Kalidim is NOT too easy or fast

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bella222, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Ratface Member

    4 months is a long time, I log in to raid, or check the broker. I may do a bit of light alt levelling, but mainly trying to avoid burning out. I suspect a large amount of the population do the same thing. It's almost to the point that I am looking forward to Tombs of night.

    There really isn't any progression, I don't really have to gear a character to raid, so the desire to run lvl 50 heroic content isn't really there.
  2. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    one reason the 50's aren't logging in, might be that they are leveling alts , so that the whole stable is up to 50 in prep for the DoF release .
    at least that's why my warden will probably reduce play time when she hits 50, because the other three alts on kalidim will need leveling love as well .
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  3. Lexxah Member

    Lest we forget!
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  4. NewAccountWhoDis New Member

    Vanilla was easy, yeah, but holy mother of god DoF is complete faceroll garbage.

    Fix it plz.
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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    EQ2 community - "Vanilla was too easy, DoF couldn't possibly be more faceroll"

    DBG - "Hold my beer"
  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Bumping for nostalgia.

    Looking forward to the Lucky 80s post next month.
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  7. Beneeto New Member

    Don't forget all of the "wow it's been 3 days and someone already has their mythical?" posts that will inevitably follow.
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  8. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Disco XP is still non-existant, thus rendering disco locations useless; please fix already.
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  9. Amalar The combined salt from all of SOE/DBGs fallen MMOs

    I would honestly kill for a straight up 2004 version of the game. I want to be looking for my spirit shard.

    TLE seems like the only way to be able to play, able to get to content in a reasonable amount of time, ONLY pay a membership, and not have to open your wallet to compete.

    Too bad it seems the content is really non-optimized.Time and time again that is the feedback I see.

    Also, can you actually still pay for spell upgrades on the TLE? If so that's absolute garbage to me... What else pay-to-max systems did they include?

    I may have to take back my though about the TLE being the only server you can survive with just a membership :( Come on EQ2 deserves better than this!
  10. Venser Active Member

    For starters no one in their right mind pays money for their spell upgrades. The masters drop frequently and are generally very cheap for a couple plat. Other than that there is no actual pay to win. So try it out.
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