Kalidim is NOT too easy or fast

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  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    In response to the OP.

    I do think Kaladim is too fast and easy.

    At 35 hours of played time, I'm basically done.

    I accomplished this:
    1) Leveled
    2) Every HQ piece I need (that was easy cause of inheritance)
    3) Achieved my T3 collection reward
    4) Prismatic done
    5) Best in Slot pretty much in every gear slot
    6) Fully mastered out

    So basically in 30 hours played, I don't have much else left I need to do or wanted to accomplish. I'm ready for DoF to release so I can do Pris 2.0, and replace all my gear and masters with the next tier.

    It was way too fast.
    • The leveling was fine, didn't really need to be extended any longer than it was.
    • Inheritance as expected is now a huge shortcut for any new character you create
    • Collections are just broker time for me, so that was pretty easy. Only had to go chase a few pages by hand.
    • Prismatic - Well this was too easy. All the encounters were one groupable except Darathar, and he was easily killed by 2 groups. These encounters should have posed a little more challenge.
    • Way too much BiS gear is available in Icy Dig. This is the biggest problem with the server from my perspective. Not needing to raid much at all to gear out presents way too little to do. If itemization wasn't so damn bad, and raid mobs dropped better gear compared to a heroic zone on a 1 hour lockout, I wouldn't have finished so fast.
    • Masters were mostly fast to find, the few that were not, there was a magic P2W button for.
    Could I have forced the experience to take longer? Sure I could have. Not my type of gaming to ignore obvious low barrier paths to achieving my goals.

    Fix itemization, fix progression, remove p2w spell research, game would be a good game.

    For now, I have to decide if I log in to raid with my friends cause they seem to be interested in raiding twice a week still with little to no upgrades. Or do I just play something else until DoF releases.

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  2. Synistra Active Member

    I agree with everything you said. Hell has frozen over completely. Thanks Atan

  3. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you got a lot done for someone that supposedly quit then. The game is fun if you play more than one character, or more than one server even. And if you don't exploit every effort to "beat the game" as quickly as possible. But hey, it's you 15 bucks, play your way. And then you can post here every day and let us know how it sucked.

    I haven't seen any raid tanks decked out in icy dig gear, but I guess it might be bis for some classes.
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  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    As of right now, still 12 of my items are from solo/dungeon drops. DPS and healers even more dungeon gear since mitigation has little value for them.

    Playing more than 1 character doesn't make the game more fun, unless you enjoy playing alts.

    What exploits? I can't speak for Atan, but I didn't exploit anything and ran out of new stuff to do a few weeks ago.

    Why is it when some one asks for things to be improved for the betterment of the server, people jump on this wagon of "you did X too fast, slow down, play some alts"..
  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    I can't speak to tanks, but as a caster, almost everything was either available from heroic, or from one groupable raid zones that respawn every hour.
  6. Grayven Member

    It depends on what those things are. The only "improvement" that is off limits is "speed up the unlocks", as many of us planned our activities and progression based around the pre-announced timeline so that we wouldn't run out of things to do within a month.
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  7. ALiav New Member

    EQ is a far slower game than this and they only get 3 month unlocks over there.

    I was actually considering rolling on Kaladim in a future expansion for the lulz but 4 month expansions sounds absolutely disgusting.
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  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    "Fix itemization, fix progression, remove p2w spell research, game would be a good game."

    I think all type of players can agree that having proper itemization is good for the server. Have MC gear slightly better than solo quested gear, have dungeon gear better than MC gear, have raid gear better than dungeon gear.. I think that is a reasonable request for all players.

    Fixing progression again helps all types of players. Even if you don't raid, having a healthy raiding community is good for the server, it is good for crafters, harvesters, shiny farmers etc.

    Itemization and Progression have a synergy, they both need to work correctly or the other has much less meaning.

    I am all for removal of spell research, I wish getting master spells felt like more of a reward than it does now. However, if we have to cave on some sort of P2W mechanic, I would prefer spell research over familiars, collector edition mounts/buffs, and what ever the ascendancy thing is on live.
  9. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Slow down cowboy, no one is talking about exploiting the game - "exploit every effort". When you're done playing video games you might want to review how to identify the subject and predicate of a sentence.

    Because people don't want to repeat the same HQs for the billionth time on every alt they make, and roll a necro to farm masters, because you beat the game too fast. Things you call an improvement, others call a detriment. Shocking how anyone could possibly disagree with your opinion, I know. Also people tend to comment when they disagree on something, not as much when they agree. For example I agree raid gear should be better than group gear, but I'm not going to repost what has already been said and broken down a thousand times in a thousand ways.
  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    No one said remove the inheritance merchant, he just referred to it as one of the reasons things went as fast as they did.

    I personally enjoy the inheritance merchant and it is great for alts. However, I think since we got 4 months of each expansion, allowing the FG HQ completions to carry over to this TLE server was a mistake.

    Who said anything about making a Necro to farm masters? You are one who preaches play more characters, not me.

    The things I call an improvement others call a detriment. hmmm

    "Fix itemization, fix progression, remove p2w spell research, game would be a good game."

    Please enlighten me as to which part of the above quote is a detriment?
  11. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    He made it enough of a point to put it in a bullet list. I am addressing points in the list I disagree on.

    Only thing I'm preachin is play your 15 bucks how you want. Heaven forefend I suggest playing alts.

    . Masters are not quick and easy to get. Unless you're a necro farming named. Which was a joke that you missed, because you're too srs about the game.
  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Suggesting playing alts is fine and dandy, however it is not a solution to improperly tuned content or poor itemization.

    Masters should not be quick and easy to get.

    I enjoy our fun little chats.
  13. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    did u get ur prismatic already or is the content still too hard for ya?
  14. Hoytoy New Member

    You forgot to mention that you had 6 "little brothers" playing all day earning you plat and gear.

    So to summarize with the effort of 6 people in 35 hours you got to level 50, did no HQ's, used plat from your "little brothers" to buy collections and master spells off broker then you did prismatic. You grinded to 50 and did one questline, maybe you didn't even do that and you just got powerelevelled by your little brothers.

    I do agree on the items from icy dig are too good and raid itemization/difficulty needs fixing but complaining that the server as a whole is too easy because you managed to plow through all content with the assistance of your "little brothers" is a bit much.

    The 1 groupable raid zones that respawn every hour have had their spawn time fixed, I'm curious if you put in a bug report as soon as you saw the names respawn when they are clearly unintended to with the zone having a lockout or you just farmed the zone and then complained that it's easy to farm.

    This is like being handed pokemon red with a save file before the elite 4 with 6 level 100 pokemon and going "this game is horribly designed, too easy needs fixing"
  15. Satyr Well-Known Member

    It must be nice having such a large family to play with.
  16. Atan Well-Known Member

    No, I did not. I leveled and geared my main before I created any alts.

    I got plat from all the krono I brought over from FG. The only quests i needed to do were the prismatic line and the icy dig access. Nothing else was particularly relevant for me due to inheritance.

    My point in posting is to demonstrate that with all the shortcuts, the bad itemization/progression, the 4 month expansions don't really fit.

    I recognized my speed and path is at the far extreme, but many will accomplish the same thing in 60-100 hours of played. Based upon this, it feels like the current release schedule is tailored to players that will play 2-4 hours per week.

    I personally think MMO's that require that little engagement don't hold players interest, but I'm sure some super casuals will like it.
  17. Venser Active Member

    I have 8 hours play time on my lvl 40 alt. Mostly mastered, (not researched) and nice gear for my lvl. Seems pretty fast to me. I havent dont too many quests, just a dungeon here and there.
  18. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Why the hell would you need to roll a necro to farm masters? Plenty of masters drop on a normal night of dungeon crawling. If you don't get one you can use, chances are you'll get one you can sell on the broker or trade to another player for one you need. Until then, make do with the expert. That's how it was always done in the past and it still works today, spell research aside.
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  19. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Yes in 35 hours, anyone with half a brain could, if they wanted to. Level to 50, get near BiS gear, get Prismatic, run a dozen Icy Digs, and for the most part be done with Shatteredlands until Splitpaw comes out.

    What questlines was he suppose to do other than Icy Dig access and Prismatic?

    Why do HQs again if the inheritance merchant is there from FG?

    There is still at least one, 1 groupable (x4) raid zone that the reset is still 90 minutes, it has been that way for years and it has been /bug reported many times.

    Yes x4 raid mobs that can be 1 grouped, deserves complaints. Lots of them.
  20. Atan Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming that was a dig at all the afk necro bots farming nameds thru out norath.