It’s the Year of Darkpaw AMA time!

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  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    There is a way to do that; when your Collections tab is open and you have a missing item in a given collection, open the Broker to "Buy" and click on your missing item "hole" in the collection. If there are any available to purchase (which might be the tricky part, depending), you'll see a Broker page come up with them listed. :)

    My question: why aren't more of the World Event items available on the Loyalty Merchants (or even on the Marketplace) any more? If we do or do not participate in a World Event, that isn't any more money into or out of DBG's pocket. But putting such items on the Loyalty Merchant afterwards (perhaps limited to Members, so the devs' heart attacks could be headed off), or maybe especially on the Marketplace ("Buy a package deal now and get all the cool things you missed for one [relatively] low, low fee! It'll be listed indefinitely! :D"), that would increase revenue (another question: why are devs so allergic to making money?).

    And it might interest new folks who, sadly, missed out on all that cool stuff in the past, but at least could get some of the souvenirs, like some of the things on the Loyalty Merchant, like the mini-Griffon Towers and Druid Rings and such. :-/

    who thinks that the elitist "well, we got ours; sucks to be you, who missed out on this awesome thing that'll never happen again" thing is hurting the bottom line (right up there with, "We don't need to advertise this game...")
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  2. zelitux New Member

    Why cant Arasai and Fay Wings be a selectable graphic for the mounts?
  3. Ghostouls Well-Known Member

    Since overseers are seemingly connected account wide, not to each set of characters on separate servers, why can we not have a special overseer stash box that spreads out among all characters on that account.

    If you consider, if I do 10 quests on one server, I cannot do another 10 quests on a different server. They are 10 quests per Account... So when you reap the rewards, be it gear, status items, familiar, mercenary or mount leveling potions or barding slot expanders... it should be also available to ALL characters on that account. So if you are trying to get certain items, you MUST do the overseers on those characters on that particular server, even though doing that voids doing any more quests on other servers.

    For instance on one server i have 86 barding slot expanders, on my other server I have none and need them there.... Please can you make it so we have a universal Overseer Stash that can be accessed across the entire account. The criteria for doing so is already being used if you look at your currency tab and see al the things in there that are available across servers, because they are per account.
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  4. Skarltar Member

    Could you give us a rundown on the sort of improvements we are expecting to see with the DirectX update? I would imagine we will see fixes to things like shadows and water since you are using a different renderer.

    Are there any thoughts about trying to ease newer players into getting into heroics upon hitting max level? I feel like the long and fun leveling journey does a poor job at actually showing how to play your class in a group. It would be good to give players more avenues of communication to try and encourage players leveling up to try and group and tackle some group content. While often not too common to run into while leveling generally i find there are at least 7 or 8 within your level range across the leveling bands. It would be good to have ways to chat with people at your level range. Perhaps a GM or NPC manged leveling guild you can join at low level allowing people to chat and hang out with other levelers?
  5. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Please remember this is a thread to ask the game team questions. It is not for feedback, suggestions, conversations, or answers to other players questions. Thank you.
  6. parissa Well-Known Member

    I loved the zones that chrol did... diaku corral was great. Chrol I was wondering if you were considering doing more of those in the future and if you could chose any theme what would be your choice?
    Tobi are we ever gonna get frenchie mounts? :) what was your favorite mount to design? and least favorite?
    Katheel if you could add a new holiday event to norrath what would it be?
    Denmum since joining what has been your favorite project?
  7. Jinksie Well-Known Member

    Could the city neighborhoods be turned into potential Prestige houses? I would love to access Willow Wood again. I still have my citizenship papers from there.
  8. Stardrama Member

    Is there, or can there be, a way to transfer ownership of a "no trade" item to one of my other characters? It would be especially helpful if I plan on deleting a character who has earned a few no trade things, which I have. Now I have no-trade items for those characters trapped in other characters' homes with no way but to delete them, such a shame. So, if my character is deleted and has left a book (for example) in my other characters home, why can't she take ownership someway? If there is already, please tell me how?
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  9. Stardrama Member

    I created a "Great Library" for publication (not avail yet) but realized no visitors can read any of my books. Is there a reason for this? I'd like my guests to be able to use my library.
  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Can we PLEASE sync the clocks so that when the system says it's midnight, whatever the month, because of nonsense here in the U.S. (Down with Daylight Savings! Up with Real Time!), that's when the Loyalty Tokens Daily Objectives change over? At 12:00 am, PDT, PST, whenever, period, not 11:00 pm PST? :-/

  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Like, buy something off the Marketplace to turn a No-Trade thing into an Heirloom thing (and that way, we still don't have to worry about speculators flooding the Broker/Auction chat channel with them at outrageous prices)? The way the F2P folks have to buy something to enable them to sell on the Broker? There is precedence for that; why not? :)

    Could be a real money-spinner, o devs... ;->

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  12. Edelphia Well-Known Member

    Is there a way that we can get a house voucher back in our packs, maybe heirloom for purchased houses and no trade for expansion houses, when we relinquish a house? I have several houses I purchased and the toons relinquished for various reasons, but now I can't remember what toon had what house. It would also be nice to be able to move said house to another toon if I wanted to delete the toon, instead of losing the house I had to pay money to get.
  13. VeloEQ2 Member

    Do you guys ever intend to respond to the NEVER-ending list of issues that have been outright ignored for years? Care to address the most recent bundle that includes a major currency in the expansion that people can buy an unlimited amount of? I'm willing to bet this comment will get deleted, or ignored, but figured I'd ask ONCE again to let you guys know that their are players that haven't forgotten nor have forgiven.

    A good example of your communication is this thread alone. You guys asked the community for questions on the 7th, it is now the 14th with 5 pages worth of questions and not a SINGLE one has been answered. Come on now.......
  14. Sadus Member

    why do so many classes have abilities that are designed for auto attack, even though auto attack is no longer relevant? if it is possible for a developer to explain the logic behind this to me
  15. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Would we be able to have a tab added showing what adornments we have equipped instead of having to go over piece by piece? I know we can look it up on eq2u but once again thats having to go out of game and look whereas having a tab would make it faster especially when running in grps where they barely stop
  16. Carribea Active Member

    could you please let us know when our questions here will be answered?
    what are the odds that we can use all AA's instead of having to pick and choose?
    would it be possible to combine some skills or something to that effect, all those hotbars take up a lot of room, there is only a few that are clickable, then you gotta mouse click or whatever, someone will likely say use macros, but honestly i have no clue how to make those, btw i have more of those skills then make up RL lol.
    can you all please bring out more veteran rewards, atm it's kinda like we don't matter after hitting X year and the last house in the rewards, could you make it account wide vs just 1 toon can claim it
    would you please consider making windows and double doors that fit into the frames that we can buy/craft?
    is it possible for us to have dye for our houses (walls, furniture and such.....for our armor would be awesome too)
    also could we please have more hair styles and some cute/ sexy outfits wouldn't hurt either, personally i am a hugs fan of black!! :) "runs"

    thanks for reading and a bigger thank you if you all answer :D
  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    In the first paragraph of Angeliana's original post, it gave a date in March, after which this thread will be closed to further posts. After that, they'll start answering our questions. :)

  18. Skarltar Member

    What is the reasoning for much weaker overworld mobs in the public zones? This is a point of contention for a lot of people i know as it cheapens the questing experience. Is there a reason that its not balanced closer to solo instance mob difficulty? This is definitely one of the more strange quirks with the game.

    I really like voice work when i hear it in instances or quests. Would you every consider adding support for players to be able to mod (on client side) fan made voice work or AI generated voice lines as an addon? I understand that budget is an issue but perhaps you could empower users to help improve the experience ourselves.
  19. Ubertino New Member

    How about a new 'pack' for purchase?
    I think the Destiny of Velious Crate is still useful for TLE servers but, personally, I'd get rid of the Undying Crate and replace it with a Zimarra equivalent of the Destiny of Velious Crate.
    Also, I'd kill to get a City of Mist estate home!!! Well, pay cash for one anyways...
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  20. Liberal Active Member

    What are the chances of getting some itemization reviews for the later TLE expansions - specifically ROK/TSO/SF. As it currently stands, a lot of the loot is in my opinion; improperly itemized.

    At the start of the TLE we had lots of items stat layouts changed to better reflect the classes that can use them, but that never occurred for these later expansions. As a result, we have tank only items without lucrative tank stats, and healer items without lucrative healer stats.

    We had a forum post with a good amount of likes outlining the items but no changes happened akin to what happened in the earlier expansions when we previously had a good amount of likes.

    I also think the idea of bumping specific bosses mob up to the next expansion stat tier is a good way to itemize, this hasn't really happened and a lot of items from the penultimate bosses end up falling a bit short of what they were previously. When I open a box from Munzok and get loot that is worse than a heroic drop - it is hard to keep a roster motivated to play.

    Additionally - I would like to ask about curse of darkness for the warlock on TLE. The spell has been neutered to be inefficient to cast, throwing this class into a position that is unlikely to be run in a "meta" situation. If raid content continues to be tuned to the requirement of running "meta" classes to succeed, the class is basically benched until TSO.

    Class balance forums?