Kander's Candor Questions thread! [Always Open]

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  1. Jrox Well-Known Member

    COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Add two currencies. Make Plat the new copper sheesh lol. Sometimes I worry I am going to give someone too much or someone is trying to give me 500000k instead of 5000000m. It gets confusing and a pain to try and decipher. I would love to see done with the currency.

    The question is how hard would it be. Is ti something the old game code would allow to be easily updated? I mean this would hit every merchant in the game as well as how the broker takes his fees from those who do nt have the crates that waive the fee. I don't think it would be as easy as it sounds.

    That being said, "IS IT POSSIBLE?!?!" <Enter mystical music that fades into silence as we wait>

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  2. Mezaka Active Member

    Two questions and a request:
    1. Can we please have another way of turning old event currencies into current currencies, and let it be one-for-one? It would be a way to clean up inventories, as well as give us more flexibility. We earned them through once in a lifetime events, may not have been able to spend them all due to real life reasons, and it would be nice to not have to keep destroying things.
    2. Manas, powders, infusers, and fragments from previous tiers - since so many of us are at the end game, and it is so easy to level now, can we have a recipe/recipes but in that allow us to convert older tier into newer tier? Even a 10:1 conversion rate is better than nothing, and I know it can be done because there was a quest put in for alchemists to take dusts from previous tiers and combine them into higher tiers for poison making.
    Request: Please don't have the Overseer system as being the only way to quest in the next expansion. Yes, it is a neat system, but it's random - and there really is no sense of accomplishment if you do get something good out of it, other than 'Grats! You beat the RNG gods this time!' Completing quests to get certain items, or titles, there is that sense of reward for the effort put in, in which people KNOW you put in the time or effort into getting it, instead of paying cash for it or being lucky to get an item.
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  3. Seth Well-Known Member

    rather have them fix TLE first tbh.
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  4. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    Can we get recovery speed back now that we know it DID NOT FIX lag at all....that would be really awesome and maybe make reforging essential again, just change how much some things can go into others. Make ability mod and CB not able to be reforged out of and reforging could be worthwhile again.
  5. Backstabbber Member

    You got cut off what happened with that?
  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Will we see Kander address these questions in the next TED Talk of his to us, especially the "yes, we, the customers, actually LIKE crafting" ones? :-/

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  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    Some potential questions for the next Kander's Candor (before the PvP TL beta):

    1. Is it factional with Exiles I hope, instead of crappy FFA? :p
    2. Can we have all cities and housing open PVP too please?
    3. Can we please have at least a month for beta?
    4. Could the crafting quest line NPCs be added to the starter zones, so we aren't stuck with journeyman spells that just invalidate the 3 scholars? (Otherwise, L20-29 advanced spell recipes for t3 don't even show up til Butcherblock, which is in EoF.)

    Thanks for listening!

    PS/ I understand if more people don't like #2 and whatever the majority wants is fine. But it was like that during Nagafen's original beta and at launch and it was crazy-fun. Gank at the bank....desperately trying to craft....or sell/buy at the broker....

    Aw, you all can log back to the character screen temporarily for bio breaks! :p
  8. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Why the continued efforts to launch a PvP server? We have live servers with almost no players, almost no content outside of raiding and you are spending ressources on creating a PvP server for the 3rd time since 2015 where the longest lifespan of either was 8 months.

    Class balance on live needs some serious looking into too.

    I am sorry, but I just dont get it. If you cant balance classes and items around PvE and have enough content players wants to do for more than a month, how on earth can it be expected that we will ever see a great pvp experience in this game again?

    On a more positive note, raiding on HoF the last week has been amazing with almost no network lag. Thanks.
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  9. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    Because Kander (and perhaps Caith as well?) is a big fan of PvP and raiding.

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  10. Arclite Well-Known Member


    @Caith: We are not asking for you to make changes to suit each player. Our plea has been extremely simple and has been for years. Let me summarise the years of comments from disgruntled/unhappy existing and former players have highlighted:

    1. Game has many classes, make them distinct and balance them around the content you design. When you start ignoring whichever "core" game mechanics you were referring to, you will inevitably disrupt the class balance. This is not a recent issue but has been for years. Surely this is not Star wars galaxies...

    2. Keeping in mind point 1, the itemisation changes along with the new focus of game mechanics being stat heavy since ToT has further increased the imbalance between each class, the content and the items and this has led to current live content being brushed aside with ease when you meet the hidden and apparent stat checks. Take raiding for example, BoL and now RoS are a testament to that. The only challenge in BoL was the Fabled Plane of War which now of course being neutered (into nothing of its former glory days of being the hardest raid zone) due to stat inflation, still gave a fun challenge on some fights when doing flawless. This is not a compliment considering the base BoL zones, easy and challenge were a snooze fest due to point 1 and 2.

    3. The recent updates to class AAs are laughable im afraid with a lot of them having the description of copy paste "increases X by X..." and this is after we beta tested the changes and gave a lot of feedback. The changes made are incredibly useless since you went ahead and disabled auto attack damage buffs. The only saving grace is everyone getting a reset ability and a unique class archetype ability that does more damage than any of the class combat arts (for the most part).

    4. I am all up for PvP and actually enjoyed battlegrounds since the items from merchants were relevant in PVE content so not only they were a fun distraction but it had an incentive to grind some items as well. But given the recent output in the pvp side of things and the major neglect of the above 3 points in PVE, what makes anybody think that this will draw in players and make them happy again? Because i can tell you now, this will be another small 6-8 months stint before you run into point 2 issues again.

    To sum up:

    1. Class balance -- listen to the players feedback, not of one individual wanting more dps on beastlord. Some of us have years of play testing experience, dare i say it more than some developers.
    2. Makes things simple content wise, you have created very enjoyable and challenging content up until AoM. We want to be in a position where we need to spend time thinking about tweaking AA setups and casting rotation depending on the content we engage in and not, use 1 AA setup for the full expansion because 80-90% of the abilities are redundant.
    3. Itemisation needs to reflect class balance and the content. We are tired of using Resolve as the main metric to change gear because of the stat checks in place.

    I cannot think that these points are only a select few people talking about about being unhappy, this is the summary of the game right now.

    Dreamweaver spoke about hiring people with ideas in the last podcast, we are here, already, giving you information for free...
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  11. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I have lots of questions that are important to the decorating community. These items will improve our community in so many ways. Thank you in advance for your time discussing these questions and consideration in making some or all of these changes.

    1. Is there any possibility to increase house limit? If so, any idea what new limit will be? We have way more than 30 prestige houses now and lots of us want one of each plus might have some city housing too.

    2. Do you see a red brick building block set releasing any time soon? Like the red brick we see in Qeynos. Jerry Dechant has a couple player-studio items with red brick as well (Corner Red Brick Fireplace, for example).

    3. Will holiday recipes be made to stack and be freely traded? We have a lot of disabled people (including myself) and would be nice if we can buy and give friends holiday recipes if they are out of game due to medical issues so they don't have to wait a year.

    4. Is there any way holiday items all be tradeable instead of no trade and heirloom? There are plenty of pets out there that are tradeable so don't see reason that all to limit trading such items.

    5. Are there plans to change older CE/PE recipes to be tradeable like the newer ones? Items in these recipe books are things we might use hundreds of and cannot mass produce for friends/deco community. We would either commission items or place in houses/guild halls for others since our community is very close and helpful. Why make it hard on us.

    6. Can you please change house items being sold to either have price that is plat after unlocking after completing quests or if using a new currency you can by unlimited recipe for current single house item price? With all the holidays, GU's and expansions (and all of us getting old) we just don't have time to farm like we use to anymore. Plus, we are seeing new and returning players and it is just too much to get caught back up.

    7. Can you please make factions account wide (crafting and ones involving house items) since most decorators are on multiple or all servers?

    8. Is there plans to fix house actors and mannequins to allow the new race, Vah Shir?
  12. Kalika Well-Known Member

    With a bit of effort they could make a great TLE experience, instead they focus on a PVP server that will be almost empty after 1 month.

    They have every piece to make a great "vanilla"TLE but with less time investment from the players (ie since expansion will last 1/4 of what they lasted on live).

    Key factors are :

    • Make the TLE alt-friendly (as example allow alt to by pass most of the main quest, allow main to store xp for alt etc ...)
    • "Balance" the classes, of course there is no strict definition but of course necros (who can rez and FD) should not deal more damage than conjurors etc ... Summoners pet's should not be able to solo stuff than some classes cannot kill. DPS classes should not quest and farm 3 times faster than priest/bard or defensive tanks.
    • Remove terrible content : as example remove the statues placement in the Djinn palace or allow people who did it once to bypass it, allow popular instances (RoV, Obelix of lost souls Runny, etc ) to be split almost at player will.
    • Change the hunter quest, put in on a 3 days timer but require only 5 quest for an item.
    • Fix the itemization and tune the progression so that a toon in full raid gear will do 1.5 the dps of an ungeared toon.
    • introduce linked account (this will come with a fee and will mean quite some new income for the company)
    • Allow players to make max level experts (ie level X0)
    • Change max level item so that they yield current tier adornment components.
    • Kick off 5 boxers that sell PL, the software they use break the EULA, EULA does not forbid multi boxing but broadcasting key press is forbidden. An easy way would be to allow at most 2 Eq2 session per computer. Farmers will certainly switch to virtual machine but it won't be as easy and of course GM should chase people selling Plveling and so DBG will be able to sell leveling baubles.
    • Make 20% of the loot tradable.
  13. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    A wise man by the name of Kander once said, in response to comments like these; "We like it. We know that there's a lot of players who like it. We enjoy playing it and we enjoy watching people play it. So it's happening. Get over it." :cool:
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  14. Smashey Well-Known Member

    I dont want to fight you, because its rather silly. Ill just look at the Tarinax population numbers 3 months after it launches mate.
  15. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    It's a lose/lose situation for you because the pvp server is happening and I'll also be having fun no matter how long it lasts.
  16. Promise New Member

    Any chance of getting the NGD(non-gameplay discussion) back?
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  17. That guy. Well-Known Member

    When are we getting a Creative Director?
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...what would the post entail? We already have a Tradeskill dev again (THANK YOU, DENMUM! :D), or at least one that doesn't hate crafters (and in fact looooves us! :D), and a Holiday guy (which would probably be Kaitheel all on his lonesome, with help from his Test friends [hi, Kaith! /wave]), what would a Creative Director do? Oversee all the individual event/subdivision devs? Brainstorm new, cool things (actual RL gear again would be nice; would help with the advertising of this little-known game; I suggest having DBG work with TeePublic, seriously...)? What do they do in other games?

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  19. That guy. Well-Known Member

    "A video game creative director is someone who makes sure a video game project looks fantastic in all aspects, and is often the creator of the game concept. He or she is responsible for the overall vision of the product, which includes game play, visual style, story, audio assets, cinematics, and marketing materials."

    You'll have to ask Kander what he thinks a Creative Director ( his position ) does, because that ain't it.
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    So, ostensibly, Smed probably was the Creative Director way back when... One wonders if he actually wanted to advertise more (good ol' "marketing materials"), but SONY shot that down ("We have the PlayStation, why would we want anything competing with that? Movies, too! :D"), and even DBG never got the hang of it. :-/