Journey Back to the Beginning - Stormhold & Deathtoll Servers Now Available!

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  1. Mondego Active Member

    To me the server is a nice balance of live and launch. A lot of things on live are just stupid crazy. A lot of things at launch were pretty off putting as well. Obviously if I had my choice I'd go with what we had at launch in all it's glory, but I honestly can't say I feel the TLE servers are a worse game judging them by their own merits. If the game had launched way back when in the state that the current TLE servers are in, it would've been a much more successful game overall. I've been playing MMO's for a long time and this is the first time in years that I get genuinely excited about normal things. I'm even having fun fighting trash mobs, harvesting, exploring. Really no MMO I've played in the last 8 or so years has done that for me.

    So, even as one of your occasional critics, thanks for that DBG.
  2. Niboota Well-Known Member

    :eek: Whoa!!! LOL You are hard core nostalgic! I do NOT miss all those sub-combines. No way! I would not craft at all if they had reintroduced those!

    I do miss spirit shards, the sub-class quests, and the citizenship quest though, so I'm semi-hardcore? ;)
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  3. Odosan New Member

    I was a little hesitant in TLE.. but I jumped in and memories and fun has returned to my game play. Yeah it is like wearing flip flops instead of leather soled shoes, I am enjoying it. It is a break from the quick leveling with 400% bonuses .. and of course I love the basics of questing, crafting, and building my characters in TLE. I feel like the Alaskan Bush People, living with only the basics of creature comforts.
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  4. trixster Active Member

    I still think The CE's you bought should have the items unlocks as you go at least any that are cosmetic only.
  5. Strings Well-Known Member

    You posted this in another thread too, why are you advertising a plat site in the forums?
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  6. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I was wondering why he was posting that rant. I was sitting there thinking, "Huh? Guides what huh? EQ2 guides can't do that. What does that have to do with TLE servers?"
  7. Meisa Member

    This is absolutely the best thing to happen in the game in years! Thank you SO much for the TLE servers. It is definitely fun, definitely prime entertainment and well worth the monthly subscription to have access to these servers. LOVE it! Meisa de la Runegar
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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I played this game for 5 years and never knew about many low level events like the one in comonland where a big group of people gets together to kill a mega boss
    what else is out there ?
    I also went to kill the windstalker rambler together with 8 other people instead of getting the help of one level 95 guild mate
    to kill it with 3 or 4 strikes wile hes mentored down to level 21
    I am getting more hooked the father I go the longer I play
    on the normal servers I needed 8 alts so I would be able to make all trade skill classes because to often I was on my own
    here I can ask for help from others
    the only thing I would want is please give us back the guild bank it makes it a lot easier to share things like food, amo or
    totems and potions.
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o and yea I saw some streams of how things went at the beginning
    I don't think anybody with todays standards would want to play characters that look like they fell out of Mario brothers
    they had to recreate the old stuff, I am shure ,to make it work with todays demands
  10. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Well, after a week, I've seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly on the TLE server, but the overall experience has been positive.

    Yesterday, I struggled to get an ore in edgewise in TS because high level players would run through and cherry pick all the ores, leaving me with roots, shrubs, dens and logs. So I would groom the field properly, harvesting all the stuff they left behind and getting updates for the Duggin quest, so that the ores would respawn because I desperately needed ores for my carpentry. Just as the ores would start to repop, in would run the high levels again, cherry picking all the ores and leaving me the rest. I wound up with stacks and stacks of ash, belladonna, and pelts and maybe.... 50 carbonite in all? It was miserable! It got better when a 2nd TS finally opened up.

    So today, here I am harvesting in Everfrost, where everything is super scary red aggro. Yes, there's an area with no aggro perfect for harvesting when you're a low level, but the repops of nodes is slow there. No risk, no rewards, right? So I'm harvesting in dangerous areas surrounded by ^^^ red con aggro mobs that wander from place to place. Then I hop through the caves to get nodes on the other side when I notice this high level player following me. My first though was, "Oh, please, God, no! He's going to grab all the ores and leave me with the crap stuff just like they did in TS." Then I notice he's pulling the aggro mobs that are nearby, the ones that I'm playing hide-and-go-seek with.

    This high level was following me around Everfrost this morning to protect me... without me even asking for the protection. I didn't even know the guy! It was very sweet.
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    That's the kind of thing why I thought to give this new server a try Sapphirius people that help just because they can
    those others are plain thoughtless they don't think they see you clear out all the other stuff and think that's what you need
    I know just how you feel I got a little carpenter on the pvp server and I don't want to level her up higher than level 9 or you don't just have to deal with the ore nappers but also getting mob killed by opponents
    But I also got a provisioner and for her to have dens and bushes is great.
    Maybe next time just ask them if you could have some of the ore its possible they just did not understand
    but than I might just be an optimist
  12. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I'd like to believe that. I generally like to believe the best in people, but whether they realized it or not, they should NOT be cherry picking. If they cherry pick all the ores, then you get a field full of everything except ores. It will remain that way until you clear out the rest of the stuff. It's not like DOF, where they began to organize nodes to spawn in certain locations. It's all random before DOF.

    It is my opinion that cherry pickers should be shot... in the hiney... with an arrow... a really big arrow. Aside from that, most of the names that were cherry picking ores were the same names I was seeing on the broker selling stacks carbonite for 10s a piece. :p

    Generally, when I see other harvesting in the same area, I do try to work out a mutually beneficial compromise. You harvest these things; I'll harvest those things. The problem is that, unless you're a provisioner, everybody needs ores and roots.

    EDIT: I wonder if the devs could make that an item for the game's crafters? "Really Big Arrow of Cherry-Picking Hineys" It could give a chance to get ores from any harvesting node when equipped. Create a lvl 50 crafting quest that takes place in the original zones of EQ2. It could even have a special effect of letting us shoot other players in the butt. The graphic could be a GIANT arrow with a trail of shiny harvestables behind it.
  13. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Absolutely cool! I saw someone giving out gear yesterday and several times saw people ask in ooc if someone needed help and then jumping in with just one or two hits or spell casts and withdrawing again allowing the original fighter to take the
    kill:D!! Community.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    om there is one thing you could use on those bullies death by chocolate it makes the character say sorry lol
    how fitting don't you think or there is also pudding you can throw.
  15. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Oh yes I would so love to see this coming back. Vanguard had the best crafting system imo and the earlier version in EQ2 was a bit more challenging. A mix of both would have been perfect.
  16. Nuhvohk Active Member

    1) old code, they can't bring it back without requiring way more effort than this server is worth

    2) modern crafted gear is junk, barely even as good as solo quest stuff, so it's not worth the huge effort that the old subcombine crafting system made it. would you want to get half a dozen people together to make something when you can just use that number of people to run a dungeon for better gear drops?
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  17. Sharann Well-Known Member

    My point is more around the crafting complexity, wishing we had something more challenging than the button mashing we have now. I realize it's old code and no longer available, but I liked the concept of primary and subcomponents as well as the risk of losing the item if it failed somewhere in the process. Hence why I mentioned Vanguard which had a nice system as well. Perhaps the old system was too harsh, but what we have now is definitely boring to death.
  18. Jaden Well-Known Member


    Any one of the upcoming 'expansions' could handily create blueprints for gear that is at least more equitably on par with quest drops or a mixed ratio where some pieces of crafted gear within a tier have better stats than some of that tier's group content looted items, and loot drops in that tier's dungeons could drop relevant ingredients needed for crafted items... not unlike the good stuff we used to like getting from the LDoNs ;o).

    What a boost for the economy; more relevance for senior/vet crafters and a neat change-up that would be...**Devs: think on it seriously please!
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  19. Elfrina Member

    I have 8 char already so to play on TLE I guess I have to paid for other slot
  20. Finora Well-Known Member

    The old system was just pushing buttons too. The same buttons even. And when you failed to get pristine on your final combine, you just got a lesser quality item, but you still got an item. You could truly royally muck up some of the sub combines (woo hoo I had the server discovery for an aged black tea leaf many years ago), once you actually knew what the buttons did, that would only happen if you did it on purpose or were not paying attention. Don't forget that for subcombines, only the quality of the main refined ingredient mattered. Everything else could be the lowest fastest made and it worked fine.

    Crafting in EQ2 has never ever been hard.
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