Just generally upset at the state of the Guardian

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Holyduke, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Holyduke Member

    Next to NO Auto-Attack damage. This WAS 50-70% of our damage last expansion. Now, its not even worth taking.

    Flurry - useless,
    Weapon damage - useless
    DPS - useless
    Multi Attack - useless
    Strikethrough - useless
    Accuracy - useless
    AOE - useless

    No Re-forging equipment. But I guess that is ok because the things I re-forged into are useless.

    Current DPS output went from relatively good/respectable, to just about bottom.

    Current state of our Comat Arts.. This has not changed, they have been and are still mostly useless.

    I am grateful for the Empyral Incineration proc as this is always the top damage item, and I am grateful for having a swashy in my group so Daring Attack procs which is typically the 2nd highest damage.

    Just a general post about how I feel... I will roll with it. Our taughts are good and we are durable...but still come on!
  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    @Holyduke I would like to said there no more than 10 real Guardians out there now - most are Zerkers these days. So I don't expect anyone in charge to read or even care about this class anymore.

    Like the 2 garbage BoL spells for example.
  3. LastActionJackson Member

    If true, that is horrible. How can they maintain aggro without some modicum of DPS. Guards used to be among the best aggro tanks.
    One problem game wide is that not all abilities get updated. They become useless after one or several expacs.
  4. Arclite Well-Known Member

    On my guard i have little issue with dps/hate, never did before. You just have to come out of the mentality of being defensive all the time. I have tanked both raids zones available to us with all mobs in offensive stance whilst dual wielding just to see the incoming damage and unsurprisingly it was nothing new.

    You have to see that developers have canned the conventional mechanics and brought everyone to the same level of role and that is to dps because they simply cannot balance classes as seen by the recent AA "revamp". There is really nothing out there that warrants defensive gear and setup. Even the challenge heroic is about dps and 1-shot mechanics that come from adds or script fail. No amount of mitigation is going to lower that damage. Just have dragoon reflexes up when needed and you will be immune for the duration.

    Ditch all defensive stuff and go all dps on any tank class. Since flurry does nothing now, go for more ability double cast. Upgrade your taunts to ancient at least, get acceleration strike and spam that with experienced insight if low on strikethrough and spam your taunts + Menace.

    Pretty sure that's the case with all tank classes at the moment.
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  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I agree with combat arts being garbage all around. The more disappointing were dissociating limbs and taunting strike at Ancient level that are something you would only use if you have nothing else to spam.

    Mentioned it during BoL and during RoS beta to Caith and here we are.

    What a waste of $200 to upgrade them...

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