Kaladim - Destiny of Velious Beta Opens on May 11th!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, May 4, 2021.

  1. dreamweaver Developer

    It's time to beta test!

    The current plan is to have the beta run for 4 weeks, please keep in mind that since this is a beta we will be utilizing /bug and a sub-forum that we'll be opening on May 11th for you to report bugs to! Keep an eye out for your forum and we'll see you at beta launch!
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  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I am sure there are a lot of people excited about Kaladim getting DoV and I have no doubts you all carefully considered it, but releasing DoV the same day Tarinax launches will definitely put some players in a less than ideal position who want to do both.

    Even just a 1 week separation would make a difference.
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  3. Venser Active Member

    It's the beta bud...
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  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    What type of participation do you expect to see on the Beta with Tarinax releasing the same day?
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  5. Finora Well-Known Member

    Why do you think Tarinax is going to pull so heavily from people who are interested in the regular TLE and people who would want to help test it?

    Unless for some reason the TLE is PVP lover heavy?
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  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Is the team really considering taking feed back into account ?

    I send quite some feedback about SF itemization, like :

    - at least 50% of Lab and palace raid loots being transmuted because of improper stats (mix of melee/caster)
    - improper T2 mark gear, especially for tanks but the druid one is horrible too
    - Ton of jewelry missing resistances (rings, wrists, earing) and this include the icy keep raid rewards.
    - Almost useless " special mark gear" (around 200 marks) 80% of the item are trash and the few good ones miss resistances.

    and i could continue on and on (when doings quest my mages got items with dps multi attack haste ... pure insanity).

    The only change that was made was to add a turquoise slot to icy keep jewelry and to add resistance to some ring/wrist/earings (but not all).

    Unless DBG decided to change radically its handling of the TLE, sending feedback will just be a loss of time.

    So, i m not very optimistic for DoV, first because every TLE stopped there (granted that each time a newPVE TLE launched at this exact moment), second because stat inflation is already ticking (with people at 60% double cast...

    and third .... well if a bit of difficulty is introduced i wonder what would be the players reaction.

    Indeed, tanks got used to just run into the instances with an autoclicker activating a macro, many paladins forgot that they can cure and heal, most tanks don' t even remember what is intercept and groups got used to run without a tank.

    I myself don' t know what is better.
  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Just from what is said in game or on discord , there does appear to be a substantial overlap between Tarinax players and standard TLE players. The overlap will most likely be short lived, because I doubt the majority of non veteran pvp players last long on Tarinax.
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  8. Venser Active Member

    Look I can count on 1 hand how many people from Kaladim are going to play Tarinax. There's an influx of new players and old pvp people. How do you think dov beta is going to go? All 1.5 guilds that are interested will be there and have zero interest in Tarinax. Maybe you should play the game bud and you would see rather than forum browsing daily
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  9. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Unless you have dozens of fingers, that's just not true.

    I think historically TLEs have had very underwhelming betas, which is the primary excuse we had been given in the past for not getting more or longer betas. So adding a pvp TLE server release the same day as DoV beta just makes it a certainty to be a complete waste of resources and hurt the chances of getting betas in the future.

    and I have been playing the game casually, not much new stuff going on in WoW currently ;)
  10. Jalathan Member

    I really doubt I'll be high enough to beta it to be honest as I'm just enjoying leveling up very slowly on TLE. I might make 20 by the time the beta starts :)
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  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think Zenji has a unique insight into things , even if I don't always agree with his assessments .
    I know quite some people who enjoy both PvP and PvE .
    The better players ( if they are not in to PvP ) will most likely go to beta , and Kaladim is going to get more quiet .
    Others like me have still a lot more to do , and despite the fact that I always liked to test things I am still very busy finishing of
    this expansion .
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  12. Karioki Member

    And here we go ... more downtime.
  13. oakmiser Active Member

    The length of this beta will ensure we have time to report all the itemization bugs we see. And trust me I'm an itemization hound I will find items that are missed. If they get bad stat packages I will also report that.

    The hardest part will be knowing if the actual heroic and raid encounters are scaled right unless we work together and plan some meet ups for raiding and grouping.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    sigh sounds like I have to do some BETA testing after all .
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  15. Smashey Active Member

    As someone who has beta tested all previous TLE's they allowed beta testing for, dont bother. People have spent many hours mailing spreadsheets and suggested changes to Kander for multiple of the servers and all the suggestions have never been implemented. I dont understand what they want a beta test for this time around.
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  16. oakmiser Active Member

    I've been suggesting itemization things directly to Mint, he actively looks at his discord messages. He handles itemization directly. I can directly point to several faction merchant items in the hole that I suggested have the specific stats that they do. They helped in early SF to have them accessible that way, one of which lasted me until I got an upgrade from icy keep: retribution.

    What I'd suggest is once you are in beta, use /bug /feedback and direct messages to the dev that the matter pertains to.
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Smashey because this expansion is almost new to any TLE server and the itemization is definitely going to be different .
    We had a lot of bugs when we got DoV on Fallen Gate .
    I think they just want us to find some harder to find bugs that people could exploit , and make sure that things work the way they intend them to work .
    So making spreadsheets is useless work all they want to hear is all looks great and fix this or that so we don't have to take down the place every week for 6 hours each .
    But really , I belief there was a lot more thought and work put in to this upcoming expansion this time , so give our programmers and devs a break ( for about a day at least , muahaha ) and lets see what they cooked up for us .
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  18. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I fully agree, i never took the time to write a speadsheet but i send general suggestion and also peculiar ones about specific items. Very few changes were actually made. I used the game feedback feature.
  19. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    So using /Bug directed at the Dev involved in that issue is a good way to proceed? How do you know which Dev does what? Research it I suppose.

    Well since Tarinax doesn't start until noon today they say .. I think my order of investigation is settled then. Kaladim before noon and Tarinax after. I really never PVP and haven't been to my 2 Kaladim Characters in months so this today will be somewhat of something new for me. Off I go ~ TallyHo!
  20. dreamweaver Developer

    There is a beta forum for you all that has unlocked.

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