Kerra Isle Weaponsmith Recipes

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Cerec, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cerec Guest

    Is it just me, or are these items very underwhelming?
    * Kerra Isle Slipstone: +4% Double Attack for 30 minutes (Fighters/Scouts only)
    * Kerra Isle Grindstone: +1% Crit Bonus for 30 minutes (Fighters/Scouts only)
    * Kerra Isle Whetstone: +4% Crit Chance for 30 minutes (Fighters/Scouts only)

    Even as a fighter (and being a weaponsmith) it seems like a lot of trouble to craft them just for those puny bonuses and for such a short amount of time. Most people that really care about stats are pretty much maxed at Double Attack and Crit Chance anyway.
    Just be nice if weaponsmiths got some sort of bone, especially considering how big of a pain in the butt it is to get this stupid recipe book.
  2. ARCHIVED-Sorvani Guest

    That is the easiest of the 3 factions to raise based on travel time alone, and only one quest asks you to go off kerra island.
    as has been said many times. 14 days is not really all that long/hard to raise your faction.
    as for the recipes.. well sages got the other side of that coin. basically same thing for mage/priest.
  3. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Not that big of a deal to get the faction, but yes ... all of the new Weaponsmith products, including these, are pretty worthless. The DA and Crit Chance ones might have been OK before those two stats appeared on every other piece of gear. Now they are capped if you make the slightest effort to cap them. So Crit Bonus is the only one that serves a purpose at all ... and it's only 1%.
  4. ARCHIVED-couching Guest

    ec wrote:
    The recipes really made me sad when I finally have enough faction to get them.
    The worst part is, when I tried to sell it in acution and level channel, I got laughed hard that who is going to waste money on those junk? 1% crit bonus for 30 minutes? Come on, the Grindstone should be at least 2% crit bonus for 30 minutes to make it a bit worthy.
    I made 20 grindstone and put it on the broker. 2 days after, still 20 on the broker.
    Not to say Slipstone and Whetsone, totally junk because crit chance and DA are already flooded everywhere in this game. It's just too easy to hit 100 crit and DA with gear and buff from the group.
  5. ARCHIVED-ravenkitty Guest

    yep. us poor weapon smithys are pretty much worthless in the last teir. i dont think im going to even bother lvling my weaponsmithy. guess i will be looking at changing trade classes again...
  6. ARCHIVED-Amise Guest

    I don't know why anyone would think 1% crit bonus is worthless; it's not. Crit bonus items should move pretty well once more people get level 90 weapons. IMO the fact that they can only be used on level 85+ weapons is the main thing that is hindering sales.
    That and stones being mainhand only now, which means you have to replace your mainhand weapon before you can use the new stones. For many people that means replacing myth, and I can't see a ton of people replacing myth just yet, even after completing the quest.

    DA and crit are worthless, for sure. Should be replaced with 1% potency or +75 to ability modifier or something.
  7. ARCHIVED-Cerec Guest

    I don't know why anyone would think 1% crit bonus is worthless; it's not. Crit bonus items should move pretty well once more people get level 90 weapons. IMO the fact that they can only be used on level 85+ weapons is the main thing that is hindering sales.

    I am confident that if you parsed any fight with "1% more crit bonus" ...or, even parsed a NIGHT with "1% more crit bonus" it would not be worth the cost of the item, nor would it be worth the effort of remembering to reapply it every 30 minutes.
    In my opinion it should be something like 10% crit bonus for 10 minutes..or, 20% crit bonus for 5 minutes. That might get some attention.

    I also agree about weaponsmiths being worthless in the last tier...and I'm not sure if there is a way to actually fix this. I think the devs should remove the class and give all of us a quest/item that allows us to pick any of the other tradeskill classes and become that class at our current weaponsmith level. Why should we be required to start over again just because the class is broken beyond belief? When I started this game it wasn't the case....
  8. ARCHIVED-Amise Guest

    Cerec wrote:
    Whatever. As a raiding assassin I do whatever it takes to maximize DPS, and if that means spending money on temporary adornments, I do it, regardless of the cost. Anyone who is serious about maximizing their DPS will use them.
    10/20% crit bonus for ten or five minutes is overpowered. I have an AA that gives me 40% crit bonus for twelve seconds and that is itself extremely powerful.
    Given your suggestions I get the feeling you don't really understand how powerful crit bonus is.
    Anyway -- like I already said, I think it's better that the +crit/DA stones be changed into something useful (rather than the crit bonus stones), because the crit/DA stones are pretty pointless.
  9. ARCHIVED-Cerec Guest

    Ok -- prove me wrong then. Parse 3 fights with a training dummy, then 3 fights with one addition % of crit bonus with a training dummy. If the results are worth it, I'll have it independently verified. I stand by my assertion that 1% crit bonus is not worth the cost of the materials or the time it takes to craft them OR the time it takes to apply it to a weapon.
    I didn't realize any of the new AA affected crit bonus. What's the name of that, I'd like to look it up.
  10. ARCHIVED-ravenkitty Guest

    the cost of making a last teir weapon, embuing it, then listing it, isnt worth it anymore in last teir. weaponsmiths are LUCKY if they get back what they put into making the MC item. with all the new weapons, legendary, to fabled, why would anyone use a MC weapon, that is last teir (87-90) when the stats and crits that are on it are half, at best of what currently beeing droped and looted?
    any player, who wants to max their DPS,Heals, ect, isnt goign to use MC in last teir as their primary weapon. you just dont get the same results.if you look on the broker, their arent really any decent MC weapons for last teir, because no one wants to waste their money on somthing thats going to sit on the broker for weeks on end.
    perhaps if they let us weaponsmiths do a final crafting quest at lvl 90, that say, lets us ''upgrade'' dropped weapons, legendary or fabled, and used rare components to do this, i think would help our crafting class. heck, even let us make weapon mounts, and sell them on broker, so persons can turn their weapons they worked so hard for in the past, but are longer of use, into house items to showcase on our walls ect.
    sages,jewlers,outfitters,armorsmiths(for tanks),alchemists and even carpenters got a nice boost to their craft this expac. their current, and relevent thruout ALL teirs now. but the few crafting classes who arent anymore? bleh...i like my trade, but liek i said and many others already stated, our class is no longer relvent in the last teir. this makes me :(
  11. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Amise wrote:
    I would agree with pretty much everything you said in this thread and subsequent to it. I'm sure they will start to move once more people have upgraded weapons.
    1% Crit Bonus isn't worthless, but it IS underwhelming. I think I'd feel better if it were even just 1.5. I'm only a level 85 or 86 Weaponsmith, and the Crit Bonus items are pretty much what I will level to 90 on. May make some other stuff for first-time XP, but otherwise it will be all stones.
    1% (or 1.5%) potency, +75 ability modifier are fantastic suggestions. Damage proc maybe? It would be nice IMO to see some sort of defensive options like % Dodge or Parry, but maybe between that and the food/drink that would be too much. /shrug +250 Max Health?
    Weaponsmith MC weapons haven't been "last tier" relevant for a long time now, so these stones (and ammo .... ooooh!) define the class. I don't expect that to ever change, but that is why it's so disappointing that they are not just a titch better. Basically you do the whole quest series and faction climb just to become a current tier Weaponsmith. Sages make essentially the same underwhelming things ... but they have a whole host of products that people actually buy to go along with them - they are still current tier Sages before they get their faction recipes.

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