Itemization is BAD, but zero communication? Fixes coming or not?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kahleem, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Kahleem Active Member

    This is getting old. Before ROK we thought that Itemization was a big focus and would be fixed with ROK, but now we see that Itemization is even WORSE than previous expansions.

    Are we ever going to at least HEAR what the developers/producers have to say on this? Will we ever see proper itemization? It isn't like there are 50,000 items that need fixing here guys.

    -> Items from Heroic dungeons in current content.
    -> Items from Raid for current content.

    That's like what, 200 or so items? It shouldn't take more than one person two weeks to identify, plan, and get approval for said item changes.

    It's not like TLE is something you're going to do once and drop. Look at EQ1, each time they've done a Time-Locked-Expansion server they repeated it again in the future once demand soared (usually once a not-so-well-liked expansion was gotten to). These itemization changes also help new players to non-TLE servers that may not want to do agnostic dungeons.

    I'm willing to bet Stormhold is a decent monetary generator, but with your constant ignoring of said server the population will only decline (and thus profits).

    Get it together please. This isn't a F2P server afterall.
  2. Haskar Active Member

    There is your answer to this topic.
    Translation: DBG messed up again and they know it. They refuse to acknowledge that there are different ways to balance gear despite raising stats, tho.

    VP should get some adjustments ... soon.
  3. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Not a guild leader or even in a guild on Stormhold, but I support this idea!
  4. RadarX Community Manager

    You are taking a few liberties with this statement but to reiterate Kanders post and to ensure there aren't concerns this hasn't at least been communicated, there are no plans to do further itemization on current content. As with each expansion the team will work on what they feel is the most important and impacting gear but a complete overhaul is unfeasible.
  5. RadarX Community Manager

    While we can appreciate the concern and passion, but our next itemization focus will be on the next expansion.
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  6. Tekka Well-Known Member

    I haven't been following TLE, but isn't that what they said about itemization focus the last expansion?
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  7. Monotone Active Member

    Seriously? There is so much gear with broken stats. Stuff that was never fixed, or a script was ran with no QA at all. If the goal is to destroy TLE so it does not have to be supported then there is a good job of that being done. We are not asking for a complete revamp. We are asking for gear to have progression so solo mob gear is not better that T4 raid obtained gear. We are asking for gear with 100% broken stats to be fixed. We are asking to get things fixed in a game we pay to play. If we are going to get blown off time and time again what is the point. We have been promised every expansion that itemization would be fixed the next time. The can keeps getting kicked down the road. Soon that road is going to run out. Maybe already there.
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  8. Vogie Active Member

  9. Monotone Active Member

    Have heard this every single expansion on TLE. Forgive me we don't believe it this time.
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  10. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm reading that wrong, but isn't that the same as saying, "We don't have the resources to do it right so we're not going to bother doing it at all. Deal with it." I mean, I know I've been very pessimistic lately, but if I were playing this game for the TLE server and read that I would stop playing. If I were someone interested in playing on the TLE server and read that I would not ever consider it again. I'm hoping I misunderstood because that's just not a good way to treat customers.
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  11. Justbecause Active Member

    That word choice sure got the point across didn't it? Lol you showed him!
  12. Caul Shivers Active Member

    Okay, while not the answer people were looking for, at least it's an answer.

    Can you at least tell us if there are any plans to release new zones (Runnyeye: The Gatherin, Veksar, Shard of Hate) sometime soon? NOT November as we've been led to believe, but maybe - dunno - end of September, maybe?

    If those zones give decent loot and the mobs are balanced decently, it could just give people enough to do before TSO comes out.

    But without either new content (of zones that were originally released pre-TSO) and without gear fixes (which aren't coming apparently) the population will plummet.
    Surely you guys are aware of that.

    We're not trying to be difficult here, we want the server to have a healthy population of casual/solo/heroic players and raiders.
    It's your one sub-based server and it can still live, but give us a bare minimum to keep people interested.
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  13. Dude Well-Known Member

    Seems like this is a huge part of the problem. Out of all the servers, this is only one, but it appears to need more work than the rest of the servers combined.
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  14. Molly New Member

    Please tell me you're at least going to fix mythicals
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  15. Poofe Active Member

    Adjust your plans then. VP gear AT A MINIMUM needs buffing and Kander even stated it was occurring. All this passion is about to dissipate and you'll be left with another failed revenue experiment.

    EQ1: TLE super successful
    EQ2: PVP TLE = RIP, PVE TLE = broken/absurd and dying

    GG - so disappointed
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  16. Adevil Well-Known Member

    There are actually 3 sub-based servers now. Two of them suffer from this itemization issue.
  17. Memran Member

    I can't begin to describe how disappointed I am to hear this, even though I already knew from the past silence and blatantly ignoring most of the discussions on this forum, that Daybreak could not care any less about this server.

    Its all fine to say that the itemisation changes will come in the next expansion, but since you have said that in every expansion, I think you're simply lying. You just want to dangle the carrot in front of us so that we continually pay our subs, in the hope that you will make good on your promises, all the while you do almost nothing.
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  18. Jandraligeli Member

    Before this thread becomes abusive and locked. I'd just like to echo some of the feelings so far.

    You have to find the time to update Mythical weapons, it's the iconic part of the entire expansion and forms the real class defining abilities that drew us all in.

    You must draw a line in the sand now and spend the time on itemisation, not more stats but simply better allocated. People won't be fooled by promises that you'll sort it all next expansion and you'll lose the population on the TLE servers.
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  19. Clocut Member

    Well...At least we got an aswer, that in and of itself provides closure, which a lot of folks on TLE were looking for. Not really the answer we were hoping for, but hey at least I can wear my VP gear just to say I have it. That's pretty much what its worth. But again, thank you for providing closure.
  20. agosborne Member

    I wish you and the so called "DEVS" actually played EQ2....that would be very helpful. Y'all are shoemakers without shoes. Same BS every expansion and it has made no sense for a very long time. I'm done with this.
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