Kaladim is disappointing

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bella222, May 28, 2019.

  1. Somedude Active Member

    My limited play time, I really don't want to divide my attention to more than one game. I'm sure it works well for some, but I'm looking to be able to play about 9 hours a week with enough to keep me entertained.
  2. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    I disagree completely with Kaladim being a "disappointment". If what you were wanting is another server just like LIVE servers, then yes, you will be disappointed.

    This TLE is meant to replicate the feel for the game as it was BEFORE everything was nerfed / altered / adjusted dozens of times over the years. It's not exact, but the aspect of GROUPING is pretty close to what it was. This is after all a MULTIPLAYER game and not a solo game. Go to a live server and see if you see people forming groups for blackburrow, wailing caves, stormhold, fallen gate, rov, runnyeye, ct, and perma. From 1-50, there are groups forming every step of the way. And that is something most of us enjoy. If you want to play the whole game solo, seriously, head over to live.

    As others have stated, there is plenty of things you CAN do solo if you really don't want to group the entire time. Harvesting, crafting, the beginning quest lines from 1-20 in the starter zones, and then a portion of the questlines after that are also soloable. But by 20, you should be finding yourself in groups at least part of the time or I'm not quite sure why you would want to play EQ2 and especially on the TLE server where the idea is to create a community and a player base that plays together again - and experience what EQ2 was about from the beginning.

    For anyone who has trouble finding a group - MAKE ONE YOURSELF. It seems to be a thing on this server that if you post "_x_ level _x_ looking for group" it gets ignored, even when there are 10 other people your level also advertising that they are looking for group - for whatever reason, nobody wants to be in charge of the group. Well, don't be afraid to start the group yourself. Nobody is going to bite, and nobody is going to judge you. Pick up a tank, healer, and dps and get out there. Forming the group doesn't even have to mean you are the "boss" or anything. Hand the leadership over to someone else once you get it formed up. It's not that big of a deal. I have never been left waiting for a group for longer than 5 minutes when I advertise "forming group for x". It's not that difficult to do and it's a great way to meet people. Over time you'll even start getting tells from people asking if you are going to run something.
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  3. Somedude Active Member

    If you mean that its intended for a group to be able to kill all but 2 raid encounters in the game, then sure... but to me that sure makes the entire game feel very nerfed right now. I duo heroic content with a warlock and a fury, we kill raid zones with a single group. The content is way, WAY dumbed down and trivial, Combine the complete lack of challenge with the long expansion times, and its just a bad recipe.
  4. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Not arguing RAID content could use some adjustment. In fact, I said it was "similar" for the group content to original, not exact. Even back in the date, certain classes could duo content. But you cannot say that the need to group for the majority of heroic content isn't there. Hopefully with the next releases, RAID content will be more appropriate.
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  5. kitleez Member

    It is not similar to original. Conj's/Necros can solo 95 percent of the heroic open world named content, alot of the classes are useless, and group cohesion is not a thing at all. If you have fun killing stuff now there is nothing wrong with that and to each his own, but you are very mistaken if you think any of this stuff is anything like how it was at launch. There is 0 difficulty in any heroic/raid content, and they add really OP items like the hunters gear that further imbalance any content. Just sell raid gear in the marketplace, it is that easy to get and it is where this is headed anyway.
  6. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    I disagree with you Kitleez. I very much recall summoners as well as enchanters solo'ing group content even back then. People complained about it, just as they do today. It's nothing new. It's like standard complaining 101 of EQ2. "Please nerf 'x' class"... Nothing new. I don't know how you would have missed it happening back then. I had a coercer friend who solo'd the heck out of everything he could get his hands on EVEN BACK THEN. If you have the patience and your class has certain tools, it is going to happen. And of course it's going to be EASIER to do now - none of this is NEW. Everything about this content is known - there is no unknown. But, honestly, THIS content wasn't all *that* challenging back then either. The raid content at level 50 was never extremely difficult... nor was the group content honestly. And it has always gotten easier the better geared you are. That's just part of the game and a good reason for DoF to get here for us to start the process all over again.

    To this day, I still see calls in LFG where groups need 2 healers to run Icy. And they get judged for it. People tend to forget how hard the content *CAN* be when you don't have the gear upgrades *YET*..... Plenty of pugs skip the queen in there... and Drayek isn't exactly a joke to a group that isn't well geared... neither is the bloodline zones.

    Once again - it isn't exact - obviously GEAR is not what it was then - and don't get me started on itemization. Other than Faroth Mal and the contesteds, much of the RAID dropped items are no better if not actually WORSE than what you can find in Icy Dig. Hopefully with DoF we'll see some more thought put into it. Either way, I'll still be here playing because I do enjoy it.

    this is AS CLOSE to what the game was at launch as we'll be getting
    so make the most of it.
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  7. Ghorast Member

    Can't wait to farm bis from Living Tombs and Cleft of Rujark.
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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think people have figured out by now that this TLE servers are not like the game was at the beginning ,
    but how the game would maybe have looked like with all the upgrades we have gotten since .
    I mean nobody even knew that leapers existed and yet we got to bounce around on FG .
    there was no PvP at launch of the game , and yet we had a TLE server " Deathtoll".
    the devs are experimenting around to find out what most people maybe could like , but short of recreating the old EQ2
    there will never be an original EQ2 experience. So take it or leave it this what we got.
  9. Lexxah Member

  10. Maldaris Member

    Before that, there were three PVP servers: Nagafen, Venekor (which I was on for a bit), and Darathar (the EU server).

    Now they've brought back Nagafen. So while PVP was never an integral part of the game at launch, it seems to me that they're at least making an effort to give that segment of the player base an opportunity for their playstyle.
  11. Venser Active Member

    he's still.. not wrong. there was no PvP at launch of the game. i dont think dueling came out until DoF either. Also believe there was a Vox server for PvP.
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Maldaris I was on the original Nagafen and than on Deathtoll. What I was saying is there was no PvP at launch of EQ2.
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  13. Maldaris Member

    You are correct, I wasn't trying to suggest otherwise (I did, in fact, say that PVP was never an integral part of the game at launch, in amongst the rest of the sentence). I've always thought the devs never believed they'd need it when they rolled the game out.
  14. Ultimita New Member

    Im loving this server and I just came back. Im glad you can do zones easily with a few people as population can be scarce sometimes. If it was to hard many casuals like myself would quit due to not getting full groups and waiting forever. 3 people? awesome. more people? Then even better.
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