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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Lyranny Hawk, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Before you say it, yes I know it has been stated there will NOT be guild halls on Kaladim server. But, I'd like to make an argument in favor of them.

    You CAN make them so that they do not ruin the community of the game. There is no reason they have to have every feature they had on live. As it currently stands, there is no POINT to leveling up a guild. And guilds that are raiding would like to put their trophies some place. So, why not (in the future) add guild halls but DO NOT add in any of the NPC services?

    NO bank
    NO vendor
    NO broker
    NO tradeskill npc's

    But do have the following -
    Training dummies
    Limited portal options (I can live without it of course)
    A flag for going to raid
    Depots to store harvestables, ammo, etc... (no, don't need the npc's who forage for you) just the storage.

    It would be great to have a place to store guild trophies and meet up for raid. But it doesn't need to be a place people LIVE in, spending all day there crafting and selling. And if done right, it wouldn't take the population away from the communities at all. People would literally go there simply to meet up for a raid, maybe spend a bit of time training on a dummy to solidify their casting order, and take a stroll through the trophies.

    Just my suggestion. Yes, they ruined the community on LIVE. Not going to argue that. But there isn't any reason with LIMITED things - no vendors, no broker, no bank, no crafting, etc.. that it can't be a positive thing.
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  2. Synistra Active Member

    You can make a house and store guild trophies in it and also meet up for raids. We have that on Kaladim for our guild. We have all the crafting tables, a harvest box, and a fuel box. Just have to get creative.
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  3. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Yes, you CAN do that. But guildhalls CAN exist again. Why not? Why not give something to put your hard earned status toward? Why not have a call to guildhall again and training dummies? While what you are doing "works" for you, that's fine. I'm just suggesting that with a little thought - and turning off all of the "detrimental" perks, guild halls could exist again without ruining the game. No reason it can't be done down the road...
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  4. Sizzla New Member

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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    So you have option that is close to what you want, but you are still asking for more....
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  6. Dezz u New Member

    they werent around on vanilla, so why would they be around now?
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  7. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Guild Halls didn't come out until about a month before TSO release. So if they were ever to come out on Kaladim, I wouldn't expect them until TSO. :p
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  8. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    There are not going to be guild halls on Kaladim for the same reason they never implemented them on Fallen Gate: one of the developers felt that guild halls were a bad idea and didn't want them.
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  9. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Yes I know, but my post was more for the OP and I should have used /sarcasm. :D
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  10. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Missing my point completely. I am NOT asking for them NOW. I said down the road. I'm talking about it now only because it has been declared that they will never happen. I think they should, but not in the way that they did previously which did destroy the community of the game. It's a discussion. You are absolutely entitled to believe they should never exist, I'm simply making a case for why they *COULD* exist in a positive way without ever causing the issues that they did previously. While some of the things can be worked around - i.e. purchasing a house with RL money and allowing everyone access to it, why not have it be a part of the game - a part of the progression for guilds? With limited resources allotted to them - I see them as a pro. Training dummies are not in game without them, which is something I would like to see. I am asking, why not if it is done in a limited capacity without all the fluff? What harm would it cause to YOU if they did add them in the future if all the community-ending fluff is not included? You could simply not purchase one if it offends you so much. This is all down the road anyway, and there's no telling if DB will change their minds on the issue, I'm simply offering a middle ground. Some people enjoyed the guild halls and would like to see them make their way into game down the road but with very strict limitations. - Not at all what they used to be.
  11. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    I'm looking for a few of the features that cannot be gotten using a house. - Training dummies specifically and a call to a guild hall - and *maybe* a flag for gathering - though that one is obviously debatable.

    If DBG offered a training dummy for purchase that would be quite lovely.
  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    you should check out the marketplace then

    it works in houses.
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  13. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Pay cash for 1 hour of use? Versus pay in-game cash and status to use time and time again? Hmm... which do you think I'd prefer? I would like my game to be as much - in-game acquisitions as possible - though I would consider such a purchase if it were re-usable.

    I hear your arguments, but can you honestly say that if guildhalls were done in a non-detrimental way they would hurt the game experience? I'm not at all suggesting they ever be what they were. I just see them as a natural part of progression down the road - if done in a way that didn't take anything away from the cities.
  14. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Natural progression you say? Ok let's revisit this topic near the end of RoK a year from now then.
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  15. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    Gladly. I am not suggesting they become a thing *now*. I'm simply having a discussion hoping to change it from a "NEVER" to a "Maybe - if done right".
  16. Venser Active Member

    Join Kaladim! Vanilla no conveniences except ports! Complain about being inconvenienced. Telemetry data shows GHs are bad! /s

    This has to be the funniest complaint that, yes in spite of your first few lines, has been brought up many times before. They would have to disable quite a bit, even without GHs the higher the guild level the more mounts you can purchase / unlock. I prefer no GHs after having them in on SH TLE. Immersionnnnnn
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  17. Feara Well-Known Member

    I like you idea Lyranny. I don't see them doing it but I like it. They should of been that way when they rolled out if you ask me. What made the guild halls bad is the way they evolved.
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  18. Lyranny Hawk New Member

    I'm not at all complaining about inconveniences. Did you even read what I wrote? It is a *Suggestion* and I in fact specifically said that it shouldn't be what it was. I put "limited" ports and said that was totally negotiable. NO Npc's, no broker, no bank, nothing at all that should be done in a city PERIOD. I said DOWN THE ROAD - as in - when it would have been released for the regular game as far as timeline goes - just like adding in any other expansion or component of the game in the right time - and only being used as a place to store things, meet for raids, and practice on a training dummy. That's it.... Not a complaint - simply a suggestion to not rule it out entirely. The halls were gorgeous and I personally remember how exciting it was the day our guild got ours. It was a fond memory for me working to achieve it and then decorate it. If all of the community-crashing items are not available for purchase, why not allow for guilds who so desire purchase a hall for MINIMAL use?

    Like I said - a call to guild hall - training dummies - and depots. And MAYBE - minimal porting options.... all later on - not during this phase of the game.

  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I think you missed my point, actually, which I'll try to simplify: don't hold your breath while waiting for TLE guildhalls, there's a dev hostile to the idea.

    I'd have thought people would get from the wording in my original post that I think this is not the right decision, I want guild halls on TLE. I never socialize with people in the cities or along the streets or in the mall in real life, I'm not gonna start doing it in game, so gimme a guildhall!
  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Guild halls would be cool, but Kander doesn't like them.

    So they're not coming, we tried to reason with the developers but they were deemed "out of the tle experience".

    The same breath they then release broker boxes, remove your vet rewards, and do other things "out of the tle experience".
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