Fixed Internally Key of Knowledge [Foundation H3] Deadbolt curse

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Chath, Mar 1, 2023.

  1. Chath Active Member

    It seems that something is pretty screwy with the direction-facing check, probably related to the direction locking mechanism or camera movement or something. Half the time when I'm curing anyone who might have been facing anything but the named, I'm positive I'm looking the same direction as them, they see me facing the same direction as them, but then it says I was off by a ridiculous margin - 90, 120 degrees: and then I see their corpse at that angle. So we both see them facing the same direction, but the curse/game definitely thinks they're facing a different direction and kills them. We've speculated it might be something related to camera movement, but that's just a guess.

    We've also had curses randomly speed up later in the fight, getting multiple at the same time, which makes the fight impossible to solo heal. I don't know if this is some strange failure mechanic, but since it only happened some of the time I'm assuming it might be a bug related to her invulnerability phases.
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  2. Moss Well-Known Member

    I first recommend to use the command that is given when examing the boss, it should prevent some case were the player turns to face its target or a wrong direction. We have seen a few case were player would still turn but not very often.

    /ics_playercombatautoface false

    For this fight we ask player to use the F9 hotkey to get into first person view, check the direction on the compass then press F9 to return to their default view.

    Note that direction is sometime between a two cardinal points, like between North and North-East by some degree. It'd would have been better if its limits itself to exact angles (N, NE, E, SE, ...).

    For this fight our biggest issue, is the dps check on the adds and as we take time to kill them the heal check as the surge damage increase very fast. If we fail any part of the script we could get stuck for 20min without progressing.

    We know that some guild kill this boss without doing the script at all, killing it in less than 2min, but that is not a reason to make it almost impossible if you do not have an optimized group. They should balance their game instead so players dps, is not up to x40 the dps of others.
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  3. Chath Active Member

    Yeah, the fight seems really trivialized by burning it down in the same way that the rug boss is, but I didn't want to mix feedback with the bug report. It definitely seems like the curse is buggy, even if you can ignore it if your dps is high enough, due to corpses/character models not pointing the same direction and the very wide discrepancy between angles (being > 90 degrees is not being slightly off - it's facing an entirely different direction than it thinks). Thanks for mentioning that you can avoid it if your camera is facing the same direction as your character, that seems like it was probably what was going on.
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  4. Chrol Developer

    I'm not able to reproduce a bug with the directional facing on cure with Deadbolt, but the other issue with it recasting sooner than it should is now fixed. If the boss is up at the time of this post, you'll need to reset the encounter to get the fix for your instance.
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  5. Taled Well-Known Member

    From the sounds of it, you're trying to duplicate the direction based on what direction they *look* like they are facing on your screen?

    That is almost certainly why you are seeing 'bugs' with it. You need to use the compass and actuay communicate the direction the cursed player's client says it is facing. Other players won't always accurately see the way you are facing.
  6. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    The compass is also only accurate if your camera is facing the direction of your character so have to be mindful of that. /loc will give your characters orientation regardless of what your camera is doing, if you don't have the two aligned.
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  7. Chath Active Member

    Thanks, that's helpful. I'm almost sure it was the camera issue.
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