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Discussion in 'History and Lore 2' started by Praetorian, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Jumjumbandito Active Member

    That door should open to Kithicor Forest now. THAT would be a nasty surprise from Nek forest levels...
  2. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Except that door is no where near Kithicor and has no association with it or Inny. It would make more sense to have it open into Najena's laboratories, Lavastorm, or even to the Fragment of Fire if such a place was to come into Norrath.
  3. Jumjumbandito Active Member

    Dark elfy forest to dark elfy forest...

    It doesn't have to be near by! It could use....

  4. Innania Member

    In pre-shattered Antonica, Kithicor and Nektulous actually do border each other (although zone-wise you had to pass through the Commonlands to get from one to the other).

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  5. Meirril Well-Known Member

    That is a nice player-made map, but its player made. One thing that is really missing from that map is mountain ranges. I'm not sure exactly where the World Spine Mountains actually range in that area, but they are the cause of the Desert of Ro and do run up in the direction of Freeport. I also think there is a mountain range that runs up to Lavastorm and over/past Neriak.

    Considering the zone boundries and the generally mountainous terrain around Rivervale and Kithkor forest (which is entirely in a valley in EQ1) its difficult to say if Kithkor actually comes close to Nektulous without looking at a more "official" map.

    Also looking way, way back in EQ2's development that door was suppose to be the way to zone into Lavastorm. That idea was abandoned during beta and instead a water route was introduced like with the rest of the access quests from when you could do quests to access a zone "early".

    Yeah, back in the day you couldn't go to Lavastorm before you hit 45 unless you did a quest that you could pick up as early as 38. EQ2 has changed a lot since then.
  6. Jumjumbandito Active Member

    I hope you understand I was kinda kidding there (although I do love that map!). I kinda wished a played EQ1 so I have a much better understanding of the lore like many of you on here do (its a new obsession after 10 years in the game - spent a long time on a PvP server so there was no time for that until I moved to AB). I actually loaded it onto my comp a few months ago, but the graphics sent me right back "home".

    Anyway, I was more joking about the fact that WAY back when the game was new that Nek forest was NO JOKE. I remember trying to do the Shiny Brass Halberd quest, or trying to get to Nek Castle and getting DESTROYED by bees. I think it was my first real heartbreak in EQ2 when they nerfed it, so I was glad to see Kithicor pick up that long abandoned torch.

    Anyway, I can see that it is the door to Lavastorm, seriously. One, even by that map Lavastorm is in the north of the forest, where the door is, and second I do no think it is coincidence that the Keeper is a fire elemental.
  7. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Like this one?

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  8. Meirril Well-Known Member

    That is an official map. Velious era by all the art around the edge. Looking at Antonica you can see some of the mountain ranges on this map. What you can't see is the World Spine Mountains that Fennin raised to cause the drought in the Elddar Forest and turned it into the Desert of Ro. Maybe they weren't included because they weren't part of the original story?

    When I first herd the Desert of Ro story it involved a giant fireball and oppressive heat. I really don't remember a mountain range being mentioned until I started playing EQ2. That could be a retcon to the original story, or it could be something that I just don't remember. Either way the World Spine Mountains aren't shown on the maps.
  9. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I posted that one so you could see, from an official map, the proximity of Kithicor Woods to Nektulos Forest.

    As far as the rest goes, I'm no expert on weather, but it seems to me that the World Spine should run through central Antonica - just judging from the water features (although I don't remember the lore of Lifire River, and thus don't get why there isn't at least sparse vegetation along it on the map). Even so, there should still probably be some green along the coast.

    I guess the closest we'll ever get to an answer is: "Magic!" :rolleyes:

    BTW, Happy New Year (provided that you don't live west of me and east of the International Date Line). :)
  10. Rezikai Member

  11. Innania Member

    Correct. The range that Fennin raised is also known as the Serpent Spine Mountains. You can see them on the map east of Rivervale and moving towards the north. The Rathe Mountains are part of the same chain, but there is a break near the Karanas.
  12. Xentin Member

    Just to point out, that first map is the EQ1 official map from way back when just really zoomed in, exact same places as the "official" one posted. The Serpent Spine and Rathe Mountains ran from Oggok straight up the middle of the continent which included High Pass and so on. They were not between Kithicor and Nektulos. The Deserts of Ro did reach the mountains but they were also south of all of that.

    Edit: The deserts extended to the mountains was shown in EQ1 by the LDoN expansion with the Takish Hiz (old elddar forest elves burried beneath the sands) and the Rujarkian Orcs (lived in the foothills of where the mountains met the deserts).
  13. RpTheHotrod Member

    By the way, I know I alluded to it before, but I'll just clear it up. Long story short, there was a single person assigned to the Keeper of Secrets NPC. That person left SOE several years ago. That's why the Keeper of Secrets has sat idle all this time. They never had a replacement writer\designer assigned to the NPC.
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