Kander's Candor Questions thread! [Always Open]

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    My observation would be that if missing spells dating back to launch and been reported and confirmed and absolutely zero has been done addressing the problem almost 8 months later, then the logical conclusion would be that these spells should be eliminated as they serve no reasonable purpose at this point. They're either important to the class or they're not; either address the problem or eliminate them.

    I'm not trying to troll anything here, but it seems a fair question to ask of Kander. Given the common complaint around packed hotbars and simplifying things, are there any plans to review and eliminate no longer needed spells/combat arts. Looking at some of the spells/combat arts on some of the toons I have, there's more than a few that could be eliminated--primarily due to the stat inflation over the years. This is especially true for some of the utility classes. Buffs that raise CB by 7 points or improve mitigation by 1050 when those current numbers are now six figures (elemental, etc.) is pretty much worthless.
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    Could we add a display in character window, or somewhere else in game, that shows how many more days of membership we have on our account if we added time using a nonrecurring subscription method like kronos? (When I'm researching a grandmaster spell if the account loses membership you lose all progress towards spell research, and when you click it again it starts back at 60 days so I would like a way to make sure I reup before my time runs out).
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    Then my question would be:

    Why isn't there a "Known issues" thread or some sort of tracker pinned in the bug forum? That would greatly help when someone is trying to determine if an issue they've experienced has been reported before - especially when the original poster has given up in frustration and the report is now buried 5+ pages deep.

    A known issues thread doesn't need to have timelines or priorities stated. It's just that, a list of things the team is aware need attention, but because of whatever reason hasn't been addressed yet. I would recommend putting an "originally reported" date, as that would help whoever "regularly" skims the bug forum to say "oh crap, there's a bug with CoV that's been on the list for XY months/years/decades, maybe we should do something about that before we address the next cosmetic pet shrink issue.
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    The current 'solo' zones CAN be done by two players.
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    I'm a returning player recently to BOL.
    I have completed Signature quests and my potency is at 90k and struggling to find group to even do the first heroic dungeon. When I stated my potency, people avoided me like a plague and never reply to my LFG.
    I have missed out the Loyal Zelniak Companion Pet (1500 potency-pre-order only) and there is no mount for me as I only bought standard BOL expansion recently. My mount and familiar are still of last expansion.
    I'm not sure what I can do to improve Potency, and be able to do at least heroic dungeons on this expansion.
    I don't expect to do raids but at least heroic dungeons on this expansion.
    This is really discouraging for returning players and felt cheated as I cannot even enjoy heroic dungeons content for BOL expansion.
    Compared to previous several expansions which I have access to heroic dungeons when I completed at least the signature quests and some solo/adv solo dungeons.
    I hope the developers can maybe give a mount, familiar or any rewards which give Potency on solo quests or solo dungeons so I can proceed to Heroic dungeons content.
    Hopefully the answer is not to buy more crates or pay more to upgrade to premium or collectors edition.
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    Hey hope you all read this. Does Daybreak hate Defilers? You have messed up this class over and over and over. We never get upgrades and you have ripped off all the good things that made the class amazing. It's starting to feel personal. I have played this say toon since day one and since Daybreak took over they have jacked us over.
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    Hello Kander,

    A question about the mercenary: Mircus Deathband, I wanted to know if it was possible to be add this mercenary to the Heritage Merchant : Arabella F'arquharson ?

    I have more than 15000 tokens and think I have spent enough money, it would be fair to allow players who have bought a lot of "singing steel heritage crate" at the marketplace, to be able to spend these tokens to gain access to the item that we want.

    Thank you.

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    Will the in game browser ever get fixed?
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    I've been enjoying the bonus experience going on these past few weeks, but think it is a shame that due to whatever reason (I took a break during KA, after Fabled Zek but before the next expansion) there is no viable way to gain levels past 100 outside of Plane of Magic. I try to switch it up a bit in PoM with the factions but it's still the same old same old. It was also a bit odd to explain to a new player that was in our guild that hey, once you hit 100 in ToV/Altar of Malice you have to skip several expansions worth of content and design and go to PoM. And then grind repeatable faction quests. A lot of great content is in Thalumbra and Kunark, not to mention lore and backstory, but it's really punishing to go through it all and get virtually no experience. Is there any possibility of removing/reducing whatever gates are on older content experience? Including some of the contested zones?
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    Damn - hope that was all disposable income (That's what - $3,000? $3500?). 'Cause if that's on a high-interest credit card, an intervention might be in order.
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    What are your plans for the future of crafting?
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    The last several years have been had problems with new content that has not appeared on test being bugged. The latest example is the new Scepter of Shadows quest. I understand the desire to keep things under wraps for the surprise factor, but many of us would just flat out prefer the content being released with fewer bugs. Any thoughts toward maybe beta testing some of the new content under an NDA?
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    It seems the theme of the latest expac is RNG. RNG red runes, RNG recipes. There's an exciting new quest!!! How do you get it? Random drop!!!

    Can we get a shift back to when we could earn things through putting in the time and effort, rather than leaving our progress to fate?
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    I can actually answer that for you. The answer is no, it wont ever get fixed. Awesomium didnt get updated since 2015.

    In fact, its such a huge secuirty issue still having it in game that it baffles me they have not disabled it completely as even the newest version from 2015 that it uses .NET from 2 versions ago. If anyone is using it, you should stop using it immediately.

    They would have to swap to Ultralight which, with their current team will never happen.
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    Question for Kandor.
    Are you using the server to mine Bit-Coin? Is that why it's taking so long to zone?
    I'm rewording the Song, If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake to: If I know you are zoning I'll bake a cake. Fess up lol
    *this is a joke, but the lag is no joke*
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    were the (translated) voices for the akheva recorded for Blood of Luclin since this was the expac we learned their fleshless tongue or was it recorded previously and just not used?
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    Can we have epic 2.0 converted to a house item like epic 1.0 was? As a decorator I would love to add this alongside my 1.0 house item.
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    We don't really like to admit it, but, as everyone's rig gets better tech, we're all getting older. With each higher resolution, the text is getting smaller, and harder on our, sadly, aging eyes. So, I was wondering if there were any plans to look at updating the scaling of the UI for higher res monitors, or at least a way to resize more of the windows and text, much the same way as bags, hotbars, tooltips, and chat bubbles do now?
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    New question: With the spell research book can we have a sorting on it for max lvl spells and separate the ascensions PLZ, having to scroll thru the ascensions especially just to find the ones that we are using is a pita and yes i know we can sort the lvls so we can get max lvl that way but its all mixed in with all the ascensions
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