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  1. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    This is one of berserker's primary abilities.

    Juggernaut (Master):
    Recast: 20 seconds.
    Until Canceled
    - Decreases Defense by 28, Parry by 28, Block Chance by 50%.
    - Decreases Physical Mitigation by 813. (this is at master version.)
    - All Combat Arts have their base damage increased by 17%.
    - Increases Strikethrough Chance of caster by 17%. (instead of Critical Chance.)

    Enhance: Juggernaut (Instead of Increasing Duration, Reduce its Penaltys.)
    - Reduces Defensive penaltys of Juggernaut by 12.5% per point. (Max: 50%.)

    This would bring the damage of our CA's to be almost up to Guardians level. (lol.) and make Juggernaut more viable as a buff.
  2. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    That ability already exists, it is called Recklessness. Why give us another one of that type? Change all minus signs on Juggernaut to plus signs and the ability will improve from inacceptable bad to tolerable bad. With a minimum work effort for the devs.
  3. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    Not even close...
  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    depends on the content it is aimed for. juggernaut used to be used for any and all content, recklessness is used for DPS roles mainly. you used to be able to negate juggernaut with the temp buffs but now even that doesn't cover the penalty for offensive bonus.
    IMO it should offer strikethrough and reduce the penalties for the AA spent. and i don't mean pittance values but more than half the negatives should be able to be removed with AA points.

    the ability has been worthless for several years. as mobs hit harder and harder the more it loses it's flavor for any use at all.

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