Kander's Candor Questions thread! [Always Open]

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  1. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Can we PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ get it so we can actually check our mounts in the small guild halls, i really dont wanna have to change as a friend who no longer is in game decorated it for me and did a wonderful job BUT I am just about fed up with having to leave the gh all the time to check my mounts
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  2. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    There are a couple of mistakes in there, it was late and I was tired. The 55 fervor rune is for CD heroics, and 70 fervor rune for T1 raids, but I think they could be rewarded for BoL solo and heroic respectively.
  3. Nucleaar Member

    Been wanting to ask this for a couple of years now.

    Heroic Opportunities. They were the thing that got me addicted to this game initially when it was in its infancy. As we all may know, heroic opportunities are a system of symbol combinations in which players synergize and chain to achieve a cool effect, buff, or damage strike. Those "symbols" are found on your profession spells. These combos can to my knowledge run up to 4 seperate abilities in a chain. To me, it was a way for players to get a bit "extra" out of teamwork; or just matching the symbols on a pretty wheel.

    Unfortunately, the scaling for those effects, buffs, and damage strikes have by and large not stood the test of time. My question is, are there or could there be plans to scale this system to the numbers flowing now, or perhaps an expansion upon Balanced Synergy?
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  4. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    If the Diaku challenge zone is anything to go by, heroic opportunities are poking their nose tentatively out of their shell right now. Don't make any sudden moves, you might scare them back inside!
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  5. Anyai Member

    Are there any plans to bring back the class cloaks or the class runes with the same/similar effects as what they previously had?
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  6. Exulia New Member

    PVP or bust...
  7. Exulia New Member

    It has been 8 months since Nagafen. I am dying over here... Please discuss quickly and lets get a TLE-PVP server going!
  8. Warlyx Active Member

    Mounts : account wide please!
  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    What progression is seen for healers as EQ2 continues?
    Heals have been capped for about 3 expansions now, while devs have also been systematically lowering healer dps.
    This means there is very little improvement healers can see as they progress. Are devs aware of this? Is this even a concern for the devs?
  10. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    They are already working on the next expansion to try and get ahead and stay ahead. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see anything pvp related until 2021.
  11. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Is there a good reason that spells have been excluded from recipe books this expansion, but we can still buy them? If there is, can we hear it?
  12. Grrrrrl Member

    (TLE) Is there going to be an upgraded mount like in DOF from instance bosses in EOF? Its the bestest and especially going into ROK it would be a shame to not have a new upgraded version since DOF drops will no longer be accessible because of level increases/ mobs being grayed out. (Pretty please and tosses up some metal horns for emphasis)
  13. Liav Well-Known Member

    How difficult would it be to get replicas of Mage mythical weapons that are flagged as appearance only for the ranged slot?

    I know this is a super fluff question, but since the introduction of wands to the game it has always saddened me that mage mythical weapons are only ever seen sheathed. Especially with RoK coming up soon on Kaladim, I had been wishing I could display my Wizard mythical weapon as a wand.
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  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    My Warlock wouldn't mind having her Epic 1 and Epic 2 as Primary and Offhand appearance weapons.

    My question: I have an appearance wand equipped, but in certain zones, the crossbow I have actually equipped overrides the appearance. I know this is cosmetic, but I'd like it fixed.
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  15. Janoomi Member

    My first question is this :
    Is there anything realistic in the works to repair the Ranger class to be competitive with the other T1 classes, and if so could we get a time line of when such fix will be implemented?

    2: Are there any plans in the future to do level corresponding fabled zone again like Poets Palace ,or some of the Bonemire zones?
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  16. Janoomi Member

    I FORGOT TO ADD QUESTION 3 Is there any provision to add Master crafted Jewelry that has ADC or Flurry like some did in Beta? Would give crafters a reason to craft and well everyone will smile again.
  17. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Al;though I know the chance of this happening is nada, I'm going to throw this out there. I'd like to see the instance rewards increased from 1 coin to 5. We're using those coins (or earned from PQs or weekly outdoor solos) for literally a lot of items and when you're being asked to spend 111 of them just to buy a 3 use potency infuser, for example, that's a stiff price. A one-time use item for basically one raid for which you'd have to run 311 instances in a week. When you consider people are burning them up in heroic weeklies or run raids 2 to 3 times a week, that gets expensive. That doesn't even count spending them for armor upgrades.
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  18. Ronoc Member

    here are a few questions that have been on my mind lately. 1:did you guys know you where going to do Luclin as the expansion after CD, or was it something you just came up with. i noticed the Najena says something about a Shissar invasion when she speaks her last words in her sanctum at the end of the CD timeline. 2: will there ever be more GUs that involve adding new zones like what you did with Diaku? 3: what is the ETA for the next expansion?
  19. The Martian Active Member

    One quick question. Will the fuel for the 110-120 Armor etc be changed from Lunar Materials to something else easier to get? Even if it will be expensive? As it sits seems very useless for anybody in crafting at that level (except for the spells). If you could purchase the Lunar Materials That would make more sense.

  20. Cryomancy New Member

    Very important question.

    Is the ability and almost necessity to pay for character power with irl money going to be cut back at all? If that is one of the main sources of revenue to keep the game running, then it's understandable. Otherwise for the sake of new, returning and even current players, I think it would be a lot healthier for the game if players were more rewarded for their play time and skill. (Currently the game is also too RNG heavy)

    At the very least, I think the time investment to match a player who purchases character power should be reduced drastically. There is too big of a gap.
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