Kander's Candor: What's Going on with TLE?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kander, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. Kander Developer

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you exactly what is going on with the TLE servers.


    We’re done with global adjustments to Kingdom of Sky loot. We know that some items simply do not measure up, and we are absolutely fixing/adjusting these on a case by case basis as we find them (such as the Gnorble earring brought to our attention today).

    In this time, we have done a thorough pass on Echoes of Faydwer loot to assure the progression is significantly better than KoS and to make sure raid loot is absolutely better than heroic, heroic is better than quest, etc.

    “Why Can’t You Just Make Raid Loot for Kingdom of Sky Better?”

    This is a valid question. The honest answer is we are in a very precarious spot. The progression of loot on TLE is simply at risk if we keep increasing loot before Kunark. It will cause a chain reaction where if we continue along this path, Velious and expansions after it will have almost no progression.

    Yes, most of this was caused by us doing a complete re-itemization of the game. We’re working to do things smarter as we move forward, so TLE players will have a better time as content unlocks on their servers.

    Content Difficulty

    Difficulty on the TLE servers for PVE content is being adjusted. We made another adjustment this week and we are constantly monitoring it. We are also trying to fix things that are outright bugs. We’ve looked at several of the KoS encounters that have not been defeated and we are adjusting down the stats for these mobs.

    Because expansions after Kingdom of Sky were handled in a cleaner way by the development team, we believe once we get past this hurdle, things will smooth out and lot of these issues will be less prevalent for future content releases on TLE severs.

    Echoes of Faydwer Beta

    On a side note Echoes of Faydwer TLE content will be on Beta very soon, and we’d appreciate any time you can spend reviewing this and providing your feedback. We are shooting for the end of this month for making EoF beta available to players. Also, Fallen Dynasty and Nektulos Castle: Tribulation will become available when Echoes of Faydwer content unlocks!

    In addition to everything else in this post, we’re knee deep in making some good free content for members between now and expansion 13. We are doing some fabled content plus some new stories in some “fabled” places. While we have a lot of cool things planned for this year for live content, but we are by no means giving up on TLE. It’s a busy year for the team, so please bear with us.

    Deathtoll – We haven’t forgotten about you. While there are no PvP specific updates coming up, the team has been talking about how to address your feedback and we’ll share an update when we have it.

    Thanks to all of you for being so patient and understanding. We’re here. We’re aware of the issues you’re having. We’re working towards making things better for our players!
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  2. Finora Well-Known Member

    I appreciate you coming and giving us the run down.

    However, I have questions regarding the new loot progression.

    Since this also affects the standard ruleset servers, what is going to be done to preserve the viability of loot/crafted items that have not received these massive boosts to power. Particularly items in expansions that have not yet made their way to TLE servers and crafted items of the same tiers as the buffed items.

    I did note that at least on Test server that armorer-made crafted items in tier 7 (KOS tier) were increased to be equivalent to the new statted dropped stuff. I didn't check items made by other crafters though. Will this be a change that we on the non-TLE servers can expect for other tiers of crafted things that will be completely outstripped by dropped items as they are changed for TLE progression purposes?
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  3. agosborne Member

    It will cause a chain reaction where if we continue along this path, Velious and expansions after it will have almost no progression.
    There's not going to be any future because of the way y'all have neglected the planning (lack there of) DoF and KoS...
  4. TheWiggo New Member

    So we're calling mulligan in the whole KoS expansion? I guess we have no choice. What would be cool is there was an actual incentive to play the beta. Something like a mount or appearance item for in game. This would greatly encourage participation and provide a wider base for feedback so we don't see such a disaster and lose the rest of Stormhold.
  5. sinergy111 Member

    Thank you for looking into this

    whatever this massive upgrade to mob damage needs to scale back either to original when TLE came out or somewhere in the middle. there is so many solo quests that are broken because of this upgrade all the old and current raid content is so far out of skew for progression. There is less than a handful of raiding guilds clearing content right now and the casual raiding guilds dont stand a chance.

    A friend sent in screen shots of the first time their guild killed tarinax and the raid had only 5 healers of which 2 were max level. we are raiding with 10 healers now a guard monk bruiser and sk splitting up trash mobs and surviving the crazy amount of damage its putting out but at what cost? sitting on the edge of your seat rotating death prevents? getting screwed by the RNG 1 shotting a tank and then all hell breaking loose? going back to DoF isnt much of an option with even the croc hitting for 30k.

    If you arent going to increase the raid loot to make it worth getting then why is the RISK so high?! you want to keep raid loot of this tier down so we have something to shoot for "next time" then make it in line with risk vs reward. i personally love KoS and would like to stay here for 6 months while we farm gear in labs to get raid loot to then let us move into deathtoll to farm the loot there. unfortunately if there is no way to kill the mobs to farm the loot and if there is no loot to farm i feel like we are just going to skip one of the best expansions in the game because its too much work for the devs to make this expansion work.

    Frustrated Raid Leader
    who is promising his drunken raid that the devs will not allow the raid loot to suck for 3 tiers in a row and expect people to try again for a 4th time

    TL:DR Risk vs Reward for raiding if loot is going to suck then it should be easy to get.
  6. Seifer of Aftermath Member

    "We’re done with global adjustments to Kingdom of Sky loot. We know that some items simply do not measure up, and we are absolutely fixing/adjusting these on a case by case basis as we find them (such as the Gnorble earring brought to our attention today)."

    1. The fact is there are well over 50 pieces of raid gear that only have 1 blue stat and treasured have 4. I can link them for you but it seems there is no point.
    2. To add to point 1 above if you are not going to make gear stronger which is understandable can you fix the raid loot that have no stats at all?
    3. If no to both then what is the point in raiding?
    4. Why can you not just run a script on gear 1-60 to downgrade the stats so they are not so inflated? This seems to me to make the most sense in making level 70 raid gear great and treasured gear no better than raid.
  7. Lexxer HF New Member

    Im worried about this (and coming from someone who is actually progressing on raid encounters):

    Just because something has been beaten doesn't mean its not broken. It also doesn't mean that 95% of the server should have no chance at beating it.
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  8. Laliya Active Member

    Exactly my thoughts. There will be no future for this server that way.
    We already got massive exodus in DoF (because everything was soooo easy and most of loot we had was so crap, many people was bored and left the game), then we got massive exodus in KoS (because everything from the start - including solo mobs - was soooo hard and casuals were simply shocked and gone), now you are driving away those whos left and was hoping on changes with raid loot and adjustments for raid mobs.
    Dare to ask - is this a special plan to kill TLE as soon as possible? If not, then please learn this - its very easy to quit this game and its not easy to return. People are leaving and not many will return later, even if you will promise them piles of gold.
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  9. Klayah New Member

    There seriously needs to be a massive change in raid difficulty. Obviously as stated there is no point in raiding for gear upgrades which causes raiding to get easier. We have tried so many raid setups but when mobs hit for how hard they do it just causes broken gear and no chance of progression. City Solo quest lines are broken, current raids and old tier raids are just as difficult for current raid setup. Kos was never at this scale of difficulty. I ask for DBG to fix this problem once and for all. Our guild would have no problem in providing information to our rraid set up and what specific classes , gear as I'm sure u have this information easily
  10. Phee2 Member

    If youre giving up on KoS, at least make the raid mobs where guilds can kill the mobs that are unkillable by most guilds right now. to where at least 4 or 5 guilds can actually clear ALL the content before EoF. From what i got out of this the 2nd vote for EoF has already been figured out regardless of the outcome of the vote.. so its time to just make the lower end raid zones easy again, atleast then we can spend the last month til the forced yes vote on EoF actually clearing content. rather than watching tanks get one shot on fully debuffed mobs. Would be nice to clear one expac before moving on to another is all im saying.
  11. flaxnar New Member

    as a healer on raids it's frustrating right now because are only job is Death Prevent rotation. its like either the tank is full or they are dead. that's not fun for me. when the loot drops its not better than the heroic gear it makes the not so much fun raiding feel like a waste of time. at least last expansion when the loot was disappointing at least the raiding was fun and we felt like we accomplished something.

    Its awesome you are going to make EoF different and better. I dont know that i want to wait a month or 2 for the vote to pass to unlock and leave behind an entire expansion uncomplete. how many people have finished the claymore series? dont get me started on the rewards for the most epic of quest lines being lack luster.

  12. Poofe Active Member

    Exactly this... You'll need to nerf the majority of this expansion and hope that players stay subbed for EoF.

    I'm very disappointed, but not surprised. When I saw EoF gear was being adjusted, I knew what was happening.

    While you're applying Band-Aids instead of curing the actual disease, please adjust lower tier raid encounters as well.

    You should give serious thought to releasing The Fallen Dynasty and Nek:Tribulation so that there is a reason to play.
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  13. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    First, I appreciate the transparency in the communication as well as the candor (is that a pun?). I think we're seeing some progress and that's good. The more you communicate, whether it's good news or bad, the better I like it. At least I'm not left to scratch my head and wonder what's actually going on and draw the wrong conclusions. I may not always agree with decisions, but I'd rather have the information and make some decisions about how that's going to impact game play.
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  14. Poofe Active Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. I'm not fond of the answers we received, but I respect the fact that it was delivered. Please keep the transparency up.
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  15. Kander Developer

    Yes there is a reason. These pieces of content have been itemized to be in conjunction and progression with EoF. We simply cannot go back and adjust either set at this juncture.
  16. Kander Developer

    We'll be making a large difficulty adjustment today and continue until people feel its good.
  17. Klayah New Member

    Thank you Kander

    Locoss of Stormhold
  18. Ludilly Member

    I don't play on a TLE server and therefore the topic does not matter to me, but I have to say this developer post is the most clear, honest, and informative one I've seen yet in the last 10 years. I really hope they continue being this transparent. I'd rather them tell me "no, we are not doing that because we need to make content last longer since we are understaffed" then make everything a mystery. We are big boys and girls and understand the real world that these guys operate under. Bravo to Kander.
  19. Eradani Well-Known Member

    in the meantime, i may be the only one wating to quest in ts and nek but could you please finally put the griffs back
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  20. Gunath New Member

    First, thank you for being open about where you are headed with the game and with progression.

    However, I have to echo some of the concerns here and elsewhere on the boards. If the raid gear isn't an upgrade in the least, what is the point of having the mobs one-shot tanks. I also play a healer and it is beyond frustrating to have a tank at 100% get hit and be at 0%. Sure, rotating death prevents is all fine and well, but when you raid for three hours and a third of your raid is spent cleaning up from a wipe and waiting on the prevents to be up, whats the point?

    I have lead raids (I am not leading raids in this tier) and I see the frustration in our guild and in our raid leader. It has almost become a punchline in our raids. We have even go so far as to take bets on which tank/healer is going to either ragequit or break their keyboard first.
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