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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Lyranny Hawk, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    Not specifically, but basically the same thing exists in MANY MMOS.

    It becomes the defacto 'Travel Hub' and rally point, with all the amenities players need. It congregates player in a single space, more so than having multple city zones. Many games have this type of concept, but its not called a Guild Hall.

    I'm just suggesting the Hall zone and its features make for an ideal travel hub and this I think is a big part of why players miss them and request for them. it would be nice to have those merchants and features in a generic hall shared by all. Don't think it can happen as many of the features would require new code to work in a shared zone.
  2. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Clearly you read not 1 word of what I wrote. First of all - I'm not asking for guild halls NOW. I'm requesting they still be on the table in the timeline that they were released. This server WILL change as more content is added, it will not remain 100% the way it is at release, nor is it 100% the way it was at release now anyway. As things are unlocked, there is no reason guildhalls cannot be released in the appropriate timeline as well - with CHANGES. Read my lips, I do NOT want guildhalls the way they are on live. I DO NOT want all the modern conveniences. I do not want them to be a crafting instance or take away from the cities in ANY WAY AT ALL. NO banker, NO broker, NO vendor, NO city merchants, NO crafting trainers/writ givers..... Down the road, when more content is released, you cannot pretend that a call to a guildhall won't be nice. It isn't a necessity now. Don't have any issues with it not being in game NOW. But, if it is done in a different way - locking all of the community-destroying perks - it would be no different than a house - only owned by the guild (so if "x" person leaves the game or the guild - people of the guild would still have access to it)... and maybe it would have a FEW things that will be beneficial - such as a flag to gather for raid, storage of items such as ammo, and training dummies. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can and should find in the cities inside - not 1 thing that would keep people in there for more than a few minutes.... Now, if you have an argument against that (rather than the same argument against the guildhalls as they are on LIVE) please, do tell. I really do want this to be a discussion with ideas for how guildhalls could be done differently - exist - but not break the game as they did on live... But, continuing to say how bad guildhalls on live are - when not 1 single person is asking for that version of guildhalls - isn't helping.

    And I'll repeat it before anyone else says it - yes I know the devs have said "NO" to guildhalls - but things do change, they have said "NO" to things before only to have them end up in game - and I'm offering up a possible solution - a compromise so to speak so that the guildhalls can exist - but not destroy the game. It's possible to do them without them turning into cities. They should have ZERO things in them that can and should be done in the cities. Totally 100% firm on that.
  3. Venser Active Member

    Clearly you think I'm talking about you. This is not about you or what you think would be nice to have "down the road". Let me see here... mmm ok I was here for every TLE, not once did we need guild halls UNTIL SF. I'm still going with the delusional point.
  4. Feara Well-Known Member

    Shared by all... what a smashing idea, I like it.
  5. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Except I am the OP - I brought the subject up with very specific stipulations and not 1 person has responded with "I want guildhalls fully intact at this moment" - which is how your response came across. You yourself just said "not once did we need guild halls UNTIL"... leaving the door open for the possibility of them being of benefit later on, which is what I'm talking about. And in your first response, you spoke of the issues of guildhalls emptying the cities, which again, I gave ways to avoid that by SEVERELY limiting what they can do to prevent that very thing. You don't want guild halls, I respect that. But, making an argument against them because they will take people out of the cities when I gave a way for them to not do just that doesn't make ME delusional... But thanks for the insults. The thing is, I think every single person agrees that guildhalls in their entirety did ruin the community of the game and do not have a place on the TLE server... but if guildhalls were just the building (even just a tier 1 or even tier 2 - doesn't have to be the tier 3 version) - and extremely limited perks - such as some storage depots, the ability to call to the guildhall, a training dummy, and a flag to place for raid - they would NOT take anyone out of the city. It was only the fact that they placed everything anyone ever needed in them that caused the issue.
  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Yeap I was hoping the guild bank to unlock at some guild level but we 30+ nwow and last time i checked we had no guild bank yet.
  7. Nilka Member

    Well, we do have a travel hub, which took a bit of work on our part but, all toons good and evil have a port to their
    home cities in our GH. I gave trustee status to only the officers. I also have ports in Qeynos and in Freeport and in New Halas.
    I tried to set up a Neriak port but it takes you to Freeport, so that was a bust. So all our guildies can go to a Freeport prestige
    portal if evil and get to the GH, same with New Halas and Qeynos. I have a prestige home in each home city, this makes it easier when we call raid, which I have a raid muster area in our GH also. We use wiz and druid portals to get to our raid points. We have all the crafting stations with depots which are filled. I have even offered to put a GH portal in someones home if that home is hard to reach. I feel very comfortable with this and the guildies all can see how to get to the GH as we gave instruction on Discord, which having Discord is a requirement to raid. Yes, I wish I could put it on the Leaderboards for fast
    access but this will do for now. I am not really missing anything so badly I can complain. Hopefully, in time we will have more
    amenties added. Fingers are crossed.
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  8. Nilka Member

    BTW, I do miss the Guild bank feature, I am ready when they decide to let us have it.
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  9. Dude Well-Known Member

    I vote no. I'm glad we don't have them. I like seeing people in cities.
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  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Guild Banks come in with DoF
  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I donated my prestige claim houses to my guild on day one. Myself and another officer that had claim houses in Qeynos set up a travel network as well. My houses are in Freeport and are used for guild halls, her houses are Qeynos and allow the good aligned members to get to the guild houses and back to the good side so they do not exit into Freeport. It took some working around with things but we managed to get it done within the first few days the server was alive.
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  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I liked how it was no guild halls, then everyone was able to /house into bots casting ports from anywhere. Keep in mind, this is easier than having to call home/call to guild hall for a port.

    Then it was pay to win training dummies.

    Then it was the ability to buy guild halls on the marketplace, non refundable btw (chargeback and get banned) and not get a guild hall.

    Then it was going into freeport and seeing an average of 20 people afk at the broker for the last half of FG. Still no guild halls.

    I'm all for guild halls in RoK. By the time RoK rolls around, typically tle's are at the point where there isn't enough community to really say that it makes a difference. 20 people in freeport is meaningless, when 6 are botting at the one of five tradeskill areas, six are afk at the two broker/banker slots, and three are afk by the bell.

    The main thing you get out of a guild hall is the depot honestly, everything else can easily be achieved by standing out in freeport with that one click of a bell, you have mender, bank, signets, broker, mailbox, collector; everything within one little tent. Most guild halls i've been in don't even have these NPC's so closely together (silly housing people). But, at least they sell us a depot on the marketplace right? Otherwise we wouldn't buy them and instead just go craft at our guild hall that is larger, and shared by all of our alts in our alt guild.

    A better idea would be a vote, however I don't really trust daybreak's vote by mail as they don't share true results, and if the vote was close either way it would be decided by kander; who doesn't want guild halls on the server.

    Vote's have also been silly in the past, we voted for quite a few things on Stormhold that didn't pass, yet they were implemented anyway.....

    The one problem I have right now with guild halls is the fact that we were able to buy the upgraded raid banners that are tuned to live stats, I placed one on stormhold and got insane amounts of stats and laughed.

    At least with guild halls we can also make elevators up to a giant hail in the sky, or crucify a froglok on the door, or make a maze, or trap people in walls/other things to make them have to evac/call to guild hall, just to put another house item preventing movement in the way.
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  13. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Personally, I'd settle for a guild bank in lieu of anything else guild related. The extra storage space would be helpful.
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  14. Meta New Member

    The appeal of guild halls for me is being surrounded by people you often converse and play with, rather than a collection of strangers more interested in their broker than you.

    Being part of a guild on Kaladim has been a strange experience, not really seeing people unless you go out of your way to do so. Some of my oldest EQ2 friends were made from random conversations in the guild hall while crafting or banking, and I've rarely talked to anyone in the city zones so far despite me being a chatterbox.

    Please bring guild halls back.
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  15. Kittik Well-Known Member

    This is true. There are zero conversations, face to face transactions or anything else that happens in the CITY. Guild Halls at least gave us (as a guild) pride in the work we did to display trophy, how the hall was decorated.
  16. Aradar New Member

    I remember how guild halls changed the game for the worse when it was released. All cities was suddenly empty, and I'm sure this is the reason for why they don't want it ingame. They have realised their own mistake, and I'm glad we won't see it on Kaladim.
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  17. Kittik Well-Known Member

    False. Mercenaries killed the game.
  18. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The game was on it's way out before Mercenaries were even added. No one thing killed this game, it was a string of poor decisions.
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  19. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Guild bank is in game now. Right click on your banker and it opens up the guild banker.
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  20. Vulnere Active Member

    I've been back to eq2 to play TLE, for about a month. I still can't find hide nor hair of a harvest/fuel depot, of any kind..
    and tinkering doesn't go that tier yet. Could you or someone please educate me how I could obtain these mythical beasts?

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