Kalidim is NOT too easy or fast

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  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    The cat is also out of the bag that MANY of the x4 zones are respawning the nameds after you leave the zone for 30 minutes or so.

    Appears spaghetti code bites again. Those instances were not coded to be persistent, and when they changed them over, there is something still in the spawn code causing nameds to repop.
  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Oh I was just referring to Drayek only being a 90 minutes lock out.

    Ya we noticed Darathar respawned a day or so after we killed him, when we went back to clear the trash with 1 group. (before they changed it to a 3 day reset)

    I personally would steer clear of re-killing the same names in what was a cleared instance. That is just a little too close to that "exploit" line for me. We still got 2.5 months of this stuff, I don't have any desire to kill Venekor or anything else more than the once per 3 days that it was set to be at.
  3. Atan Well-Known Member

    Not disagreeing, but this 'bug' in conjunction with the content killable by a group of players results in further lowering the time before people get bored.

    I've seen a flood of this gear on the market.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    This zone soft reset bug makes me remember construct on Fallen Gate, and also Teku's chest in plane of war, and many other exploits via soft reseting zones.
  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The amount of ignorance in this post is shocking, even for these forums.

    Not that your post deserves an explanation, I am going to help you out anyway.

    Some times people have to start over from scratch. His experience after starting over is what the 35 hour journey was in reference too.

    People starting late to the server, or needing to restart (for various reasons) have had similar experiences.

    I'm curious what % of people actually think that the itemization or raid tuning is in a good place.

    The picture below is not an alt, they are in that group of people who arrived late or had to restart on the server.

  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    Pretty much, but for sake of not making it super confusing, what I posted is a consistent experience on the first character I leveled and geared and the most recent one I made. In the area in between I made some box accounts that I no longer play.

    The minutia in between isn't really relevant to why the server is too easy. But I appreciate the jabs from my fan crew.
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  7. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    No duh, it's one solution to running out of content and having nothing to do.

    I agree, and they aren't.

    I find it tedious and pointless, but you just can't resist.[/quote][/quote]
  8. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Did you get a hug from your dad for your prismatic, or does still nobody care?
  9. Atan Well-Known Member

    No, that screenshot was someone who leveled in pugs, then completed prismatic with a guild, nothing illegitimate about it. That person also topped parse on said prismatic raids, cause you can gear enough off broker to do that.

    But yeah, they did spend 2 krono to do it.
  10. Tominator Member

    I find a bit of irony from these raiding folks who say it's tedious to do the same HQ’s/dungeons/early game content etc over and over on numerous alts, yet are in a hurry to get to end game so they can do the same raids over and over on numerous alts J

    Hey, to each their own. Play *your* game. I hope Daybreak listens to your concerns and makes some adjustments to make the content you like more enjoyable.

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  11. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You opinions for what is normal is so twisted.

    He did not try and mislead anything. It was a fresh character, with no other characters feeding it anything on the server. Just Krono's and HQ items earned from FG.

    I guarantee you are talking out you a$$, because you could not be more inaccurate.

    You don't have to break ToS to level fast, gear fast, and complete raids fast. I don't have alts, I don't break the ToS, I didn't exploit and I still got to 50 in less than 8 hours on day one. If it takes someone several days to hit 50, get gear and start raiding. It is because they are choosing to play like that, OR they have very limited play time.

    The game is too easy, because 2 groups of PUGs can kill Darathar. The game is too easy because we 3 grouped Venekor 5 days into the server with mostly apprentice spells and leveling gear. The game is too easy because every x4 raid mob other than contested Vox can be killed with less than 3 groups of PUGS. The game is to easy because you can drop some money on spell research and be fully mastered instantly. The game is too easy because, other than tanks, you can be near BiS gear with out stepping foot in a raid. The game is too easy, because it was drastically undertuned.

    Those who "found a way to make the game easy" did so by just playing the game, you don't need hacks, cheats, dupes, exploits to see how ridiculously undertuned and poorly itemized T5 is.

    No one here is saying leveling should take longer, so just stop it with that nonsense. We are saying that all of the content in T5 should not be able to be walked though with an unorganized, under manned pug raid. (barring 1 mob). We are saying that we want raid mobs that don't fall over in 15 seconds while half of the classes have 4 second long casts.
  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You aren't really paying attention then, the only person saying doing the HQs again is tedious was Sixgauge. Not one of these "raiding folks, that hurried to end game"

    You may want to go back and re read. I said

    " However, I think since we got 4 months of each expansion, allowing the FG HQ completions to carry over to this TLE server was a mistake. "
  13. Dezz u New Member

    If someone was inclined, legitimately, with the help of a guild, i promise you a fresh character could go from 0-50 with prismatic in under 6 hours
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  14. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You really have no idea how wrong you are, it is almost sad.

    Going from expert to master on every level 38+ spell costs less than $40. I don't think even a person making minimum wage classifies that as a "truck load" of money.

    Other than contested Vox, everything in T5 is extremely easy. You can deny it all you want, but when unorganized PUGs are 2 grouping Darathar, it is beyond denial.

    I am not here "just to complain", but to be fair look at forums across every online game and the majority of posts are complaints of some kind. Just like your post history, as limited as it is. Is mostly whining about people complaining. But with a troll named on a new forum account hiding who you are in game I wouldn't expect much else.

    I am not exaggerating anything. Here is my character. You can see clear as day, his creation date, and when he hit 50 etc.

    Also anyone who knows me or ever came across me in game knows I don't really play alts, and I sure as hell don't bot/box. I have no need to do so, nor do I have any desire to play 6 characters. I have a helpful and active guilds that fills all my grouping needs.

    But you keep on with your ignorant accusations and ridiculous assumptions. It just makes you look more and more like a fool.
  15. Venser Active Member

    Ok so, I have 2 toons on Kaladim. I pretty much have only played a swashbuckler since 2005. On the 20th of this month I made a ranger for fun. I started to level it on Monday, the 22nd. At the 8 hour mark casually playing (by thursday) I was level 48. I spent zero irl money and used 2 free 500 dbg cash to get two leveling potions. I only went LFG in the LFG channel. Did it all on my own. I left my toon online afk for 2 nights now so my accumulated time has added up, but not total time for leveling nearly to 50. I did questing up to level 12, ran WC, went to FG, then RoV, then RE. yesterday I ran CT from lvl 40 to 48 in about 3ish hours, maybe a little less. I plan on being 50 tonight after about 1.5 hours of grouping.

    Spent zero cash
    Only used earned coin thru leveling to get pieces of gear from the broker
    Strictly went LFG for all PUGs

    Leveling was easy, yes I have inheritance items because I ran the HQs on FG with my lvl 80 / 90 swash that was there. I still very much enjoy PUGs and grouping in Icy Dig. I play usually around 5-10 hours a week. My swash has his prismatic. I like to raid once or twice a week if I have time, but i really dont right now.

    Please stop pointing fingers and calling people cheaters and boxers. I just know what to do to maximize my play times.
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  16. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    This right here. Exactly this.
  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    Which was the point I was making with my detailed post.

    I'd wager most of the people playing Kaladim have played EQ2 before and have a decent notion of how to maximize their time. My details were to spell out the accomplishments I generally cared about from T5 and how trivial they were to get on Kaladim.

    Even though FG had better stat gear, and while FG wasn't hard, Kaladim has proven to be significantly easier than FG to accomplish the same goals.

    What doesn't add up to me is making it easier and take less time, but at the same time moving the expansion unlock goal post to be 1/3rd longer than FG. These two decisions when put together don't add up to me. My post was to in more detail explain why these decisions together are a bad idea.

    Not that I expect Kaladim to be 'fixed', but my hope is the next TLE is better.

    As far as box accounts and what I do or don't do with them, that is and always has been a secondary activity to me to fill time waiting for more to do on my main. One grouping all T5 raid content was the only path to finding challenge to keep me occupied till DoF. But here, like FG, I didn't start making those characters until I first did it on my main and ran out of things to do with it.
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  18. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I dunno man. I think you might be surprised.
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  19. Ting New Member

    I agree with OP, the Broker has been challenging and rewarding.
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  20. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    You mean the appeal of running Icy Digs 3 times a night, every night isn't enough enticement to keep them logging in?
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