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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Wurm Well-Known Member

    The advance solo is going to kill you. A lot until you figure it out, and then you might die anyway. It is hard. And yes like I said,you can use your merc in there.

    As far as the solo goes you have to watch and wait and move in when you can and get back out again.

    People like me who love games like Thief will have no problems with it once they slow down. If you can't slow down and observe what the guards are doing you'll never finish it.
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  4. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Is there a webpage, or forum thread titled Spot The Lore!, or some other place where we who didnt play EQ1 CAN learn these things? Do we really have to go play EQ1 for a few years to know that the Akheva came from Luclin? Cos Suka's post was the very first time I had heard most of that.

    Did you try a Totem of the Void? Or be a scout, or have a scout merc, which lets you use their tracking? Since Wurm says you can pull the merc out inside.
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  5. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I said in the Advance Solo you can, not in the Solo. And no invis works in the solo, but its really not needed.
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  6. suka Well-Known Member

    you can look it up on the wiki- there is a lot on them there. we were first introduced to the Akheva on the expansion The Shadows of Luclin
    moreover, any old race such as akheva or shissar can be looked up by googling eq1 and the race. there is rich lore about all of it, even each dragon. the only things you won't find there are the new races like the pygmies and spider people and other new races discovered. those races evolved during the times of the shattering and since so they wouldn't have been in eq1 which was before the shattering

    oh i and i heard mention the vah shir are returning.

    I do hope that eventually we can go to luclin. the city of shar vahl is magnificent.

    old pictures don't do it justice and i am sure, in eq2 fashion, it will be even more magnificent if we could rediscover it.

    as for the zone, let's be clear. my wizard, a half elf, has tracking and invis. that has nothing to do with the zone. (mobs see invis and tracking does nothing to show you where in the next room the mob is) i am in solo- which means NO MERC ALLOWED. tracking doesn't tell you when the mob has moved to the other side of the room so it is safe to run past them. you can only wait until they become visible from the hallway and then watch until they are out of site before creeping to the doorway to make sure they are far enough in their rotation around the room to run past them. otherwise, you will be spotted. if they see you, then you are thrown to the brig- in this case it doubles as a guarded storeroom.

    eye of zomm, which there are several player made items with the same effect, is kind of like seeing through the eye of a pet, except it can't draw aggro. you see through an eye which can enter rooms and go through walls at times. you get to see exactly where a guard is and when to run past. of course you have to drop out of the eye to be able to run but you have a chance to explore a room and see what is in there before you charge in. it is the most useful thing. too bad it is only in eq1.

    edit- forgot to mention. the grimmlings were introduced during the shadows of luclin too so you can find out more about them here: and

    very little was known about them other than that there seemed to be two races- one light and the other dark, they lived in caves, and they were a total menace. there was an ongoing war between them and some beasts called owlbears and others called sonic wolves. when the sonic wolves won, the grimlings who seemed to be aligned with the wolves moved in and the vah shir ran for the nearby city for safety. when the owlbears came back into power, the vah shir came back to the outpost. it was a fun thing to do because back then we needed the perfect owlbear pelt to make our grimmling bag from the runner pouch. this was all in luclin. i haven't seen sonic wolves in eq2 yet. but of course owlbears have been here for a very long time.
  7. Wanderingbat Active Member

    Well this is my current and all time favorite place for EQ2 lore . It has been around a long time. I'm really hoping i'm not breaking any rules here but Lore gets me all tingly. :oops:

    Let me get you started.

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  8. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the lore links! :)

    Lol now we still get to make a bag from a grimling runner pouch in AoM!

    Suka, would it do any good to look in the beta threads, wherever they are, here or reddit, to ask for ideas on how to get past the guards? That Eye of Zomm sounds useful!
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

    no. all they can tell you is to take it slow and watch the guard movements. if they find you, you have to call for the guards at the door and kill one to get out of the store room and then jump down and go back up the elevator
  10. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I have read through most of this thread, and now I want to add my 2 cents to the picture.

    I already pay $15/mo for all access...not just on one sub, but two. That's $30 a month I'm paying, and for what? 500 SC = $5 and to not have a box pop up every so often reminding me to sub. Unlimited broker usage almost anywhere. The ability to learn grandmaster's (of which I have yet to utilize at all, so no use to me the way I see it).

    I pay for my expac's on top of my subs, but any content introduced throughout the year, up until this first campaign, I have received without additional cost to me. This content alone makes my sub well worth the $15/mo I pay.

    You remove that, and the sub now becomes exorbitantly high, and is no longer worth the additional advantages I receive for said sub. Not to mention, this first campaign is directly tied in with AoM, of which I paid a much higher price for the expac than any expac's in the past, and yet this campaign is not given to me as part of that cost I already paid for the expac. It now becomes a cash grab.

    I will keep my subs throughout the summer months, simply because my granddaughter will probably be here to visit more often, and it will give her something to do to be able to play. At the end of the summer, however, I will see which direction things have gone. If, at that time, I still feel that a monthly sub is not delivering what I feel it is worth, I may just go ftp on both accounts, reverting to silver membership.

    As for unused SC costing DBG, I did read the explanation a while back about the tax laws and how they work, and while I understand the issues involved, yet there are still other games doing exactly the same thing SOE was. How is it that they can continue to do this, and yet DBG cannot? The fact is, the SC has already cost us our real money, and they can put that money into an investment account and draw interest on it until such time as we spend the SC, and they could actually be profiting rather than losing money on that SC. If this isn't already what they are doing, then that makes a sad statement for their accounting department. (I am not criticizing DBG or their accounting dept...I am just simply pointing out a statement of fact that our already spent hard earned dollars should not be costing DBG any money, simply because of the tax laws surrounding virtual currencies as was mentioned by another player early on in this thread and by Smedley some time back.)

    I recently logged into another game I used to play years ago, that like EQ2 used to be a monthly sub to play but has also gone f2p. I played for a few hours and during that time, not once did a single ad pop up asking me to sub. I thought to myself "Wow, this game really is f2p...they don't push you to paying anything to play". Then I tried logging into another of my characters, and got the message across my screen saying that I cannot play a character over level 20 without a sub. That took me by surprise and I was like "Ok, so maybe they do, but it was still nice to play a few hours without having any ads pop up." So, while I would hate for EQ2 to change and require a sub to play a character over a certain level, yet it would encourage more people to sub. Then again, if they 'required' us to pay to play over a certain level, they might drive even more of their player base away, but those who would leave in droves would be the ftp crowd.

    Let's stop to think about that...would that be a good thing or bad? How much do ftp players spend on SC? I think if it drove enough of these players away, it could make or break EQ2. Therefore I think it would be a bad move on DBG's part.

    The fact that EQ2 is totally ftp, I think I'd rather have that ad pop up every so often than be limited to playing characters below a certain level. I am sure there are other things that will work, however, that might get people to spend more on SC, both ftp and sub's, rather than to keep sticking it to those who are already paying $200+ per year to the company.
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  11. suka Well-Known Member

    @ merriel at first i thought you were talking about another game i play. but when you mentioned the toon not being able to be over 20 i took a step back. yes there are f2p games out there with varying degrees of penalties and restrictions. one i play never has a pop-up. you are never asked to go vip. you are prompted to buy through tiny ignorable little alerts. you can get as high as you have the expansions for. you can buy unlocks for any features you need. yes over three years of playing and i have invested quite a bit- but never with any prompting. i can now play there the same as if i were vip. and guess what, i still spend quite a bit of money there.
  12. Borke New Member

    $15 per campaign
    4 campaigns per year
    $60 per year for campaigns that replace a $40 expansion.
    (That is providing the campaign's price doesn't creep higher each time)
    I'm betting that over the next 12 months the total they will be charging for the 4 campaigns will be closer to the $100 mark. To those of you that say the campaigns are just optional DLC, where does the level 105 progression and higher appear if there are no more expansions, just quarterly campaigns?

    I'll keep on playing for as long as I can with AoM and hope that Daybreak come to their senses before they haemorrhage too many players that the game becomes unprofitable. I can't afford to pay any more that I already struggle to justify on a game.

    Good luck guys
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  13. Alenna Well-Known Member

    All I want to know as someone who enjoys most aspects of the game adventure(solo and group as well as questing), Raiding, crafting, and decorating. Am I going to have to pay more per year then the expansion cost that gave me all of that each November? Since, judging by this first DLC which is only for adventuring, I will probably have to buy every single DLC during the year if I want to continue my preferred Playstyle I've had since 2007. If it is going to cost me more then the price of an expansion I may have to think long and hard about continuing my sub after this November and it will be a very tough decision for me since I have not found a game I like as well so may be the end of my mmo playing.

    While I do play some dcuo and landmark it may not be enough to keep me subbing as I said i'm going to be doing some hard thinking depending on the answer to my question.
  14. hwy101 Active Member

    Testing on beta server was pretty much of a let down. The content failed to get and hold my interest or desire to log back to beta testing. Each expansion or expac in the past had enough content that i looked forward to logging back in. The only reason im buying this mini expac is the hope that the Real Shot caller at Daybreak Games. Hires someone that has the ability to make the needs of the company and the needs of me a member and player go together. This epac is for 100's only. So no need for anyone new or mid level to spend anything. Where's the advertisments ? ect ect ect o_O

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