'll see these places introduced to the game at some time? The revelation of Lionheart Castle's and the Village of Marr's locations would fit perfectly as part of an event for the return of Erollisi Marr, possibly with the next round of gods after those coming back w/ RoK, methinks.

    While we're talking about the Knights of Truth and the Order of Marr, I can't help but mention Befallen, which is still out there somewhere buried beneath the sands of the Commonlands (or possibly the Desert of Ro) as far as I know, and we all know that that cursed place has much history w/ the Knights of Truth and the Paladins of Marr. I would absolutely LOVE to revisit Befallen as it was one of my favorite stomping grounds back in the day. Stormhold <cough> reminded me very much of Befallen (I can't imagine why <cough>), but it just wasn't the same.....Maybe the Order of Marr has cleansed the place since they left Freeport and that's why it remains hidden? Of course, it could, and probably is, the same den of evil it always was. But either way it would be nice to revisit it.
  19. ARCHIVED-pookie9981 Guest

    Yea, I would love to see the The village of Marr to be honest Vhalen with the release of Neriak Qenyos side been a bit lacking, because now you have freeport/neriak, exile/kelethin, Qenyos/nothing so you got to release it now ;p to balance out the game plus my Paladin needs a home Qeynos doesnt cut it ;p
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    Eandiil@Lucan DLere wrote:
    I believe Befallen is dead and buried never to be found again. The new saga/tale/story of the curse that hit Befallen is now afflicting Stormhold. Befallen is the past! (but ya never know with adventure packs :) )

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