Kaladim Raid Adjustments

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    Tank gear has now been de-itemised for almost two weeks, with no reversal or adequate fix forthcoming, and the only official update given has been that rather than directly addressing things they will instead slowly inject new functional tank items back into the ecosystem to complement the huge and overwhelming majority of tank items that are already broken, and which in all likelihood will remain broken indefinitely.

    And so even though Kunark was the expansion that I had most been looking forward to playing, since I never did it properly back in 2008 or whenever, I've cancelled my subscription, which expires in a few days, and so too has over a third of the raiders in my raid guild, which we've now decided to voluntarily bring to an end because of the terrible mismanagement of the game by these guys.
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    Well they've said that they're doing someting on test, so i made a toon there and chronoed to spank some RoK but not sure yet if there is anything any better.
  3. Venser Active Member

    Did you read the test notes first. It says where the new gear is. Not location, but what they did.
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    I did read them yes, but it doesn't say where they are it says :

    'Added several defensive alternate items to Kunark drop tables that have tank only items that are not defensive specced. Characters that have one of effected items may exchange their non-defensive items for the defensive items at an Item Exchange Merchant in Kylong plains.'

    I did Chardok, Sebilis, KC. CoK, Maidens, Chel, CoES in heroic and saw no new drops and no tank-centric stuff. Then I did PR, Venirl, VP, Trak and VP armor had single tank stats on some patterns.

    There were no tank options that I found for jewelry or weapons in either open, solo, heroic or raid.

    There were a few tank stat quest items, but also some for me with none.
  5. Mingle Member

    Ohhh nobody can find any of the tank items because they are HIDDEN...

    The fixed everything but they hid all the items via an ITEM EXCHANGE MERCHANT..

    So all the old crappy non-tank items are still droppiing, you just have to be smart and know what to roll for so you can bring it to the exchange merchant to get your tank gear... check out the FIGHTER earring that dropped at a raid in Korsha tier2 raid and what you can exchange it for:

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