Item Effects: Nostalgia and more!

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  1. Caith Developer

    Greetings Norrathians!

    What are some of your favorite item effects that you wish were available for current content? Why did you like it, was it from a pure power perspective, or did you love it for a flavor or “usefulness” reason? If you could have any item effects you wanted, what would that be?
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  2. Powershot New Member

    AAs that actually work would be nice. Many broken AA on Troub tree. Having to test every single one to see if it works or not is really buzz kill. Would love to see Jcap somehow benefit caster so there is benefit to casting it on T1 and somehow seeing our parse increase with it. Maybe something similar to Micmic?
  3. Monstuhr Active Member

    My all time favorite items were those that had cool and unique effects. The ones that stand out to me are Najena's ring from TSO and the avatar items. They did something beyond just providing basic stats. More critically, they gave me an incentive to run things. The Najeena ring was from a heroic zone. But it was one of the chase items of the expansion. I remember running the zone for the ring every 90 minutes (or whatever the minimum lockout was in those days). Now days, I hardly log in outside of raid time. Cool effects on items is what gets people to run zones and keeps them engaged in multiple forms of content.

    Ultimately, and I know it is probably a bad word because of "lag" but items with procs are cool. Not weapons with the same 4-5 reusable procs every expansion, real procs on various items. Also, items that either provide set bonuses or other unique effects. I also find class specific items to be fun and exciting. Anything beyond +5 resolve, +300 potency.
  4. Priority Well-Known Member

    The latest PoW shield was neat, although I never got to test it as it didn't drop on Skyfire u til last week.

    The old trakanon shield with the group wide hate siphon was great at the time, though less useful now due to raid wide threat transfers and 100% hate gain.

    I'd like to see an item for bards that makes their amazing single target buffs affect the entire targeted group. This would include confront fear, jesters cap, upbeat tempo, etc.

    It would still require them to continuously cast these buffs, but allow the entire group to benefit as should have been the case years ago.

    If I'm talking about strictly tanks, possibly an effect that acts as fervor to tank taunts so we can viably wear defensive gear (would need revamped), and still hold agro even if our dps overall was lower.
  5. Adoa New Member

    I was always partial to the hate position items, I don't recall the items to be exact but there was an earring I believe that was +1 hate pos, it was great for tanking with my swash at the time there were so many -hate things floating around at the time but those +hate items I loved to try and find for my tanks, and swash.
  6. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    I always thought the click effects and procs on the gear from the ToV era were interesting - charms that granted Vigor (like Enchanted Vigor from enchanters) while activated/equipped, interesting clicky temp buffs (WDB/CB/detaunt for 18 seconds, or the tank version that increased threat for 18 sec), clicky buffs that put a circle on the ground that gave a proc buff to anyone in the group within which was fun to coordinate, items that allowed mastery abilities to be used on any target and increased the damage, and so on. Pretty much any of the effects that are on the rare items merchant in Vespyrr in my opinion.
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  7. Bord Active Member

    Some that I would love to see.

    Kerafyrm's Rites
    Applies Kerafyrm's Rites when Activated. Lasts for 15.0 seconds.
    Increases All Attributes of group members (AE) by 14.0%.
    Suspends the passive effect for 15 seconds
    This item may not be used in a PvP zone.
    Cannot be modified except by direct means
    The reuse time of Kerafyrm's Rites is 1 minute

    When Equipped:
    Increases All Attributes of caster by 20.0%.
    Cannot be modified except by direct means
    pretty good passive effect for attributes. This would be amazing combined with the newly redone AA's that boost spell / CA potency based on primary stat.
    This was also a great charm to coordinate for survivability as the group click stacks from multiple users. Timed with a large AE it used to be possible to use as a death save due to significantly increased HP temporarily.

    Scoundrel's Slip
    When Equipped:
    On any combat or spell hit this spell may cast Scoundrel's Slip on target of attack. Lasts for 10.0 seconds. Triggers about 3.0 times per minute.
    Decreases threat priority of target encounter by 3 positions
    Inflicts 820 disease damage on target encounter instantly and every 5 seconds.
    Cannot be modified except by direct means
    mostly for the dehate. Perfect lazy persons weapon, never had to worry about aggro no matter what since it was always dropping multiple hate positions. Proc dmg was alright too. I like being lazy.

    Might of the Land
    When Equipped:
    On any combat or spell hit this spell may cast Might of the Land on caster. Lasts for 36.0 seconds. Triggers about 1.8 times per minute.
    Wards caster against 880 points of all damage
    Increases power of caster by 461.
    Increases STR, AGI, INT and WIS of caster by 88.6.
    Cannot be modified except by direct means
    This had many uses, for both the power proc and the ward. It used to also do a stoneskin and the power replenish was a % amount, but that was removed / changed. With the current crazy power drains, something like this could be very useful. Extra defensive stuff never hurts either for the squishy dps.

    Growing Criticals II
    Applies Growing Criticals II when Activated. Lasts for 40.0 seconds.
    Increases Crit Bonus of caster by 110.0%.
    Increases Crit Bonus of caster by an additional 2.5% every 2 seconds
    This item may not be used in a PvP zone.
    Cannot be modified except by direct means
    The reuse time of Growing Criticals II is 2 minutes
    there's multiple versions of this but they all did the same thing with varying amounts of CB, one for pot too. Now that nobody can cap CB, it's a very good temp. I still use this as a pre click charm before pull.

    Please reduce the time it takes to cast most clicky effects. I realize they take 4 seconds to cast now due to lag reasons, but most clicky effects aren't even used because the dps you lose during those 4 seconds is generally more than the effect will add over it's duration. If nothing can be done about that, power may need to be increased. There's currently very few click effects that are useful because of the huge cast time.
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  8. Tigerr Active Member

    I was just going to post this! The only thing I do not want though, is for those items to become a necessity for every single person in raid. We had everyone in every group use that charm (Which i think we called "KCUP" due to the name). The 400 potency damage type based charms were great. They only lasted 8 seconds and really required you timed your stuff.
  9. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    AoM era avatar effects were cool like deathtouch charm. Class-specific item sets that have unique buffs to profession abilities, (hopefully that are meaningful)(and have good appearances).
    Shard of Hate conjuror cane was cool.
    Bloodthirsty choker was cool.
    Fabled EoF collection meta was cool.
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  10. Monstuhr Active Member

    Another very cool item was the killing zone clickies. The one where a circle was put on the ground and everyone procced extra damage while inside. You could make a series of that, a buff, healing/immunity etc.
  11. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Adding some suggestions different to above;
    • Relentless Will - Increased trigger % & % Damage Reduction - Was moved from Item effect to adorns, but then disappeared.
    • Ward/Stoneskin Procs - Items that when damage is recieved, a chance for a ward or stoneskin to apply [This may be too hard to balance now though].
    • Gaze Distration - Trakanon's old Mage/Priest 24 position hate drop when used.
    • Ferocious Prescense - Trakanon Shield - 10% threat transfer from grop to player when used.
    • Grim Image - Hand of Death item from Shard of hate. 60m Duration 1 trigger Death Prevent.
    • Blade Mastery - Miragul Charm - Increased Melee weapon range by 100%. [ + Other Miragul Charms]
    What I'd not like to see as I think it'd be bad for the game;
    • More powerful clicky items that can be cast out of combat pre-fight.
    • Anything with Stacking increments
    • Anything that can be used and unequipped.
    Honestly I think a lot of these effects would be cooler as item adornments, so that we can take them going forwards to different gear pieces.
  12. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    I like the idea of more interesting adornments. The current 3 set reds are kind of old, and rather boring. I'd like to see more unique options there. I'm a big fan of class specific or archetype specific stuff. The Grimling adornments are a step in the right direction, but all that is is fervor. Epic 2.0 and 1.0 buffs are a neat baseline to start with, and how those impacted gameplay was really fun to interact with.

    Whatever you make, please make them different, but equally powerful. I do not like being forced to wear cookie cutter items/adornments because all other options are strictly worse.

    Also, other notable items -
    Tension Brace
    Entrapped Focal Fear
    Trixy Cane of Trickery
    Salvo Charms and Static group-buff when used, solo buff when passive charms.
    Stoneskin gear (although, maybe needs some balancing)
    Combinable belts and cloaks (this may be unpopular, i rather liked them. it gave me something to farm that felt meaningful)

    One thing i do NOT like.... PLEASE do not make charm clickies have a 5s+ cast time. It makes them feel really bad to use (also, all of the charm clickies outside of Diaku charms or w/e are just awful, and not worth using at all). There is no downside to instant cast charms.
    Please Please Please Please Please stop making items like that.
  13. Beee Well-Known Member

    When you decided 2016 to removed the original Aura of Immolation effect of EQ2U - Item Details - Ire-Dread, the Undead Devourer ( you almost made me quit the game. It was a removal of my EQ2 heartbeat

    And NO - the reset of Ready Up is not the same - it's a nice poor copy without a trigger and without any profession to use it.

    The second thing was the change of conjurer elemetal blast - where you told me it's now such a super powered EQ2 spell.

    And last the changes 2015 of Conjurer Elemetal Toxiticy caused the removal of this classdefining spell from my hotbar.

    All this tree things are checked a long time ago, but all 3 points still hurt ;)
  14. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    Ire-Dread was bad for the game.
    Its an example of probably one of the worst itemization choices. Way too overpowered.
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  15. LastActionJackson Member

    You recently added old heritage crates to Marketplace. The Lion mount was updated. The Blood Infusion and the Mount Infusion appear permanent and were not made obsolete. 3/4 rare heritage crates are still relevant. This suggest a trend that supports buying the crates as a long term game investment given their exorbitant cost.
    But Micrus the rare merc was not updated. But you are selling those heritage crates. There is no incentive to buy that season as Micrus was made obselete by Koffie and S8 celestial mercs. Please update Micrus to be OP. Also please don't forget to update the lion mount the next expac. And please do not make the familiar and mount infusions obsolete.
  16. Nunja Active Member

    Mana sprinkle adorns! And upgrade rune for 2.0 . Charms that proc heals that aren't clicky like the TOT ones. Most procs are tank/dps focused.
  17. Scalo Active Member

    Mortal Coil - because being able to intercept some damage on your undergeared mate, or that noob tank, is so nice!

    Zlandicar weapons - stoneskins for everyone! then bring back those nasty barrages from CD!

    Malice of Lanys - aoe snap with a nice DR could be so handy especially when pulling zone in Vex Challenge ;)

    Staff of Observers - of course everyone wants a pet. One you can name after your raid leader and give it illusion of a dirty goblin.

    Rewards from Epic 2.0 which improve ascensions - some of the more interesting spell modification effects ever and some hard choices to make.
  18. Kari Well-Known Member

    I have always enjoyed having a chase item to farm in heroics. Rare enough to work hard at getting but not so rare that we would go months without seeing one in a dedicated group.

    Some of the pieces of gear that I remember fondly were the result of longer quest lines and others were items that I farmed in heroics.
    • The Arm of Erollisi - Claymore healer reward with a cure proc. I wore this for a couple of years due to the cure proc. If we had it now the healer would need to know which fights to remove it since some things are designed not to be cured, but I would still love to have it for most zones.
    • Ethereal Mist Gauntlets - chase item in Shard of Hate raid, it had a chance of a group heal proc and I always felt amazing when it would proc.
    • Malovari's misplaced bauble of banishment - this was farmed in heroic guk, It had amazing utility as a group out of combat evac. I am still carrying it around in my bag for when my escape totems are down.
    • Back in the original kunark, there was a common proc called overflowing heals, that would proc a small group heal on a beneficial cast. I made a mix and match set of gear with it.
    • There was also a ward bane proc that added a damage proc to wards similar to the defiler aa. Also a mix and match set.
    • In Altar of Malice there was a charm that would spawn a meat beast to attack the mob with you, except for some reason the meat beast faced backwards and it looked like he was farting on the mob instead of attacking. I would swap that in quite a bit just for the comedy, on fights where my stats didn't matter.
  19. Tegan Active Member

    Recovery Speed
    Any "clicky" effects shouldn't have long cast times and short durations. They won't be used.
    Class specific effects for armor, adorns.
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  20. Beee Well-Known Member

    Players who dont have old items with recovery speed reforged really have a big disadvantage