Kalidim is NOT too easy or fast

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bella222, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Bella222 Active Member

    I am so tired of those lucky 50s who got there so fast because they got so much exploration experience trying to make it hard for those of us who were busy that first weekend and now get next to nothing for exploration. It is taking me a really long time to get up levels at 20+ doing quests and killing mobs. Please DON'T make it any slower or harder for us who are not 50 yet. And not everyone loves raiding. If you are 50, make an alt. You will find the experience rate much slower than you remember.
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  2. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    So if you dont like raiding why do you and every other "casual" protest when the raiders wants the content to be x4 content. Makes absolutely no sense.

    Enjoy your leveling, no one has any issues with you leveling 1200 characters. People have issues with x4 content. Enjoy your questing, enjoy doing the HQs on 1223 characters if thats what you want.

    No one is arguing against any of that stuff. People just want x4 content to do at 50 and they want items sorted so it doesnt drop level 40 gear.
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  3. Tominator Member

    Bella - personally I think the leveling is a bit fast. And I'm a casual - who has turned OFF adventure xp so I don't out-level content before I can enjoy it. Dungeon crawl with a solid group for a few hours & you'll easily gain 10 levels.

    Fist, I haven't seen anyone protest x4 content. On the contrary, I've seen people, including *gasp* "casuals", support it. We all love the game for different reasons. Why wouldn't someone want you to have content you enjoy.

    Funny tho, I HAVE seen abrasive comments directed at casuals for supporting x4 content. Some people are just salty no matter what I guess.
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  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen much of anyone protest in asking XP to be nerfed. Is it faster than what they advertised for the server? Yes significantly faster. But I don't think most have an issue with it.

    On a side note, I was one of, if not the first group of 50s on the server. We did not in anyway shape or form run around getting disco XP to level up. We grinded dungeon mobs quickly and efficiently with XP potions on. From 38 - 50 was entirely spent in CT killing lizard bros.
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  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    You can level 1-50 in 6 hours on kaladim without disco or collection experience.

    It is not just people who disco'd to 50, it really, really doesn't take long to level if you have a group that sits down and focuses on leveling. (and they don't mind spending roughly 2000 dbc each).
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  6. Redlight Well-Known Member

    It is by far too easy. Nagafen is already easy and that is without blue stats.
  7. Synistra Active Member

    So because we planned and made time for the launch of this server you're salty? No one got anything nerfed, exploration experience is not how we leveled fast. You may want to stop listening to the idiots cry and whine in general chat and ask someone who got level 50 super fast to tell you how they did it, instead of coming to the forums and slinging accusations about people you know nothing about. That would be contrary to the narrative you're trying to spew right? That would be contrary to the feels you're trying to drum up and make us out to be the "evils". Dumb.

    We bought exp potions off the marketplace because we had money to burn. We had static groups to play in because we've all been sitting in the same Discord with each other for months planning our guild. People were making static groups a month before this server launched. It's called preparation and planning and if you didn't do it, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

    No one's asking for the game to be made harder where it affects you. What we have asked for is itemization fixes and raid tuning. Neither of those things are going to negatively affect you since you're having a hard time leveling past 20. I don't understand how you're having issues leveling by the way. You literally have to TRY to level slow on this server. If you're not happy with your experience gain then fix it. Buy potions and get a group going in a dungeon and sit there and grind, don't come to the forums blaming those of us who did it first, by using the wrong accusations I might add. You get out of the game what you put in, if your experience sucks on Kaladim you have no one to blame but yourself. I have leveled multiple alts since my main hit 50 and I can tell you that you must be doing it wrong. I have a warden, mystic, defiler, necromancer, troubador, and coercer at 50. I also have a wizard I've leveled from 1-40 in 2 hours (as of this post). It is not slower than I remember, it's literally the same, you're just doing it wrong. Also, instead of complaining on the forums, make some friends and play with them, not only does it make the experience gain faster, it also helps the time fly by. You're welcome
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  8. Kanuvan New Member

    also, not everyone is playing some FOTM or a dps, tanks and healers level quite a bit slower
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  9. Dagada Member

    I leveled 4 chars to 50 very easily just by grouping and doing dungeons. I am pretty sure that the disco xp is back in the game too. I had a little trouble getting a group with one of my chars for about an hour, so I ran around EL and Rivervale with an xp pot and went from level 27 to 31 (or something close to that). Not even sure I disco'd everything there. Even still, the easiest way to level fast is to go to the appropriate level dungeon and grind with a group.
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  10. MazeEQ New Member

    Weird, I'm brand new to EQ2 and it took me (by grinding with randoms in dungeons) about 16 hours total to hit 50. I main an inquisitor.

    My SK went 1-50 in about 9 hours /played.
    My Warlock will be 50 in 2 days since I'm not using pots.
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  11. Synistra Active Member

    This is Maze.
    Maze has a good guild.
    Maze has good friends in his guild.
    Maze doesn't whine on the forums about getting things done.
    He logs in and just does it.
    Be like Maze.
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  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    XP is already bonkers faster than the previous two TLE's, and that is for the better.

    I ran around every quest from 30-50 on fallen gate in the overland zones just to level slowly while my group was afk/to get some money. It really wasn't very rewarding in my opinion considering all the quests only take a few hours to complete from start to finish.

    If you're upset at how fast leveling is just lock, or go back and do the content you want to see after.
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  13. Kanuvan New Member

    Not everyone uses groups as a primary method of leveling, as a solo player who doesnt have time to join groups every day the game is a slow crawl to max, with my preferred playstyle I level faster in every other mmo i play
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  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    Then play on a live server. You will zoom up the levels in no time.
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  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If some one chooses not to group while leveling, they don't get to turn around and complain about leveling slow. For at least the first decade of this game the fastest way to level has been grouping in dungeons. If that is not to your liking, you are in for a disappointment for the life span of this server.
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  16. Ratface Member

    Depending on class, even solo questing isn't that bad. admittedly on a the healing classes it won't be quick, but then they aren't really solo classes.

    Also if your not raiding, or looking to group up, then why worry about level. I mean it's only a concern if you are worried about a raid spot, or looking to keep current in heroic content. I mean if all your going to do is solo quest then does it matter how long those levels are?
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  17. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    This is my third go on a TLE. I think the XP on SH was faster than this, but not by much. None of my characters are 50 yet, but I've literally been forcing my self to go slow. Whoever said you had actually try to level slow is correct; it's what I've been doing. It involves an incredible amount of screwing around generally being as inefficient as possible in whatever I do. Last night I wasted away the whole night harvesting and doing the access quest for Zek and I somehow still managed to level.
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  18. tbmroark Member

    The conversation about adjusting exp rates is long past. The exp rates are way faster here than advertised: many were upset about that, many more were okay with it. You can rest assured that it is extremely unlikely that exp rates will be adjusted after all this time.

    What people are asking for is an adjustment to encounter difficulty, particularly at the level 50 range. If you have a group of half-decent players in good gear and know how to work with each other, you will absolutely destroy the content. I've been in groups with ill-equipped players and we've been wrecking content. Imagine what it'll be like when most people have level-appropriate gear finally. Everything will be trivial and even more brain-dead. You really don't understand how easy it is while you're struggling to level and only have apprentice/journeyman/adept spells and crappy, outdated gear.

    The main requests, which I think are fair, are asking for itemization to open up more level 50 zones that are worth going to, and making raid content more difficult. These things are really good for the longevity of the server, especially on a 4-month cycle.
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  19. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Leveling is almost too fast, took 2 weeks off and main is already 46 and still have to do several HQ : stein, assassin blade, druid staff. Currently working on Torbin (may pay we will pay the Neconjs to let us kill him. Whenever i complain guildmates tell me that i can switch combat xp off. She never ever grinded but once when she did 27-30 in RoV just killing mobs.

    Now if you want to grind it is super extra fast even with no potion, my level 29 conjurer did 29-34 in a few minutes (like 1 hour) in Runny, we had 1 guardian 1 inqui and 2 necros 2 conjurers, entire rooms of yellow/orange mobs literally exploded.

    It is certainly a bit easier than Stormhold, we since we killed Fyst with 39-42 group + 1 extra a lvl 50 illu (tank was 42); we failed on first attempt (it was expected) when our tank was 40 since fyst got lucky on swings after his harmtouch, but we took him down to 50%.

    For raids, well anyway raid has never been hard, the only (major) problem with raiding is not only to get 24 semi-decent players but a roaster that works (need shaman, bards, enchanters), dps players that are not fully stupid (ie able to follow a simplistic script) and good tank/healer teams for G1 and G2.

    If raid content can be 2 grouped it is for the better.

    24 is way too much, the only time i liked almost everyone in the raid team was when i raided with Dodovenator, on fallen gate we had several pay2win Beavis/Butthead type in the roaster.

    The idea of raids came from Eq1 (one the worst game ever) -- a G105 ogitech keyboard could almost play a raiding cleric there -- Raiding is mostly about having 24 people to log at the same time. I would really prefer hard 6 man content and hard 12 man one and zero x4 content.

    I will probably raid anyway since it is the ultimate content, but wish it was different.
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  20. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Yeah that the most hilarious and silly way of leveling, and on top using potions. If you wanted to prove something you did prove that DBG can make money from fools who think they are Great. --