It may be the end for me in EQ2

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Jealyn, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    The part that makes me scratch my head is if all of these people did the epic 1.0 to start the new one they would quickly remember that they did grey content for that epic as well.......What are we fighting about again?
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  2. Breta Active Member

    I recommend checking the epic 1.0 quest thoroughly again. The prequisities were greay old quest, however, the majority of the faction and other grind involved current content.
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  3. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    No need to go back I ran my second troub yesterday. Started me off going to TS, FP, and Qville, poets palace, EL, Rivervale, PoA, Tower of the Draftling (all grey). Yea 2.0 might require more but why shouldn't it? You remember when expansions used to take a better part of the year to complete? You remember when harvesting rares for your epic took entire days of game play? The game is so fast paced now because of the new crowd. They can't make it last that long anymore. I honestly say what is the big deal. If that faction grind was current content would people still complain? I think they would. It seems rather ridiculous to me to pick the easiest part of the quest to go nuts over.
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  4. Breta Active Member

    Do you remember when you actually had to do the current content, or even play on your own server (hello event server), in order to get the best rewards? Good times

    It's not that it would be impossible to make a new content that last longer, it's just cheaper to make us redo the old content. And that's a super lame approach.
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  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    Doing old content doesn't bother me. But gating that content behind Ascension levels is kind of irritating. I don't have much play time any more. What with job, family, life etc...

    So when I come in game, I can either grind for Asc levels or work on Epic 2.0.....except I can't. So mostly I work on the required factions for that time when I might get some time to get an ascension level. It would be nice for epic 2.0 stuff to count a little bit towards asc levels.
  6. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    I remember it well. Trust me I am with you in that regard. I never participated on RTT because I didn't think it was the right move. They tested the idea, got feedback and results, and now we wait to see if they release another letting us know that it benefits the game.

    As far as making current content last longer they are doing exactly that. Yea it's not the glorified way they did in the past but they are trying to do it. The fact that they are struggling still should speak volumes to everyone whether the means are artificial or not. IMO I would say it is impossible with their timeline. This dev team is working their *** off to produce what they are and it is not meeting the mark of the time when they had hundreds of devs and CSR's. The only way we can get back to that point is if they were given more time to release content period. That won't happen because they are now on the ropes to keep enough content out to keep people playing the game. We are at a stalemate essentially. Some people can deal with that fact and some leaving cannot. But this I quit over grey content has got to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. The first week of BG's I went in there and lost all of my raid gear due to my toon being lost between servers and I am still here.
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  7. learpilot74 Active Member

    Dabb, the problem is not with just me. It is actually with you. You cant find 20 people on the server that will honestly say that all the grinding in grey zones is good content and great additions to the game play. People go away, the game dies and you will be out of the game as well. I definitely wouldn't invest in a company you were running with that attitude, you probably would be out of business in a month! I never said I didn't enjoy the game. But lapdogs such as yourself make excuses for companies like Daybreak and take the shut up and like mentality. It is crazy to me that you feel players should not voice the issues they see that they feel need improvement. There are a lot more of us than there are of you that feel the way many on the forums have already posted.
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  8. ZUES Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, grinding grey content is horrible. No matter how good the epic 2.0 will be, it's not a reward versus effort.

    I love long and difficult questlines, especially epics. But in EQ1 it was sitting at an NPC and turning in copper coins for 8 hours. It was sitting with other players and learning languages as they spammed a macro. I was hard and very time consuming! But never once did I have to backtrack and do old content. This questline is so time consuming that there is a 100% chance my alts will never have their epic 2.0's; thus rendering them useless. As if the deity grind and ascension grind hadn't already hindered the use of alts....

    Speaking of alts.... why can't we use their hard earned questing for these updates? Othimir faction for example. Rime! AOM sig line! We've already done all that stuff. Due to nerfs and class balance most of us had to switch raid mains.

    There needs to be claimable tokens along the way to put in our shared bank for alts. That's the only thing that will make all this useful.

    Epic 2.0 better be amazing is all I have to say. If it's not I'm done. And honestly, I don't see how one item could possibly be THAT good without upsetting class balance and making people incredibly OP. The effects are going to have to be more than amazing, like, super amazing and have an OMG factor of 10.
  9. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Honestly what I am hoping for is that they have come class purpose balancing included. That would be the super-amazeballs for me. Rework abilities or AA's that have become useless. If they only come with high resolve/mit reduction and raw stats+Rune abilities I can't see that lasting long considering what just happened to runes and the hammer.
  10. learpilot74 Active Member

    They do say the epic 2.0 will be good and BiS for at least a few xpacs
  11. Ashandra Active Member

    Time will tell talk is cheap.
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  12. Alenna Well-Known Member

    but does it have crating stats to help crafters if they are wanting the adventures to be crafters then they'd better put crafting stat on the epic 2.0 or take away the level 100 crafter requirement
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  13. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list of people who switched mains about 2 years ago all this old content I did in the past on my former main is now useless and I'm forced to grind old content/quests to get a new 2.0.....I was excited about this xpac's potential but that excitement has dwindled to a groan and forcing myself to log in to do undesirable outdated stuff or broken stuff or nerfed PQ's and virtually sub-zero shadow quartz/incardine key drops and find my class has been nerfed again including nerfed ethereals I spent all summer working on and so on and so on. It seems anything that was fun or a joy to do has been smacked down while anything tedious, annoying, frustrating has become the norm!....this is a game - it should be fun....the balance between fun and tedious has tilted to the far tedium side and not in a good way!!! I've defended our devs time after time but am finding it harder and harder to defend or understand the direction they are taking in this game with this xpac. I'm pre-paid until May 2018 so if I decide to simply quit logging in they already got my money so I guess none of it matters at this point anymore. :(
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  14. Ashandra Active Member

    I don't think I've seen so much negative feed back as what's been happening in all these threads and my account goes back to the start , I have been logging in for raids only now no grping ect there seems to be zero feed back from dbg staff just the occasional thread shut down , my sub won't be renewed this time round unless I can see a major change in direction .
  15. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I think that the higher ups think they are on the right path. They may want to get off this path while there is still time...
  16. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Eh, I've seen feedback this negative before, usually right around the time the games population takes a spike downward. Some will come back after they've had time and distance, most won't. I remember when they added complex scripting mechanics to instances with TSO there was a huge spike in angry feedback.

    You mean before the path ends at the edge of a cliff?
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  17. learpilot74 Active Member

    What is a fail is that troll attempt lol. Like the other guy, I had another account I do not play anymore. That really is irrelevant. Even for the player who has never gone through that old content, it is still rehashed. It has no challenge to it. It isn't even like the worst part of it is the questing. It is the ridiculous amount of repetitive faction grinds that are ridiculous. Grinding for faction is not fun, it provides no reward in the old zones, and simply put....lazy development for the purpose of a time sink so they can make less content.
  18. learpilot74 Active Member

    Dont get me wrong, im still having fun. But I do see a very disturbing trend of grinds being way overused due to lack of a developmental team. We pay good money to see NEW content.
  19. LisciaSF Member

    I agree the factiongrinds were a bit annoying. If you put on some of your favorite music or a broadcast of a twitch stream in the background, it makes it more bearable.

    The fact I have to say "bearable" is a bit of a frightening thing though, since EverQuest 1 epic quests (EQ2's 1.0s as well) were genuinely engaging and interesting to progress through. I had to repeat "Kill 12 mobs of a certain type" over 60 times to BUY AN ITEM from a faction merchant. When I resorted to hiring a Conjurer for 50kpp to sit at Kerra Island for four and a half hours to cut down on flight time to and fro the island for 30 quest cycles (it's actually 3 quests in one for Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land), the creativity just isn't there. I just wanted the thing done. It felt good finally finishing the quest because of the massive upgrade in that slot, and that much more closer to being an asset in T3 raid kills. It was a bittersweet sort of feeling, though.

    I'm sure hoping it'll change for the better in the following quests.

    I'm playing the game for my guildmates, friends, and I suppose, the community of my server which I've gotten to know decently well. Just another thought to add to this thread, which probably has been said before but may as well be said again.
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  20. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Lemmings think they are on the right path as well--up until they jump off the cliff and realize there's no going back.
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