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  1. Naramee Active Member

    I have been watching tv a Little bit and then I had the strangest of all ideas, but, ideas are fun and sometimes something new rises out of this idea. We do have lots of different Kinds of Chars. New ones like the channeler and the beastlord have been created. But what about a char like Frankensteins Monster. A char made by us.
    Like I said: just an idea but how far can this idea go. What do you all think and or how would your idea look like:);)
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  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    We have flesh golems. Everling made a lot of them.
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  3. Cravaro Active Member

    At this stage I doubt there will be any additional character types like you suggested, but hey you never know what the DEVs may have up the sleeves!

    On a similar note, I was always fascinated with how Vanguard: SOH (R.I.P.) handled Necromancer pets. The necro pet was not just a spell that summoned a skellie, or death beast, or whatever. The summoned pet actually had body part slots. You loot an arm or leg from such and such beast and you added that body part (with appropriate stats) to the slot. You end up building your pet from cast away parts to suit your devious needs. Kinda fun actually.

    Abbie Normal anyone?
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