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  1. suka Well-Known Member

    it depends on the game you are looking for and no it is far from dying. in eq1, the focus is on group, not solo. in the lower levels you can solo but you get to have a merc from day 1 - gotten in the tutorial. no need to buy anything- just hire him. hiring is free at low levels.
    from the tutorial most people go to crescent reach. however, there are other options. you can start in your home town. provided you look carefully at the choices and are not f2p. you should be sure you choose the right home town and the right deity. there is a lot of information on each choice in the creation screen.

    i would suggest starting in the tutorial if you want a merc. then at level 5 you can go to the aas and choose to activate "origin". this sends you to your home town. from there you can pursue the quests and learn about your own race. or if you get your merc and camp, after a few hours you will see an option to "return to home" on your log in screen- something i wish we had in eq2.

    Each race has racial quest lines to follow. so does each class. there are of course generic quests as you go. if you make a drakken, for instance, you start in CR and you follow Veeshan. you will choose a color when you make your drakken and each color represents a different ancestor. your ancestor will have a breath quest for you- different for each color. this gives you the dragon breath. you need to know that drakken are born as sleepers. they don't awaken to their abilities until the begin the breat quest line.

    the drakken are by far my favorite race in eq1. i have one of every color. there are no limitations on class on the race, but there is on the color.

    there are also other races in eq1, each with their own starting areas, their own racial line, their own innate abilities. like the frogloks start in gukta.

    if you want an indepth game with so very much to learn, i would highly suggest that game. not only that, but other than 3 tradeskills that depend on racial or class restrictions, your toon can learn every craft there is to know. all races eventually go to CR to do that line and all races end up in POK for access to the world that was once only achieved through the Nexus.. So i suggest you check it out but read up on your factions. you don't want to be told in surefall that your druid can't buy there because she killed the wrong mob.
  2. suka Well-Known Member

    evil is the racial or deity alignment in eq1 but you can lose faction and be called evil among your own people
  3. suka Well-Known Member

    you know, with all the talk about not seeing enough lore, etc, do you realize there are hidden quests in eq2? quests that only show up if you click a statue or get a book or simply go to the right area. also there are books in libraries - some to read, some to take home, and some with quests. there is so much below the surface of this game that as much of a lore buff as i am, i still have barely scratched it
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  4. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I been thinking and where I just spent a lot of money for CE and year sub and seeing as this content seems to be made to offset some of the non content that was not there for AoM anyways they should give this DLC to the allaccess players for free to help show that the dev and Daybreak are trying to take care of there waning customer base and look at doing a pay for campaign in the future.
  5. suka Well-Known Member

    no. plain and simple- i totally get why they have turned to making us pay for the content. yeah i understand why you think it should be free, and yeah the content of the expacs have been smaller, but look at the facts.

    the price on this game has not gone up in years. this in spite of inflation where the cost of all other entertainment has more than tripled.

    even though these are the same devs, they are not the same company. they have less people to work with and a new holding company to answer to. they have to make a profit.

    they could have done as other games have done which were sold. some games decided to put out only one new expansion and then release updates, but they charged way more. others chose to put out only dlc and charge way more. others also chose to maintain status quo and offer nothing. they chose the dlc route. it still gives more content. may not be what we are used to, but it is content.

    in the past, they have given way too much for free. or included it in a package priced way lower than a lot of other games. but it was as much if not more than most games offered. that on top of the best customer service a game could offer. in return, what did they get?
    a. continuous griping and demands for more
    b. decreased revenue
    c. raises in costs to the point that they weren't seeing enough profit to keep people on the payroll
    d. people who took for granted everything they gave but claimed it wasn't enough.

    and you still want more? all the mentality of some players in the game whose voices have been loudest has gotten us was that in trying to please everyone, they pleased very few. and as a consequence of this they have lost some of the much needed people who kept the services we loved going. how about a bit of appreciation for a change? where is the pat on the back and the understanding for the dilemma they seemed to have found themselves in? do you really think all of this costs less somehow than what you have paid?

    we have all gotten our money's worth. more than our money's worth. time to give back a bit. do you really think the game isn't worth it? that the amount of time and entertainment you have for your dollar is not enough? maybe you need to get out more. times have changed and things are way more expensive in the real world.

    i am very happy that they are still trying. they haven't given up on us. or on the game. let's not give up on them. and let's appreciate the effort. devs, i really, really appreciate what you are trying to do. i do hope this works out so that i can enjoy most of it. if it doesn't, at least you will have tried.
  6. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Exept, the majority of it belongs to the original game. And the further we go the less we have. DoF was the only and the last expansion made in the same style. And after RoK everything we see is just a joke compared to the original game lore and quest wise. But to each their own ofcourse:)
  7. suka Well-Known Member

    you really don't think the lore is still ongoing? in eq2 we see the return of the shissar and the temple of veeshan. the changes we find and the new races are part of the lore. naturally new races would rise. but rok was not without precedence. in eq1, there were a lot of rumors of the veil and wondering of what was there so it was no surprise when the gnomes found alaris. but we had always wondered about that area of the karana and the lands that we saw the boundaries of but never could go into. and now it is alive.

    karnark was an old land that was very active in eq1. the lore was strong. when it was brought into eq2 we saw the rediscovery of lands we had all loved before. each new expansion brought further rediscoveries of lands and people thought lost. the discovery of odus, of the temple of veeshan, and now of the shissar. all of this is old lore. it is simply being rediscovered in a new form. it is only natural that it would be different. after all there was the shattering and luclin had been shattered as well. the races coming in during aom are coming from luclin- the shissar and akheva. they all come from luclin. we were all hoping for a rediscovery of luclin itself. now the most we can hope for is that a campaign takes us there or that the inhabitants continue to find their way here.

    but no, the lore isn't gone. it is being rediscovered. this may look new to you, but we who played eq1 for years are very happy at the return of the lore we loved. and the continuation of it. if you think it is less, then you haven't really looked at it. or you haven't read up on the background of the lore.
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  8. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Personally I think the lore aspect of the game just took a nose dive with the whole 'Rumpocalypse' thing :(

    There was literally nothing else they could come up with?
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

    yeah have to admit, that one is strange. don't know any lore that ever had anything to do with it. not sure where they got it from.
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  10. Bashem Well-Known Member

    This DLC is the equivalent of WoW charging for patches in the game which they do plenty for free and I dont want to hear the new company that bought EQ2 crying poor mouth right out of the gate!

    Daybreak should be doing more to get more people back playing the game again instead of starting to add more fees to play the game and no one knows how much the future content will cost and I am guessing that it wont be cheap from the way things are currently going.
  11. Wanderingbat Active Member

    Suka I could never put what you said as eloquently. I LOVE the lore of Norrath. It is full and rich. Rediscovery is completely in keeping with what has happened since the shattering. Remembering back when a ship picked me up and took me to an island to become strong again....none of us knew what had become of our world until we stepped to the bell and began our journey to find out.

    There is SO much lore to absorb, only those of us who have tried to keep up and piece it together might understand what is happening; To some it actually may look like a rehash from a different perspective. It would be difficult not to. And I believe there needs to be a statement made somewhere where this is explained. LOL I wonder how else they would even know to try and understand it. .
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  12. suka Well-Known Member

    with some people there is simply no way to please them. they are on a gravy train they thought would last for years. when someone says no, i want you to pay me for the gravy, they become disenchanted and begin to cry foul. the game isn't losing people. in fact it is gaining people. i have seen more new people and returned people since DB took over. people who don't expect something for less or for nothing.

    this is not an update. it is new content. so since none is so blind as those that will not see, i refuse to engage any further with those who insist on getting something for nothing.

    personally, i feel i have gotten exactly what i agreed to pay for. anything else is icing. i bought the cake. free is only worth the money you pay for it. if you want something more, then it can be had, at a price.

    they haven't had a chance to show us what they can do yet. i for one will give them time and continue to support the game.
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  13. Lamatu Active Member

    My BS meter just went off.
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  14. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I think Rum Cellar sounds pretty nifty indeed. Hmm, will pick up a bottle of Goslings, in its honor :D
  15. suka Well-Known Member

    is beta over> i can't seem to enter the zone
  16. suka Well-Known Member

    couldn't enter the zone this time until i let my merc go. i really wish they didn't keep us from having our mercs in these zones. can't you even take them into the advanced solo? and what is the purpose of not allowing them? doesn't really make sense to me.

    however i find the zone frustrating. the mobs keep seeing me. and of course that means back to the store room. i could kill them, but they become non aggro and back to the storeroom. don't think i will ever get past them.

    i like puzzles. but i can kill a level 100 heroic. why can't i just kill them instead of going back to the storeroom every couple of minutes? looks like it could be fun. too bad you have to be 100 because there are plenty of mobs my lower level toons could kill especially if they were allowed to have mercs.

    still, i am not inclined to spend hours trying to stay out of the store room. seems i am stumped at that part. if they didn't see invis maybe. but there seems to be no way to keep from getting caught. makes me wish i had an eye of zomm. for those who don't know, that was a stalker probe or a spell from a mage that allowed you to see around corners and into rooms to be able to avoid confrontations.

    i really wish there wasn't a 35 minute timer on edit
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  17. Wurm Well-Known Member

    You put your merc away. The door becomes active. You go into the advance solo zone and you can pull your merc out.
    Did you bug it? Since it is a bug, not a feature.

    And I got caught all the time too, then I slowed down and it went easy after that.
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  18. suka Well-Known Member

    hmm- ok - will wait for write-up. i seem to be doing something wrong. can't even get to the ramps with the patrolling guards throwing me in the storeroom each time.
  19. suka Well-Known Member

    i slowed way down. i was in the solo zone. no merc allowed. is it easier in the advanced solo? every time i thought i would be able to get past them, another one came along. i was trying to make it to the ramp to put my first drum. i could see the glowing place to put it, but there was a narrow ramp going down with two guards who took turns going up and down it. there was no place to hide and too narrow to avoid them. so no matter how slowly i went or how hard i tried, they still saw me.
  20. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I think it went down like this in the boardroom,

    And no way in hell would the Far Sea Traders not work out a deal with the pirates to sell them their rum. They aren't hording all that for themselves.

    And the pirates would do it too, since what else do they have to spend their booty on.
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