Kander's Candor Special Episode!

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  1. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    *facepalm* And if you'd read my initial post, you'd see where I mentioned going anywhere to "listen" to something would be problematic for the hearing impaired, hence the mention of Mercy's transcripts being so useful.

    I think you completely missed the point - my second response to Bludd acknowledged his point about the podcast hosting service. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in the rest of the post, which was intended to suggest a centralized or streamlined navigation option for items like an external link to the podcasts, a link to Mercy's pinned transcripts, and a link to the "official" Discord. None of those are located anywhere in the current menu / navigation options.

    Is that a little more clear? Apologies for any confusion, but I've only had one cup of coffee today.
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  2. Melt Actually plays the game

    Well see I didn't quote the second message because it's part of a different conversation. People were complaining about it not being on this site and being somewhere else, and you said "Yeah well some people can't listen to it anyways!" which doesn't really make a difference to a person whining that it's not hosted directly on this site.

    I'm cool with a centralized organized navigation system. That's fine.
  3. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Thank you Feldon! Much appreciated.
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  4. parissa Well-Known Member

    One more little request... I think you guys should do a live stream/podcast whatever it is for halloween with the darkpaw team... That would be so awesome... I for one really appreciate these podcasts you guys do... I hope you keep them coming when you have time... With the new expac coming out, you guys said in the near future you will be releasing more info on it... I did have a couple questions... Is it still gonna be a november release? or will it be later in the year? Are we still gonna get the gear up level up? (think thats what its called) and if the traveling panda has a house this year.... It should totally be nek castle :) ok that one was just a suggestion... lol Or a Ttobey mercernary would be great....
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