Kejekan Scout vs. Tier2 TSO Shard Armor?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Tommara, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tommara Guest

    I don't PvP nor raid (obviously, or I wouldn't be asking ) I rarely even group with my ranger (have a 90 paladin and troubador, one of which is generally needed more :/), so not sure why I need either toughness or crit mitigation. I'm also wondering if the ability to use Tier 9 adornments might swing the decision? Or maybe a mixture of both?
  2. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    toughness = PvP defense
    critical mitigation = PvE defense
    Far as I know, I don't PvP much but I know you NEED critical mitigation for harder PvE stuff. If your just casually soloing or grouping I imagine you could just pick up what ever you can get easier and will increase your DPS best.
  3. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    I don't know of any PVE Heroic content that requires crit mit for a Ranger. So the Kejekan Scout should be fine.
  4. ARCHIVED-Umub Guest

    I would suggest getting the T2 Void shard gloves for the Haste. Otherwise, I would go with the mastercrafted stuff and try to upgrade to Legendary pieces. T2 mark armor is very nice, but it takes a while to get the marks.
    If you check either Zam or Lootdb you can see which zones drop chainmail armor. In particular, you might check out the level 90 TSO instance drops. There is some decent armor there and the zones are pretty easy so you wouldn't need a great group to run them.
    There are also a few pieces of legendary lore chainmail armor. So check the broker too, they are kind of uncommon but they are out there.

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