Kaladim Aa slider bar

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  1. Gedadia New Member

    Can someone explain to me how the bar works. I am returning to EQ2 after being gone for a good bit. I have started a Mystic and gotten him to 11th level and started tinkering with the AA bar settings and it appears to me like its not working right. First I set it to 25% since I wanted to convert to melee fast. I then was doing a quest where I was killing blues. It said I was converting exp to Aa exp but I was at 81.2% when I started and I was at 81.2% six kills later. I increased it to 75% and kept killing. The numbers being converted to AA exp got bigger but still 81.2%. I increased the slider to 100% and bam the bar started moving really good. I was concerned that my leveling would take a massive hit as the leveling bar stopped moving. I then turned in three quests. I got some AA exp but no leveling exp. WTF? Is this bar all or nothing?

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