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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Wurm Well-Known Member

    He hasn't I'm sure of it.
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  2. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Exept you can't do most of it solo, unless you are overgeared and overleveled. And tbn, I don't like the general content of eq2. Raids are good, instances are good, but quests and storylines...most of them are boring, meaningless and even stupid. There are some "diamonds", but overal I'm not impressed. And the game lore is a patchwork.There are so many mismatches and illogical cases. Such trash as "Rumpocalipses" is a vivid example.
    So on one hand I love eq2 for the raid and grouping part, for the greatest housing system, but on the other I would not recomend in to people, who are after deep lore and interesting solo gameplay.
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  3. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Also not true, I started a new character this past weekend and went to level correct heroic content the entire time using a mix of MC and dropped loot. Only thing I needed was a mercenary.
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  4. suka Well-Known Member

    have over 15 alts that i have at various stages of leveling between 40 and 95. i have repeated some content because i wanted to - for house items and for hq. and of course the signature quests. but other than that, i started them in 4 different areas. i did questlines from each of those four areas. then i went on to explore all zones off those 4 areas. even now, with one toon 100 and two others between 96 and 99 and the rest between 40 and 95, (i have about 5 of them over 90 not counting the top three) i still have not explored everything there is to explore at lower levels. i now mentor down and go back to do raid zones i didn't do earlier because i don't, as a habit, do raids. I have been known, however, to put raids together when my quests demanded them.

    my main even did all of the chronomage stuff. there was so very much to do that even my main hasn't done them all. i still mentor down and go back to explore areas. some areas are still locked behind quests, although most aren't. so i still do access quests and sometimes i do them just because they are there. i repeat the puzzle zones because they were so much fun the first time i do them again. i would have done agnostic dungeons with my toons over 90 but they were locked to me. still there is a lot of content before 90. with all my toons - and i am an altaholic who actually plays my alts- i still have barely scratched the surface of the zones available before level 90.
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  5. suka Well-Known Member

    they said no more leveling for awhile. so i think we can safely say we are at level 100 for at least the foreseeable future
  6. suka Well-Known Member

    actually i saw websites, when i first searched for the official krono site one day while off the game, where those kronos were going for $7 and $8. i was wondering how they could afford to do that. now i know. I can understand the appeal to people who don't have much plat but want to buy the krono for cheaper. still it is very wrong. i would never, and have never bought my krono from any place other than the official site. actually, if they are crooked enough to sell the krono for less, i am afraid to trust them with my payment information.
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  7. suka Well-Known Member

    i think you are missing a point here. anyone who raids has to have the expansion that the group is raiding. unless you are raiding with a progression guild, you probably won't be raiding old content. so if you don't buy aom or whatever the latest expac is when you decide to go raid, you won't be able to get into the zone your raid is in. whether it is buying the latest xpac or buying the latest dlc, you will be expected to own the content that has the raid zone in it. you don't automatically get into shattered seas zones just because you choose to raid. you have to own it first.
  8. suka Well-Known Member

    if you want only facts, you send in a petition and hope they will answer. on a forum, other than reading official posts from red names, you get our opinions. that is called forum. so if all you want is answers from devs, you are going about it the wrong way. you should only ask them, in direct communication. like pm them. otherwise, you get our opinions.
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

    deep lore? do you read everything the npc tells you? did you hunt for every book? i encourage you to visit the new tour on butcherblock. especially the stone museum and the library. there is more lore here than you could possibly have discovered yet. and i molo- i did solo until level 50 on my main though and although she is a wizard and can't heal herself, she had no problem.

    the quests are not bad - they fill you with information. the storylines are not meaningless, they add to the lore. the game is like a good novel that keeps growing. if you miss parts of it, that is because you did't bother to go read them. of all the games out there, there are only two that have held my fascination for over 7 years because of the lore of each one - that is everquest 1 and everquest 2. I especially love the references to everquest 1 in this game. because i have that background, it makes even more sense to me. if you haven't explored both games and the lore to its fullest, then you are missing out on a wonderful book that takes years to read.
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  10. Squirtikiss Member

    Is not raiding done by higher level characters? I am not sure because I do not raid. I have done all that I can do solo (lower level) more than once even if I had to wait until my character was high enough level to complete the quest solo.
    There are some quests I have not done simply because I find them to be so meaningless that I just do not want to complete them. Another problem is the good/evil thing. I complete many of the same quests with both good and evil characters. This has no effect upon anything. My evil character can help all the same people in Antonica and other "good" zones but he will still be KoS entering Qeynos. The reverse is true for my good characters. Of course there are quests that do lower faction rep while raising it for another faction. Faction itself is another problem. 0 faction in your starting town peopled by your own race?

    Evil and good need to be a product of what you do; not what race you are.

    Now that I think about it more, I would like to see meaningful quests. The expansion of lower level content I would like is not just more; it needs to be better. In general the game makes every toon a generic clone that does everything that every other toon does.
    I could go on, but enough is enough. Writing this makes me realize that EQ2 needs a massive overhaul that I am sure will never come. I doubt that most players even care that their characters have no character so why would the devs bother?
    Does anyone know an MMO in which good and evil are two separate things and what your toon does actually matters? This is an honest question.
  11. suka Well-Known Member

    there are raids for most levels. one of my favorites is a level 55 zone off of silent city

    and if you look around, you will find that all games follow a similar format. the lower levels have differences and can follow different paths, but as you level up there are only so many places you can go. even in wow, there were only differences in the low levels. and in lotro the same thing. i have yet to find a game that has unique paths to follow on leveling. after the basics, they make it for everyone, i guess it is too much work to put out 4 or more paths for leveling. that is the price of having a bunch of alts. it gets repetitive because it would take a huge budget and cost the players way more to make that many different paths

    seems to me you are expecting a whole lot for the low price of the game. eq2 is still the cheapest form of entertainment out there.
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  12. suka Well-Known Member

    eq1. in that game, your race, your religion, your actions - all combine to lose or gain faction. in fact, because she helped my rogue with his epic, one of my druids can't even buy stuff in her home town. the vendors say to her something like "you really expect me to sell to you after all you have done?"

    so if you are looking for a game where all of that matters, check it out. but you will still find that other than the ability to start in your own starting areas, and you have to be careful not to choose crescent reach as your home and be careful who you choose as your deity, that at really high levels it no longer matters.

    the beginning game in eq1 was addictive. i have toons there who are over 100. as they got past 80 they no longer has any differences.
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  13. Squirtikiss Member

    Thanks both of you for the replies. I played LotRO for a couple of years on and off before coming to EQ2. I actually readied my computer a couple of days ago to download EQ1. I have not yet because I was not sure if EQ1 was about to die or not. Would you say overall that EQ1 is better than EQ2 as far as alignment goes? Can you actually be evil or good or is evil or good just a title given to a particular race? Does being evil mean being evil or does it just mean being part of a so-called evil race?
  14. Wanderingbat Active Member

    I've played in Norrath for nearly 11 yrs BeCAUSE of the Lore, solo play,, crafting and housing. My next statement is going to make me sound like a child. I admit it but I cannot stop myself.
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  15. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Moreover every class within archetype and even classes in general are like clones. Healing mechaninc is the same for every priests, every mage, fighter, or scout is the same. That is the reason I don't have alts in eq2.
    Playing eq2 reminds me of some d&d sessions with friends. You know, that kind of light sessions just for fun, full of laughter, meaningless hack and slash and other stuff. Enjoyable-sure! But only in moderation. Most of the time you want a serious campain. That is another game for me, and you have already mentioned this game :)
  16. Squirtikiss Member

    If I still had a D&D group, I would not play computer rpg games at all. I still have notebooks full of the maps, quests, traps, puzzles, special rewards, monsters, dungeons, etc. that I created when I was a DM. I still remember the player who had a womanizing fighter with a girdle of giant strength. One night at an inn with a beautiful woman who was really a hag brought that fighter within one hp of death. You should have seen my friend's face when he thought his fighter was going to die! He never again removed that girdle and never treated a strange woman without a measure of distrust.
    What is the serious campaign game? Do you mean EQ1 or LotRO?
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  17. Wanderingbat Active Member

    lol I knew that was coming not long after I hit post. Nice to see you on your toes guys. ;)
  18. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    When you first start, your alignment depends entirely on your race, class, and diety choices. From there, it's all based on what you do - and some things you do can have far-reaching effects. The first enemy wood elves face are usually Crushbone orcs, but those orcs have an alliance with the Neriak warrior's guild. So a wood elf who wants to gain faction with Neriak can do so with the city in general, but has to do much more for the warriors because of their early history of slaughtering their allies - if they can even raise it at all. Qeynos is even more fun because there are two opposing factions within the city, and the guards are split on which faction they follow. You start off neutral to both, but the more you do for one group, the more the other group hates you - and again, there are quests and hunting grounds nearby who's inhabitants are part of one of those factions. Concentrate on one side only, and you will eventually become KoS to some of the city guards, with no visible cues which faction any of them are on.
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  19. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Thread run off course ? :)

    I fully watched the new video I posted earlier as well as others and see how game will now be trying to do these Campaigns and no more expansions and I hope going forward all goes well for the team and all of us.

    Theres a lot of talk on all the other things like cross server and server performance issues so it good to watch even if just for the parts where Holly is speaking as the rest is a walk through of the Rum Cellar
  20. Awkk Well-Known Member

    I have heard that Dark Souls is quite a challenge.

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