Jadeite Medallion: Alternate method to earn these?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Hiza, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Akada New Member

    Until 2012 you were able to raid and have all slots with BIS items by slaying Avatars. It costs me round about 13 eur monthly and has a really nice performing char which at the end of the addon easily can do heroics solo without merc, without a mount and without a familiar.

    Nowadays you must buy the 115 eur premium edition, 13 eur monthly and 200eur monthly ( minimum 6 month) for crates/familiar and infuser to reach on top. And you must hope that no new season familiar is comming at the second half of the addon, becasue it would cost additional 600 eur to boost at lvl10. I know, you can reach this maybe with some bonus weeks, overseer luck and many time of waiting of researching but top player want to play and performing well now and not in 10 month of waiting.
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  2. Akada New Member

    For myself decided to wait with preorder or buying the next addon. Maybe I won´t buy it anymore, because I don´t want to spend 1000eur for performing well and being able to kill challenge raid bosses.
    All raidzone zones must be killable without spending any extra real money from 24 players. I know that somebody thinking they still do this without spending any extra money, but this is a lie. Only this one player spending nothing and the rest of 23 player do this and this is why the boss will fall and drop a chest. It´s a shame, that the game mechanic is balanced to the best of the best raidforce and when they can kill, it is dropped down enough for all players. DB has no clue what a midrange player with a mixed item setup can do and what not.
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  3. Crock Member

    Selected the only part that matters. As long as there are people willing to pay, to appear better than others, this system will continue to work. Do you think this will make the game any better, or look better? Think again. There are tons of mods to popular games, which make those games work and look so much better, than what they originally are made to be, and without any cost to anybody, courtesy to the dedicated mod scene. If you think you deserve this game to be so much better - you are right! But the problem is, the only people who have anything to say in it, are the original staff, and they've been out of touch with the playerbase for at least a decade if not longer, and it's not gonna change. So, what are you gonna do, pay the money to keep the game draining players as it is, and complain about it not doing what you'd like it to do? Or stop paying, and caring, like really stop, like so many players in the years before? Will that make the game any better? Certainly not! Will that put an end to playerbase exploitation being an acceptable thing? It just might.
  4. Beee Well-Known Member

    7000 Jadeite Medailions for 800 pcs DBC Heritage Crates is simply a gamebreaker.

    I know at least 5 players who quit EQ2 in the last months because of this behavior :eek:

    Player dislike:
    • need to pay hundeads of USD for items (or wait 10 years to get them free)
    • redisign of items in the middle of an expansion (eg removing planar leveling)
    • redesign of functionallity in the middle of expansion (eg primary ly 111+ pets for summoners)
    • introducing new functionality moths after start of expansion (eg Jadeite Medaillions)
    • getting useless items in an expansion pack (eg infusers when infusing is removed)
  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    Official information - after endig signature Ergott will be autimatical get a stat update (tested on beta and >> source << )
  6. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    I can say first hand this image is accurate. My main has this mount and it upgrades to these numbers after the signature line.

    I have thoughts on the matter... I'm wondering how far behind the raid mounts will be, because if they're a long way behind, the potency mitigation will be broken, and Ergrott will give a huge, game-breakingly huge advantage. Normally you talk about getting beyond a threshold, and your dps increases hugely for small amounts of potency beyond the threshold. Well, we're talking big big numbers now, so we're likely to see bigger gaps and more advantage for pay to win. It doesn't bode well for the future.
  7. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    What are the raid or quested mount stats?

    The jury is still out.
  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    Any plans to reduce the 7000 jadeite medailions to a better amount for merc and mount and add the buff for 7000 medalions?
  9. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Ergrott has better stats than the RoS raid mount.
  10. Thrundaloo Member

    7,000 was always too much. Drop to 5,000 for the new stuff (this is still far too high, but better at least). With a sale occasionally or drop in price over time. It would be good to see the buff available too.

    Also whilst your at it, why not offer a little goblin gambling toon giving odds of 1 in 5,000 to just get an outright win? If you win, you get a choice of reward? Then at least everyone gets a small chance to win with their tokens.
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    the numbers were set this high because they don't WANT us to easily obtain these things. Once they went to a F2P model, they HAVE to motivate people to spend money on things like crates. That are not going to change this.

    This is why I really loathe and despise the whole F2P thing.
  12. Jiggamann Member

    you already get a chance with overseers, and why would the price drop over time? the items are still "best in slot"...
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  13. Arclite Well-Known Member

    No reason to believe the next expansion mount is going to better, they increased the stats on the mount for this expansion, what makes anybody else thing they do a U-turn on this.

    Second, even if they change it for next expansion, for 2 expansions people have had to pay and rely on luck on items that are central to any player wanting to be the best in their class is nothing short of ludicrous and another aspect in the "pay to win" book.

    Since greed is the name of the game, i would get it that some people who cannot afford the overly priced (yes the content does not warrant that price at all) premium or collectors addition have an option to buy the mount through a direct purchase from the marketplace for a reasonable sum that is slightly less (~5%) stat wise to the premium one. Then put the best mount stat wise behind an actual game concept of risk vs reward (hard raid mob) or a long Hallmark quests requiring fair bit of grind. That way every one can be on an equal footing to begin with.

    That said, i would never condone any additional expenditure on a game where a lot of people pay a monthly subscription and still required to cough up more money to buy items that are required for progression (solo/home decor folks notwithstanding).

    Any items that are tied to the core mechanics of game should be given to player through the content they play in a reasonable manner. Its not like EQ2 devs don't know what im talking about here. It was pretty much spot on till ToT happened and game design went down the route of cash grab galore.
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