Itemization is BAD, but zero communication? Fixes coming or not?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kahleem, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Lasai Well-Known Member

    Asking for response and attention is Legitimate. The problem, for years, is that the Person delivering that response is set upon by the "WRONG ANSWER" contingent and lit up like a dumpster.

    It is human nature to avoid being set on fire. I understand people wanting and needing answers. I also sympathize with the Kobiyashi Maru scenario of anyone being tasked to provide those answers faces.

    I do try not to blankly Rubber Stamp. Virrago threw a non negotiable Perma forum ban on me in SWG during the NGE riots that lasted the life of that game. I quietly quit playing this game for a long while over dissatisfaction with the directions Smokejumper took.

    No easy answers but I think there is a better way than forming a lynch mob when any answer is not the one you wished for.
  2. Clocut Member

    What does that have to do with anything?
  3. Poofe Active Member

    Radar's job is completely thankless for the most part and I'm sure you've noticed that the tone has changed from grrrrrr bad Devs! To GDI DBG Management/Columbus Nova!

    As toothy as some of our posts are and for every effort to keep DBG accountable, there are reinforcing posts when those promises/assurances are fulfilled. It doesn't happen that often, but deep down, most of us are fairly reasonable.
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  4. kitleez Member

    We are looking for an explanation. In any business people are held responsible for their actions to their customers, and we wrote out detailed explanations for why content was not acceptable at its current state, why it would not progress, and gave suggestions that they could apply to fix it. For over two weeks we received no reply and no explanation from anyone, so now those people are going to have to explain the subs dropping off TLE, and why they did nothing whatsoever to communicate or deter the losses. You aren't on TLE are you? Because if you aren't there you have no business talking about something you know nothing about. If you are then statement retracted, I didn't read your earlier posts.
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  5. Lasai Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I play on Live and prefer to do old content to level alts. Most loot away from the "golden path" I see is horribly itemized, to the point of being horrific and laughable. It's a problem that exists on live, has for years, and ignored because "not end game".

    I also find when re-doing old content that items have been nerfed to oblivion. The formerly decent Legendary chestpieces from quests at the beginning of Sentinals Fate are now useless treasured trash, for one example. (unless this was changed recently)

    I understand the frustration, as when I bothered to waste rares on a set of 62 MC for an alt and found out I would have been better equipped by slaughtering trash named in Sinking sands and TT for treasured level 50 loot. You don't have to be a raider to see "wtf progression" all over in the old game, and be puzzled as to how in hades it happened.

    I don't have an answer for your server, but gross misitemization is not unique to TLE.
  6. kitleez Member

    Our issue is that the gross misitemization is at our end game content and that ruins game play for a lot of people. I am sure if gear was wrongly itemized when they did a level increase or released an xpac the live players would feel the same.
  7. Tekka Well-Known Member

    I think the difference between Live and TLE is that the Live servers (though not all the players) are an ever moving goal post of 'End Game' with all other content being irrelevant.

    While the entire purpose of TLE is to play through the old content. So the horrific gear, borked progression, etc becomes much more of a major issue. And to be told what amounts to - We're not going to fix your game. - I would think is disheartening at best.
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  8. Lasai Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain, but I'm convinced that whatever team that vandalized old content loot hit Kunark as well, and now you all are dealing with problems stemming from that, and the attempts to remedy it. You are "old content" and not getting the attention that new content does..and dealing with the neglect of old content that led to your issues.

    I'm still perplexed as to any reason why they felt some old content loot had to be nerfed into oblivion. It was bad enough just being out of date, but that "loot pass" was capricious and random.

    I think, my opinion, that this is related to "only end game is relevant" demands on live, and the unforseen and unaware concept that perhaps, one day, Old Content would again be "Endgame" for some.

    Tis a mess, and I am sorry I perhaps presented myself as Anti TLE. I would have jumped on TLE, but realized fast that it was not replaying the game "as it was", but playing an attempt at re-creating it with a shorthanded team.

    Rather than blame the Current devs, I see a years long chain of unfortunate decisions that have horribly compounded the problems along with End content on Live being the squeaky wheel that gets greased. You are correct, if Live endgame had these problems, there would be a thermo-nuclear reaction to it. And old content would remain untouched..
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  9. Caul Shivers Active Member

    I don't disagree. and I'm not blaming the devs... I'm sure they would try and fix stuff if the management gave the "okay".

    But all we can do is give feedback on this and hope when they the devs have a guy presenting the TLE state to someone in charge, that guy says "whoa okay, lets do the bare minimum to keep people going until RoK".

    Now, yes, some posts becoming more aggressive won't help - but I don't blame them, the situation is really frustrating and there's a very good chance you'll see a mass exodus of players of all playstyles in the next few weeks.

    And again, we realize gear fixes are not coming... But do the 3 things people were talking about FAST and you just might keep people interested until TSO comes (which will hopefully have better gear progression).

    The 3 things:
    - introduce Runnyeye2, Veksar, Shard of Hate as soon as possible with good items and balanced mobs
    - fix and update mythicals
    - fix VP gear
  10. Poofe Active Member

    They did other loot passes in preparation of ROK. They just did them extremely poorly. The playerbase (Onra) went through all the solo and heroic items and essentially told them what was wrong. They did some "other" attempt at fixing and created more bugs that they aren't fixing. The thought was to approach higher tier raid gear later and a post was made by Kander asking for feedback. To my knowledge, NOTHING from that thread was addressed, thereby wasting everyone's time that contributed.

    So, itemization sucks

    Add in the super random HP buffs to raid mobs and the humongous DPS increase across the board, neither of which were announced and you have a severely gun-shy, confused and annoyed playerbase. Then we find out they won't fix these issues because of their new expansion...

    "Good Ol' Chuck, why don't you kick this football?"
  11. Lasai Well-Known Member

    Only oldies get that reference.. :)
  12. Poofe Active Member

  13. RadarX Community Manager

    As many of you predicted, I need to close this one.
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