Its been so long, is there a story arch?

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    Ive not really played EQ2 in a serious manner since..i really dont know when. At release I assume..

    Ive created a freeblood and im in the area of Neriak doing quests that are around my level, a little lower. Is there a main story arch or quest progression that I may not have acquired? I have some rewards that require me to go back to freeport (housing, mercs) but im afraid i'll get sidequest burdened and lose my way. I may have already, because im not even sure why im at the location im in. Im guessing this was the starting zone for this race? I created this character over a year ago i think and just never played him.
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    One way to make sure you get back into the intended quest arc is to start a new character from the beginning. Given how quick leveling is this costs very little time.

    There are a series of quest hubs outside of Neriak. You start in one down the road to the left (if you leave Neriak and cross the bridge) and progress to one very near the bridge and then continue on hub after hub until the zone is finished. You don't need to do things in that order or even do quests in this zone as distinct from other zones but that is the intended progression in Darklight Wood.
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    What story? There's been no real story ever since Tears of Veeshan expac, and that's been years ago. Story right now is just you spending money for the game, to get special benefits playing it.
  4. Carynn Well-Known Member Start here, and follow the timeline to Butcherblock > Steamfont > Lesser Faydark > Loping Plains. It's one continuous Golden Path story. Then you can either go to Kylong Plains and start that series of hub stories, or go to Moors of Yksesha, which has a Signature Line to follow. After that, there are signature lines in each expansion.

    You also have the option, in your 50s/60s, to go to Sinking Sands and start the Peacock Club questline, which is a heavily storied series. You can also do the Claymore storyline in Kingdom of Sky and the Swords of Destiny in Echoes of Faydwer in your 60/70s. There is a storied epic questline in Rise of Kunark (Kylong Plains) in your 80s as well.

    Hope this helps.
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