Kander's Candor Episode 9: We Have A Guest!

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  1. dorotea Well-Known Member

    >As for Answer Number 1 -MMORPGs should focus on Multiplayer Content. <

    This is a valid point also, but the assumption that multiplayer content means grouping or raiding is in all respects incorrect.
    These are *one* type of multiplayer content - more important than other types for *you* but not necessarily so for me or for many other players.

    If I craft and sell to other players this is multiplayer content that I cannot get in a single player game. If I talk to other players in chat this is multiplayer content that I cannot get in a single player game. If I participate in a guild this is multiplayer content that I cannot get in a single player game. If I collect shinies or harvested materials and sell or give them to others this is multiplayer content that I cannot get in a single player game.

    So please try and remember that the type of content you personally enjoy isn't the same as what other players enjoy and just because you like it doesn't make it more important than what other people like.
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    There is also the cliquishness. There are very, very few out there that are will to help a player that is new to the game or to group progress from solo, to small group, to 6 person, to heroic, to raid. Almost everybody wants people that already think they know everything there is to know.
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  3. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

  4. Miauler New Member

    This is only an artefact of the difficulty setting on solo. It's entirely feasible by tweaking some parameters to have it so that group is the easiest, then raid, then if you're super, you can solo some things. So that answer is actually invalid.
    What would be incredibly useful is a solo strand where you can actually push a well geared solo player past the normal limits; on entry to solo (in BoL), things took a while to beat down, but there weren't huge challenges. Now as a scout, it's a case of tank half a zone, with little risk.
    The player base is small enough that groups aren't available on demand, so there's an opportunity to take care of us "part time" players by having correspondingly tougher (and higher rewarded) solo content. After all, if the objective difficulty of the solo is on part with the objective difficulty of the group, why wouldn't the objective reward be equal?
  5. Billiemo Member

    I see what others are saying but i have grouped with people before trying to do heroic stuff but it never was an enjoyable experience. In every case it was so stressful for me that I did not play for a while. People can be very nasty with those not geared as well or not as experienced with group play. I play the game because I enjoy it. But I only group with my sister and one other person because we are all the same age and have the same play style. I dont like grouping with others because it is not ever been an enjoyable experience. I do however group in events because they are completely different. what I am asking you to consider is duo or trio dungeons. three people with three mercs is not the same as a six person group because only three are doing damage. I have requested this before and never got any results hopefully "the team" will look at this seriously and do some changes to accomodate those who dont like to group for various reasons.
  6. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    I would like to see some changes to Heroic weeklies. Currently heroic Weekly means that the group has to run 2 or 4 hours in a rush. The faster you run the sooner it is done. The rush is OK for experienced people but it is too stressful for beginners. If I drop from heroic run half-way then I probably need to redo all weekly instances all over again at the later time.
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  7. Tanto Well-Known Member

    We've had several old friends come back to the game who we've helped to get up to speed. It isn't simple. To do all that work for a stranger would be quite odd, and maybe a little stalkery. You really need to be dragging them through days of old content.
    The problem isn't the community though, it's the game. It's become far too complex, and it is actually necessary to do quite a lot of old content just to be viable in current content.
    To think that you can start afresh in BoL, be dragged through the solos, dragged through heroics, geared with what's available in heroics and be ready to raid, oh no, that's far too simple. You'll still need to be carried through raids at that point, and if you're a DPS class, you'll be dead weight for weeks, or even months.
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  8. Arclite Well-Known Member


    It saddens me that i have seen a few people return after years of absence and have been carried in raids to get the required level of resolve, old and new runes. They were by far some of the best players in the game in terms of their class knowledge and what they were able to do before the game went down the lane of bloated stats and pay to win monetisation. So even now having all the right gear they are are the bottom of the parse table and being close to useless in terms of their class's main role because they are unable to infuse gear and do not have the plat to buy ascension upgrades. They refuse to spend money on top of their monthly subscription (rightly so) and be able to perform to the intended level of the class even after getting all the necessary gear.

    I simply cannot see anybody surviving at the competitive raid setting without having to spend money. In order to get plat you need to buy and sell kronos. In order to get the best infusers you need buy crates. It is just that simple.

    You cannot rely on RNG drops and others to carry you to the top of the stat thresholds. You are looking at an impossible task in doing so.

    The above only applies to competitive raiding. Players who solo and remain casual in their play style cannot see themselves being affected like this. Yes crafting is a disaster but if you enjoy doing solo content then you have plenty to do.
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  9. RigglyBiggly New Member

    I get your point Arclite and it is a VERY true statement, however not fully valid. I returned 10 months ago at the tail end of last summer. I got lucky and some people ran me through a few experts in CD, but not enough to get all the good stuff. I started the xpac like everyone else. I can speak from experience that you can make plat in this game, I am currently over 1B without buying Kronos for $$. However, that is far from some thing everyone can do, or wants to do. There are people who sell Cobalt and Singing crates on the broker for plat. It took over 700M plat for me to get the mount and most recently the Merc. You are correct, to currently max out in the game it takes about 1B plat. It can be done with hard work, just not the kind that we are use to from 10 years ago. You can't run zones and get the best gear, everything is monetized. It sucks and maybe they will change that. The scary part for them I assume, is the number of Kronos in the game. If they don't now keep it P2W, then people will start using Kronos to replace their subscription, if that happens.... GAME over!

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  10. Arclite Well-Known Member

    And that is exactly the point. Lets say if you are able to gather that much plat w/o buying selling of kronos then that would mean you are enlisting RNG on selling of items that you acquire through drops or hop over to IoR server and buy/sell stuff that way.

    Then you need to circle back to the point that how easy would it be for a competitive raider to return back to the game and be able to devote so much time getting plat, getting the right stats and then find time to raid in between? A casual person who is amassing wealth has no issues in these areas because the demands on them are non-existent. For a raider, raiding 3-4 days a week minimum and running zones repeatedly and not being lucky on worthwhile drops then you really do not have much options to generate the required level of plat needed to sustain yourself in the competitive raiding scene.

    Yes we see people with plat exploits, we see one man army of bots clearing raid zones and selling loot but these are encouraged at this level of play anyway since these were not stopped in the sunny days of the game so why would they be stopped now.

    So if you take RNG and kronos out of the equation, then how is one able to tune themselves for the raids? Challenge raids are designed to work with bloated stats so they are designing content like this on purpose because people will end up paying for it.

    We really cannot justify this level of P2W for a game that still has subscription model. It would make a lot more sense, just like it is for every mobile game, that subscription is removed and people can pay up to the level they want to play.

    Lets for the sake of argument think that the content warrants p2w but the question, where is that content? The expansion to this very day is completely broken. The executive producer/creative designer even themselves are admitting that and yet we see little to no remedial actions going forward. There is one thing charging people by holding back content and there is another thing charging them for broken content and then being told "take it or leave it".

    Look at the ethereal event debacle. The class runes were removed, the items on show are nothing but more higher stats as if the team is stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity.
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  11. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I don't know that this is entirely true. Maybe it's just our server and more to the point just our guild. We have a ton of members and we do stuff for the entire server 2-4 times a month.

    Halls of Fate server and Outlaws guild runs the 70 Fervor Rune run at least once a month and opens its doors to anyone on the server. I myself lead the flawless run for the KA buff with 15 fervor about every two weeks, again open to anyone who signs up. The Soren kill is more rare as it is about every two months and the sign ups are open.

    We do have some minor requirements, like max level, minimal resolve/potency. So you have to put in a little work before jumping in. But I also see lots of people outside our guild on the server helping others. I get grps with people not in my guild to finish weekly's on alts without hardly trying. I know a lot of people complain about how hard it is to get grps. Hell I spend at least 4-6 hours on Sat and Sun pulling people through heroics for their ethereal weekly's.

    I like to help people "willing to learn", seriously "WILLING TO LEARN". Ask the right questions, want to be good at their class, are trying to find an understanding of the ins and outs on everything about their toons. Those are the funnest people to grp with in my opinion. How can you be good to a grp or raid if you don't know as much as absolutely possible about your own class and how it works and reacts in any possible situation? Honestly, this is what Outlaws is all about and is why we are the biggest guild in EQ2 with 4 Raid teams and a PuR on Sat and Sun with Server wide events almost weekly.

    I would tell anyone returning to the game or looking for more activity to check us out. Even if you have 1 r 2 grps worth of people, joining as a group into outlaws only makes it better for your grp to help ensure you always reach your in game goals as a player! We ran a 4th of july marathon T1 Raids. Filled 3 raid teams with people from all over our server and got everyone updated on LoH from beginning through Seru.

    So maybe other servers have this issue, and if so that sucks. Come to Halls of Fate. And even better come to Outlaws! You won't regret it. Not all servers are as you describe. We love new peeps! :D
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  12. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

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  13. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Where is the Episode 10 thread, slacker! ;)
  14. dreamweaver Community Relations

    *cough cough cough* So you see I was dead at the time.

    It will be up today.

    Sorry about that everyone!
  15. Jinksie Member

    FYI - our guild welcomes returning and new players all the time and we help them quite a bit. We provide resources, support, advice. We tend not to power level, yet we'll be there for any rough spots along the way. We also love helping folks figure out how to best play their class, in the best way we know - us oldsters are still learning every day, too! I don't think our guild is unique. Of course hard core raiding guilds want ready to raid players, yet there are lots of blended and casual guilds. Ours is blended. We raid, we craft, we decorate, we solo, we group, we chat... I love our guild, so if someone needs a home to figure things, there is support out there. If you happen to be on Maj'dul... just reach out to anyone in Blood Lust.
  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    We have Lava Forged on AB that helps people as well. I am the only person in my guild full time and a couple of people in my guild on Kaladim came over to AB part time and they are in my AB guild, we help people all we can as well, whether it be crafting for them or helping with quests, answering questions, we do what we can and always have. But that is not the norm, we are all the exceptions!!!
  17. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    There is still no episode 10, as fat as I can see.
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  18. Breanna Well-Known Member

    There is someplace, I haven't seen a post from Dreamweaver on it either. But MercyChalice found it somplace and did the transcript on it so it is out there somewhere. I just read Mercy's transcript and it was almost like I was there.
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  19. CSP84 Active Member

    I found Episode 10 on Spotify. I hope that helps.
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  20. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Well, this is the official site for the reason. If I have to look for the news and similar things on the external sites, I might as well just play another game.

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