Kalidim is NOT too easy or fast

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bella222, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Zenji Well-Known Member

    So kind of you to say that those who decided to level different than you is "sillly". We are "fools" and it's "hilarious" to spend money supporting the game we all enjoy playing, to level faster?

    The negative connotations being attached to players, because they play the game differently than you is where the problem lies. Not in the actions of leveling slow or fast.

    I can only speak for myself, but I was not trying to prove anything, nor have I claimed to be "great" or better because we leveled faster. We were just playing in the way we find the most enjoyment.
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  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If content designed for 24 people can be done with 12 people, that is not for the better. I am sorry you have had troubles finding a 24 man raid group that you enjoy playing with. But that is not a reason to devalue the enjoyment many others have found in 24 man raiding.

    If you find EQ1 the "worst game ever", it is very likely most people playing this game or in this community (Including the developers) disagree with you on many topics.

    Why can't we have both engaging 6 man and 24 man content? Why does it have to be one or the other? If you want zero x4 content, you may find yourself not enjoying this game or this server.
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  3. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    So someone thinks EQ1 was the worst game ever, and thinks 24 people is too much for a raid, but somehow ended up here anyway?

    Raiding is an endgame staple of both EQ1 and EQ2, and quite a few other MMOs I might add. It's part of what makes EverQuest... well EverQuest. That goes for 1 or 2.

    That "worst game ever" was genre defining.
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  4. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    I must applaud how you can keep calm and diplomatic when looking at such retardism.

    Zenji for server president.
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  5. Synistra Active Member

    He puts up with my derp on a nightly basis. I am often Insanity's Tolerance for Dumbassery. :)
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  6. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    This isn't a very constructive or good way to debate anything, tbh.
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  7. Synistra Active Member

    You are quite correct but it's Kalika so......

    I don't want anything that affects non-raiders to be made harder. I am of the opinion that if you like an easy game that's fine. I even think there needs to be a progression in raids where there's plenty of super easy raids before you get to the harder ones. We kind of have that now but there's only so much complexity they can add in Vanilla.

    I think people in general should stop worrying about how everyone else enjoys the game. I don't think it has to be an either/or in this case. I believe everyone could get the kind of experience they want and not need either "side" (I don't see sides but some people do) to suffer for it.
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  8. Kanuvan New Member

    i wont, because im not the one complaining about exp and am perfectly fine with how it is (late reply but had to be said)
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  9. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Man, what is with the raid guild hate on this forum? "Oh noes, they leveled fast so they could raid! Then they got mad when the raids were totally broken and were told they weren't getting fixed! How stoopid of them! They should have gone slower like me because my way is the right bestest way! Raiders are stoopid! Even though raiding has been an integral part of all EverQuest games for 20 years, raiding is stoopid!"
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  10. Grayven Member

    A recap:
    Asking for itemization to be improved helps everyone.
    Asking for raid content to be toughened doesn't conflict with anyone that doesn't raid, so it's really a non-issue.
    Asking for levelling speed to be slowed does affect other players, and therefore should remain the same until at least the next expansion unlock.
    Asking for unlock time period to be sped up is a non-starter, based on the Kaladim FAQ posted prior to server launch.
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  11. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I am not arguing in favor of slowing XP, but to be fair they also advertised

    Will experience values be tuned for Kaladim?

    Experience values will be slower, similar to how it was at original launch.

    Which is not an accurate description of XP on Kaladim.

    So saying changes to unlock periods are a non-starter because of the FAQ, is not much of an argument.
  12. Cynosure New Member

    I haven't played this game in many years--aside from my short stint in the Fallen Gate server--and yes. Experience is insanely fast here compared to launch. I've got a ton of alts at this point but am getting 2-3 levels/hour in dungeons without any turmoil or difficulty.

    It's fast, but again I'd probably complain if it was too slow because I have a full-time job. So **** it.
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  13. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    I think the xp gain is exactly where it needs to be.
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  14. Kari Well-Known Member

    I like the xp gain on the server. As someone that is playing an alt here, I can join a group and get a few levels in a dungeon or just solo or craft for a few hours and feel like I accomplished something. People that really want to grind to the end game can do so relatively quickly and get into the part of the game that interests them.

    I prefer this pace to Stormhold, where it felt like if you joined after a few expansions, you would really struggle to catch up. With this pace I think new players can continue to join the server and be ok, even after the next expac hits.
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  15. Grayven Member

    It is slower than Live. It is not (in my opinion) similar to original launch. So, as I said, it is fair to ask for it to be adjusted on Kaladim, but only as part of an expansion unlock that includes a level increase, like DoF.

    The four-month unlocks are the definition of what Kaladim is as a server. Requests to change that definition would involve a new TLE server, and anyone who wants to skip Kaladim and wait for this future server are thoroughly welcome to do so.

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  16. Zenji Well-Known Member

    So why is it ok to ask for XP changes, but not ok to ask for unlock changes? Because YOU say a 4 month cycle is the definition of the server?

    Personally the XP feels fine, and I am not at all interested it making an argument to change XP rates. However, I think 4 months of Vanilla and 4 months of DoF are cutting the legs out from under this server before it even gets a fair chance at making it. With the increased XP rates, and trivialized undertuned content, there is even less reason for it to last 4 months until maybe KoS/EoF.

    Even the most casual of players has more than enough time to see all there is to see in a 2-3 months Vanilla, and a 2 months DoF.
  17. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    The ship has well and truly sailed and we've all mostly just accepted the xp rate now, but to just answer this question: it's because, like the 4 month cycle was advertised well in advance of the server opening, a slower xp rate was also touted as something we could expect.

    It just comes down to the difference between what they said was being offered, and what we actually got. And almost everyone who tried to get the xp rate slowed that first week was shouted down with things like "I think it's fine" "the rate is good", etc. Even though it was sort of a bait and switch.

    Again though, at this point it's totally moot and the majority seemed to prefer the current xp rate anyway, so whatever. But you asked, so. :)
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  18. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I can argue about that ....

    Here are some reasons :

    - Xp penalty, 80% of my deaths were due to network connection failure (we were in 1999 so latecy and reliablilty were low) , for the 20% left majority were either a 10K fall in a broken geometric model or due to a sucker in group etc ...

    - Stupidity of some classes gameplay : Cleric (in any content), rangers (in raid), wizard (in any content), rogues (any content but solo). At least my ranger had fun in group (pulls, CC) but in raids my god! On the TLE we even had ranger boxes in the raid.

    - Quests, i knew people who lost their coldain shawl on the raid/escort step because someone purposely trained stuff and made the escort fail.

    - Camping : i knew people camping the AC or the pegasus for hours .. i refused to camp anything but i sometimes helped friend tracking stuff.

    - Mana breaks : 10 mn fo fill the healer mana ... that was great.

    - Absolute necessity of several-many-cleric (for raids) , the most boring/stupid/trivial class to play.

    - Clerics monopoly on XP_rezz ? Tell me why i should need a " /sit /cast 1 /cast 1 /pause X " heal bot to save me 2 days of XP ? They reluctantly gave druid/shammie an XP rez at 62 or 72 ... to late anyway.

    Only like 3-4 classes were worth playing : enchanter. shaman, magician necro.

    Raids Raided a bit with shaman on Agnar till plane of time, it was sort of ok but soloing or duoing with a mage was more exciting. Unlike in classic we had a raid window and tanks had aas .. Raid till pop was only about 1) getting enough clerics 2) getting your debu- slow-chain team , getting mana regen and not falling aslseep. Back in 1999-2002 i raided a few time with ranger/bard but it was so boring and stupid that i returned to my swarm-charm kiting.

    Drood I had a druid in classic, i got groups fast till the 40, then but then he had to solo quading or cooking mob (he got fast xp and lot of money). He got later invited as a magnet in PoP aa groups, he did 100% of the work and the sitting cleric/wizz there just got the same xp for doing nothing. - For Raids they wanted druids to port then to cast their elem buff and then to log off ;-)

    B-Hard : loved to pull or to charm kite, but pushing 1 2 3 4 during the 2 hours of the raid ? Are you mad?

    We played EQ1 because it was the only game there, Brat something, the guy that managed launched/EQ1 just happened to be in the right place at the right moment. The concept was not original, the graphics were 10 year backward, the global design was very poor even if some (not new) ideas were good (crow control, slow, debuff).

    I and many others told them all of this during 2-3 years, but they did nothing; then WoW came and eradicated them. Eq1 player base got divided by 50 almost instantly. It was 100% predictable ;-)

    It is comparable to Bill Gates, his team designed a very bad system (in a sense the worst possible) and he managed to imposed it and to force all the people to pay for a very bad product. I would love some economist to evaluate how much Bill gates costed to the world, probably 100s of billions.

    So Pantheon is not so likely to be great, Brat-something was given the money and manhours for a good game in the late 90s, he delivered a very bad result. 20 years later he may do better.
  19. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You can, and you did... but you really shouldn't have.
  20. Elskidorr Active Member

    Yes, pioneering an entire genre is very fail. No wonder why it's no longer around and being played 20 years later.

    Everquest original is easily in my top three games ever made and for many of the reasons you don't like about it ironically enough. If Pantheon does succeed at what it intends to do I'll dance in glee. Big if, but the mmo genre deserves a win so, yeah, l'm hoping. I'm enjoying Kalidim and loved playing EQ2 years ago, but the original is jam. You, have no taste by the sounds of it and I couldn't disagree with you more if I tried.