Karuupa Jungle is ...

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Sweety D, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Sweety D Active Member

    ... beautiful.

    Karuupa Jungle is one of the most beautiful zones EQ2 has ever built. Vibrant colors, gorgeous shrubbery, flowing waterfalls, lighting from the sun is subtle through the trees. Visually, I love it.

    Now you now, and knowing is half the battle. Wait, that doesn't really apply here o_O
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  2. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Ohhhhhh... you just hit the nail on the head. Agreed! What a coincidence that you would mention Karuupa out of all the places available rn. Just filmed this location the other day, such an awesome zone. The animations on the dinosaurs look straight out of Jurassic Park (minus the trex, needs a bit more work). This new zone has so much potential to expand even further with future updates, no kidding. I remember that I wished for a Jurassic Park type of zone a few years ago, and here it is. Then I fell in love with Sinking Sands again, and now we are heading back to that zone with upcoming updates and expacs. Now we have been discussing underwater worlds for a while, maybe this wish will be granted next? :) Don't know what it is, but this universe can read minds, lol.

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  3. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. Reign of Shadows was too bleak and dark for me to enjoy, but I LOVED this expansion and it’s zones.