Kander's Candor Questions thread! [Always Open]

Discussion in 'Podcasts and Other Media' started by dreamweaver, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    i second this. it'd give more reason to run heroics and pqs too.
  2. Tryndal New Member

    Would be nice to allow for players who upgrade from Collector's to Premium edition to retain most of their level upgrades to the Collector's mount and familiar. This would truly make it an upgrade and not create additional sinkholes for those who just upgraded their expansion to the next tier later in the expansion.
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    Is there a reasonable way to put up a new TL-PvP server while adhering to social distancing guidelines at Darkpaw? Is there any foward motion on the PvP server?
  4. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I would like to ask two questions here:

    1) Can we talk a bit about the raid lag. What is causing it and when can we expect a fix?
    2) Will there ever be implemented a way to improve your character outside of raiding? The current meta is do heroics for a month and then raid until summer events. A way to improve your character outside of raiding would be welcome as the game is currently extremely top heavy with raiding being the only way to improve your character.
  5. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Updating my questions here since some of them have been answered or partially answered today.

    1.) Hasn't been answered.

    2.) Recent events on the server made a good dent getting this message out there that you guys plan to crack down on cheaters so I think this question has been indirectly answered. :)

    3.) Would a paid sub only (no krono's allowed) TLE server be something the team would consider?

    4.) Hasn't been answered.

    5.) hasn't been answered.

    6.) Would still like some discussion on this topic, it was discussed a little bit as far as why vet rewards are no longer a thing and loyalty token system is more fair but for the TLE those things are taken away and there is no loyalty merch at all. perhaps a TLE only loyalty merc? Specific to that server type of thing?
  6. Namotai New Member

    I would also love for you to adress the question #6 that @Avianna has in the above post. Even though I would love to see guild halls on Kaladim I can see why they were taken out, because you wanted more social city enviroments? Taking away veteran rewards just to sell them back to us just seems cheap though.

    Something that I and surely other have thought about is the bloated stats that a present. We could we see a stat squish like the one another big game have done?

    Will we ever see another class or race added to EQ2?

    Love the episodes!
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  7. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for these podcasts, and let me say I can listen to you talking about stupid stuff for a long time lol /thumbs up
    More fun stuff, reminiscing, behind the scenes jokes and anecdotes would be awesome, with your years of experience in this business I'm sure you guys have tons of things to share.

    My question: Can you please implement some sort of Class reset token. Like race token, or betrayal, or tradeskill reset NPC something that will allow my once played characters to be converted to a class I actually enjoy now and will play.
    I, and many others, have toons we once tried and played, accumulated cool or non tradeable, non transferable items, houses, mounts, toons who now sit and gather dust, hesitant to delete because of the hoard of items that would be deleted with them.
    And I realize this can cost DB cash, or Loyalty tokens or whatever other means of payment, but please let us switch classes /plead
  8. Griffson Member

    Item question:

    Why is there a no-trade flag for items like last-in-zone shinies or the 195 charm/weapon? I'm not referring to specific, quest-related items - just rewards, gear, shinies, etc. I completely understand heirloom to keep items locked to an account, and I understand attuning items once they are used, but if I was lucky enough to get a drop that an alt could use better why shouldn't I be able to use hand-me-downs and move it to an alt? For those that run zones on multiple alts, they are putting in the time either way to get the items so why shouldn't it be permitted to share with alts? And for craftable items - if I can commission craft (Withering/Tainted Blade, for example), why can't I commission for an alt and put an heirloom tag on the item?
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  9. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    I was just logging in to post this very question - will there be a Celestial Doctrine for BoL? I Think it would revitalize the grouping scene and bring in more traffic to the PQ. The Doctrine quest out of Myrist is still being run (primarily when the quest resets is the easiest time to get in the PQs on AB anyways), but it's limited to only upgrading ascensions at this point.
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  10. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    I would love to see this also. Haven't they done this in the past or is my memory slipping?
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  11. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    With the recently released ability to buy the epic 2.0 abilities for 0c on the Seru merchant at level 120, can it be possible to put the Awakened Abilities recipe book on that vendor for purchase with status/plat/expac currency, or similarly priced at 0c if you are crafter level 120 (perhaps requiring the crafting timeline being completed as well)? Barring that, adding it to the Anchorage merchants to be bought with chits (high amount even) would be nice. I've been doing all the dailies that can drop this book well, daily, and no dice. With all the fragments we get now, would be nice to be able to upgrade my alts without having to commission (it's a lengthy process since you have to make every single tier).
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  12. dreamweaver Developer

    I can answer 4, sorry I missed that. - No, lifetime accounts will not make another appearance.
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  13. dreamweaver Developer

    No, and discussions. But it's not going to be soon.
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  14. dreamweaver Developer

    The question may not get asked but I appreciate the pronunciation guide, super helpful!
  15. Seth Active Member

    Will we ever see a complete revamp on the way raids work. In a sense of raid zones leveling up with you.

    So that way each raid zone is viable, i could be 120 and still be able to kill vox with a raid force. That way content wont be brushed to the side, we would be overloaded with so many potential places to go and we wont just be limited by the current expansion.

    Lots of good points of this and also Lots of bad points, but the bad points that come to mind are an easy fix ( potentially )
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  16. Jamzez Member

    Can we get clarity from Kander on calling Everquest "the crown jewel" for the company. Is this why we get stupid brainless phone app monetization stuck on Everquest 2? I spent $140 on the last expansion and did the signature quest line in 3 days and found out there's not much more for a casual player to do.

    Was Holly just blowing smoke? are you guy's actively making another everquest game.
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  17. Daelini Member

    My question for Kander:

    What is the point of these overseer quests? I have spent every single day since they were released running them and have yet to see any of the shadow books I need for my crafter outside outside of the common 111-113 books, I have seen none of the VIII rune books, none of anything worthwhile. Instead, my bags are filled with garbage from these things - potions - I have enough to last several xpacs, fragments of planar energy - I could outfit 100 characters with their spells and still have some left over, essence of chaos - nice but no recipe for them that I have ever looted so junk, 155-160 weapons and armor - garbage to the point I stopped even breaking them down instead I just delete the trash.

    When are you all going to fix this ungodly mess? I do not want to sit here and waste my time with something that has a reward somewhere south of becoming an insta-billionaire by walking outside my house. Why are there not other ways to get the recipe books - and NO buying them for 250 contract items is NOT feasible. Fix this garbage system and give us a way to get what we need without relying on this ridiculous RNG that seems to benefit a few and hurt the rest.
  18. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    We've been having a discussion on Discord about how difficult it is for new or returning players to get into the latest content (with the rest of the game being empty, we can call it relevant content). One of the issues is the blue fervor runes, which are locked behind Chaos Descending content and currency. Would you consider making these available in BoL in one way or another? In CD, the basic 55 fervor rune is rewarded for completing all solo zones. The 70 fervor rune is rewarded for clearing all heroic zones, and the Embers rune is rewarded for clearing one of the T1 raids flawless. Why not mirror this in BoL? The Rageborne rune requires CD currency, why not give the option of paying using BoL currency?

    It'd be a hugely helpful avenue to help returning players get up to speed. It wouldn't be everything they need, but it would be a big help. It makes very little sense to me that you have to hope you get the help from some kind soul to go back and do the old content just so you can be somewhat useful in groups or clear a solo zone in under half an hour. Returning players currently go through a fairly prolonged period of relying on charity to catch up in BoL and it really shouldn't be like that. It's not fun being carried, and with the lockdown, a lot of old players have come back, only to be horrified by how tough it is to get back up to speed.

    When levelling up, you zoom from 100 to 120 in no time at all, so it makes no sense that you NEED to go back and do dead content in CD just to be able to join in.
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  19. Dahakon Member

    my question is / feed back : Would it be possible for the Overseer Mount Training Reduction items 5 10 15 20 30 40 days you get from overseers to become stackable. currently atm there not able to stack to more than 1 even tho they have the same name and it would be handy for the ones that u can store in your shared bank to be able to stack above 1
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  20. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Updating my questions here since some of them have been answered or partially answered already.

    1.) Leaping and flying, the only reason these things were not introduced until later expansions was because the game lacked the coding for it/zones had "world holes" in the tops of mountains etc., not because of any lore friendly reason. Could we at some point see a TLE where flying and leaping were part of the game from the get go and didn't have to wait till the vanilla expansion that the proper coding was put into place? Lore-wise it doesn't make any sense that all the creatures of Norrath have their wings clipped. If as a RP character of Norrath I saw those griffons flying around I would 100% be finding an egg and raising my own griffon to fly around Norrath, let alone the plethora of races/creatures that should be able to leap/fly.

    2.) Would a paid sub only (no krono's allowed) TLE server be something the team would consider?

    3.) Some of the conveniences of guild halls such as the rally banner, gardener, druid port, wiz port, etc. How hard would it be to add these NPC's to the major cities and when you hail them they check that players guild level and offer their services based upon high enough guild level? Then we could have some of the conveniences of the guild halls while at the same time promoting bustling cities because that's where these NPC's would be located. Is something like that something the team would consider implementing?

    I would still like some discussion on this topic, it was discussed a little bit as far as why vet rewards are no longer a thing and loyalty token system is more fair but for the TLE those things are taken away and there is no loyalty merch at all. perhaps a TLE only loyalty merc? Specific to that server type of thing?
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