Journey Back to the Beginning - Stormhold & Deathtoll Servers Now Available!

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  1. Sunje Active Member

    Where adventure comes alive :D

    Thanks for this!
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  2. Halcon2014 New Member

    If you do a locked Vanguard server for All Access members only, I'd sign up for All Access again in a heartbeat. Sadly, this is not enough for me.
  3. Guy de Alsace Member

    Shame - its nice to have the IoR back but from what I can see the rest of the game is the same as unlocked servers. I cant see the point to be honest. I was hoping for a return to vanilla EQ2 and the resting place of the item and stat dumb down that came with DoV.

    I was praying when I appeared in Qeynos I'd be in the Baubbleshire about to do my lvl 10 class quest. Sadly it wasn't to be.
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  4. Louly Well-Known Member

    I sure can't see why a person can't be happy with what we did get!!! I am very happy with it as it's more then I expected but I did hope for Isle of Refuge :D :D :D
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  5. Charlice Well-Known Member

    I'm loving it. The server is alive!
    I like the sense of danger that's returned too, I soon got over the 'lolz orange mob, I'll one shot it' feeling.
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  6. Lera Well-Known Member


    New people would go through the Isles, enjoy them, get to Qeynos and Freeport, see nobody because everyone was crafting and brokering and banking hidden away in guildhalls, think that empty cities mean a dead game, and quit.
  7. Zarnafien Well-Known Member

    Having a blast so far! My only wish was crafting went back to before Scott Hartsman dumbed it down. This game used to have a wonderful crafting system.
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  8. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest. If I'd gone back and seen WORTs and subcombines, I would have only rolled one character, and that one character would NOT have been a crafter. I already served my time with WORTs and subs... 10 times in fact on two different servers! If I never see another fossil temper, pattern, or hilt again, it'll be too soon. WORTs and subs are the one thing from back in the day that I don't miss, and for me, it was a glorious day when they were removed.

    I'm loving the TLE servers so far! It has just enough to make me nostalgic without turning me off completely. I do wish the villages had been included on the TLE server, and while I'm glad I can be my froggy self, I also wish that races had been restricted to what was available at the time. I wouldn't have minded if spirit shards came back either. Other than really missing the villages, I'm having fun. It's reignited that "magic" the game once held for me when I first started years ago.
  9. Dixa Active Member

    you can't see the point because you missed the point entirely.

    it's a new server. with no vet claims. no xp or vit pots in the cash shop. everyone is on even footing by economically.

    that is the point you missed.
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  10. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Why would you be surprised? They were pretty upfront about what they wouldn't be doing (except for the Isle - that was a surprise).
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  11. rutro Active Member

    I came back to just say how awesome the evolution of the TLE server is. To some, it may be...well, I blinked (the nostalgia wore off), and I need to go to end game instead. For me, (and I know it is corny) the nostalgia never goes away. There is just something about the little starter isles and the feeling that you are actually in the game when you first started (maybe even your 1st MMO experience). Not, I better just level to be just leveling. The power trippers, level mongers, bot heads, auction pigs, and newbs will come and go. BUT, the true fans and base will always stay if they have just a little resemblance of what this great game was...just my 2 cents. Oh yeah, the base and oldies like myself usually pay to play...:)
  12. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Ya know, I was thinking... which can be a dangerous thing. If the problem with villages and six different starting zones was that things looked dead to newbies because vets would roll and then immediately vanish into their guild halls, wouldn't it be better to have everyone start in the same place, both evils and goodies, and stay there until they hit a certain level? I'm not talking about the PvP servers, of course. Obviously, PvP would have to have two different starting locations. Then newbies could meet other newbies and newly rolled vet alts before picking one of the six cities of their choice to continue the other newbie quests. They'd know the server was alive even if their village wasn't.

    Perhaps it's a bad idea, but if that's really what the problem is with reopening villages and such, then it does seem like a logical solution.
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  13. Guy de Alsace Member

    I get that everyone is on an even footing but that would be the case anyway if a new server opened with all the rules in place that are on live. It doesn't make it any more special IMO. You got the same feeling when they released the FTP servers. It would be the same in any new server release. It's not a new or special or different feeling.

    I did the Isle back in the day and yea its nice but its not the Isle of Refuge. Its the Isle of Refuge of about 2007/8 period. Then when you get off the Isle, its just Qeynos c2015 with lots of features disabled and poor xp.

    Last night someone would link a disco of a legendary item every two minutes. Legendaries were beyond rare back in the day. If you had full Mastercrafted you were a mean SOB.

    I keep seeing Nostalgia bandied about but so far for me at least the only "nostalgia" was the much missed boat trip at the start. I missed all the hype as I only knew about this server after being away from the game for ages and just happened to log in on Monday so I had no prior knowledge.

    So yeah, I really don't get the idea. A live server with a tiny starter bit that is slightly nostalgic but the same features as live with shedloads of stuff unavailable and a free 16 slot bag. At least that's what it seems to be to me.

    About the only really nostalgic bit to me was the groups of botters. Now that felt like release day.
  14. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Don't play there then. I'm enjoying actually having to think about whether or not I want to take on a yellow-con linked mob of 2 or 3. A lot of the way I play has been shaped by my early experience of running from scary moat rats in Antonica. It's great having to do things in the same way again as when I started playing in 2004. I find I am relearning my class.
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  15. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    OMG! Yes! I was hopping around Oakmyst Forest and noticed the unicorn was attackable (and ^^^ heroic). At first I got really excited, and then I remembered that there was a named bear in the zone that used to be heroic. "Oh, crap! Where's the bear?!" That danger element is back. We lost it somewhere along the line on the regular servers.
  16. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Grubdigger. Horrible bear. I hates him - lvl 16 ^^^ that killed me so many times. You definitely learned to respect him, though!!
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  17. Teleute New Member

    Yes! ALL this scripted-NPC action was in the Original Game. Those refugee-boat 'quests' served as the New-player Game Tutorial, and were simple things to do to get the EQ2 noob-player familiar with how EQ2's mechanics and battle-targeting were handled, along with dealing with the in-game merchants.. Who could forget having to find the Navigator's 'Lucky Hat' in order to progress?? Hehe. Of course there was more dramatic 'orchestrated' music played throughout the boat scene as well, along with an off-camera 'Narrator' explaining things further. This music was all found on the Release Discs, too... in .MP3 files. That's worth a search through the Audio sub-directories for those who want to relive that part of the game, too! ^^
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  18. Streppoch Member

    So I deleted a character in order to make a toon on the new server, but every time I click the "create new character" button (which isn't greyed out, it's active), absolutely nothing happens.

    I am using a different UI--is this the problem?
  19. Diablo1057 New Member

    Please revert back to pre-expansion pack completely... Vanilla EQ2 would be the bomb at this point.. otherwise.. im sorry but a waste of server.
  20. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    Really? I ask because if they opened a new unlocked server I could have over 12k plat in the amount of time it took me to turn in loyalty tokens, and I would have a 200% vet bonus as well as claims for a metric ton of potions, mounts, and houses on every toon I created.

    These new servers are not like anything else they are absolutely different, this was a true leveling of the playing field. There is no longer the huge disparity between people who have played for years and one that started today, a disparity that WOULD exist on any new unlocked server if only because of loyalty tokens.

    I love the TLE servers, and I am truly glad to have the chance to play through things that were removed before I started. Thanks DBG team, you guys rock!!!
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