Journey Back to the Beginning - Stormhold & Deathtoll Servers Now Available!

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  1. Louly Well-Known Member

    It's wonderful! Thank you so vey much for all the work it took to do this!
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  2. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Had no idea I'd missed Queen's Colony and Overlord's Outpost so much! Thanks to the entire team for making this Norrathian miracle happen!!
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  3. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for this... the hard work and dedication are MUCH appreciated :D
  4. Nixer Active Member

    I should've tested that when I had the chance on Beta. But it seemed silly to make one more character after another. After all, I know folks who have two dozen characters {or more}. So what's one more. Although from a testing point of view it would be nice to know just what the upper limit on character slots are and if the game handles it correctly or not :)

    BTW - Thanks so much for the Surprise of seeing "Queen's Colony" again. Oh, that and "Overlord's Outpost" too :) There were so many instances opening up this afternoon - I think Queen's Colony was up to 20 when I left for lunch.
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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    had you tested you would not have seen the island but just darklight woods and frostfang see the devs got us really by surprise
    :D I am really happy that I got to see this
    and I had just one slot left
    will have to kill some newbie bank toons to maybe get another or two or ..........
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  6. Viif New Member

    :) Thank you for the suprise! I know you worked hard to make this happen for all of us. Felt like going home to see the islands again :)
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  7. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Thank you all for the wonderful surprise!! There was no boat ride when I started playing, you just arrived on the dock (about where Kander is). So to be able to experience what others have talked about is totally cool. So amazing to see the crafting cellar jam-packed, three-deep around the looms and forges, and having to choose between Outpost of the Overlord 1-16 when leaving it....

    Talk about stretching the ol' memory brain cells a bit.....hmmmm....I think I used to sneak past the Tunarian horse sentry at this point....oops, maybe not!!

    Bladefin gave me as much of a fright this time around as he did the first time!!
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  8. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Short answer, as many as you can afford to buy ;)
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  9. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Everything about re-introducing the isles was fantastic. I just wonder why they were taken out in the first place.

    Anyway, not to mar my or anybody else's experience too much, there are 2 main things that took away from my excitement after having spent hours yesterday in the isles and ignoring general chat and then finally hopping to antonnica only to find that the difficulty of the days gone by is not there?

    1. Not being able to see the 3^^^ gnolls hugging the trees or being mobbed by ^^^ owl bears just off the starting path into the Nektulous forest was a complete let down for me. :(.

    I really wanted to see Squall x2 epic water blob roaming in thundering steppes and then killing me instantly since i was Afk at the wrong location.

    2. Secondly, the absence of hometowns, i was really hoping i could get back to nettleville or starcrest commune and chat up the memorable npc's there. Remember this npc line?

    "If you are comin' in here to fight or make trouble, then the graystone watch will toss you out on your backside"

    This would probably never happen but i appreciate your work to at least get us back the isle of refuge. For months i have been playing it free since I mostly raid and felt no point in having a subscription, but yesterday a mere glimpse of the isles lead me to my account page and re-sub the game again :)

    P.S. the goblins in the isle of refuge are not the ones they once were, there appearance should be the same as the ones near the Tree tower of High Chieftein, those look mischievous, the current models throughout the other areas look like something out of a bad horror movie.
  10. Niboota Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU DB team!!!!!!!!
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  11. Elrohir New Member

    Nostalgia is dead ? I think not.
  12. Стихиец New Member

    Can you manage to dig up old qeynos and Freeport?),or at least there music on the old one..the new one is just awful(((((Most importantly tickets to enter the harbour Qeenos,and Freeport
  13. Nightaxe New Member

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  14. Nightaxe New Member

    *Facebook group. Sorry,, but the edit function isn't working properly for me this morning!
  15. rutro Active Member

    You guys hit a freaking GRAND SLAM...I am a grown man...about ready to ...NM....Luv ya all....!!! I still cannot believe how awesome this is....Am I even awake?
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  16. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Did you get your problem corrected Tozu? There are a couple of posts by two different players who had some initial difficulty but figured it out in current threads, and Caith responded in one of those. Keep at it and take care.
  17. Arauniwen New Member

    Can you help me please? I don´t know how to get to the new server, I don´t know the way. I´d create a new char on my all access account but can´t find any option to choose any other server than my "home-server" valor.

    Thanks a lot!
  18. Dixa Active Member

    there is some difficulty that if brought back will not actually be a good thing. this game was not doing that well in 2005 regardless of how you "remember" it. a simple googling for articles of that time period will fill in the details.
  19. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    On the character selection screen, after choosing "create a new level 1 character", you must choose the option to "create a character on the TLE server". Click on that option, then create your character, then you'll get the option - depending on race & class - to start on the Queen's Colony or the Overlords Outpost and the choice of PVE or PVP server. You must also be an all access member. If you're not all access you will not be able create a character on the TLE server.

    And I just noticed you're on Valor. On the Launchpad, change the region to US - from EU, TLE servers are on US region. To avoid, regularly switching between US and EU regions and the constant updates after each region switch, you might consider copying your entire EQ2 directory to another folder (EQ2US) ? and keeping 2 separate versions of the game, one for EU region and one for US.
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  20. Siren Well-Known Member

    If your Character Create button is greyed out (under your character list), then you need to buy more character slots. Bronzes only get 2 slots and Golds 6 slots I believe. After that you buy them; they're 900SC in the shop if you're Gold, and 1000 if you're Bronze. If you're Silver you may have 4 slots, I'm not sure on that one. But either way, when you can no longer create characters, it's because you've used up all your character slots.