It’s the Year of Darkpaw AMA time!

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    You have questions, we have answers!

    As part of The Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration, we are opening this Ask Me Anything thread. This thread will remain open until March 13, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. PST, at which time we will close it to new posts but it will remain visible. Once this is done, we will gather all the questions and route them to the proper team member to answer.

    Once the answers have been provided, we will post them in a new post within the same thread in a Question-and-Answer format. The volume of questions will determine the frequency of this reoccurring throughout the year.

    We do have some guidelines to follow when posting your questions and some other information we wish to provide prior to kicking this off.
    • Questions must be within the confines of both the Terms of Service Agreement as well as the forum guidelines.
    • We ask that you look through the previously posted questions to see if the question you want to ask was already posted by someone else.
    • While we encourage anything to be asked, please understand that we cannot respond to all topics, nor will we explain why we cannot respond.
    • We ask that you refrain from back-and-forth conversations with other forum posters.
    • We understand that you are all passionate about the game, but we ask that you remain constructive in your post.
    • Anything that does not follow the guidelines set forth here will be removed, and warnings or sanctions issued if necessary.
    We look forward to your questions!

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  2. Hreysti Member

    Are the "suburbs" ever going to be returned to at launch state?
  3. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Tradeskill quest line was the shortest that I have ever seen it any expansion. It also has the least amount of daily content this time around. Are there plans to do away with tradeskills or increase this in the future?
  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    1) [Lore, probably Kaitheel?] - What is the deal with the Maedjinn/Djinn that are friendly with the Hooluk in Petalcrown Perch? There's no explanation for this in game that I have found. They're just.. there.

    2) [Mechanics/Itemization] Is there any intent to provide a current tier Aggressiveness or Fading adornment to provide a way for proper positive/negative hate mod management? This has been posted about several times with no response.

    3) [Mechanics/Itemization] Is there any intent to upgrade the collection meta rewards for Ballads of Zimara? The current rewards are *extremely* lackluster compared to the purple collection meta necklace from Empires of Antiquity - Currently, the BOZ meta collection rewards require you to give up 5 specific purpleadornment slots in order to get *less* stats from the overall bonuses of the five adornments and the set bonus than you get from the meta neck from EOA, which only requires you to give up the single purple neck adornment, while still being able to use the Spirit of Drakkel and a L125 white adornment. This completely negates any reason to complete any of the collections in BOZ outside of potentially needing the resolve from the meta collection neck for *some* encounters - and then swapping back to the EOA neck.
    3a) [Mechanics/Itemization] On a related note - Why does '0.X all attributes' exist as a bonus? This is terrible, and absolutely no one should be using it over literally *anything* else.

    4) [Itemization] With the change to raid gear to allow the conversion of all regular raid drops to CBOC at will, there is a lot less interest in running regular heroic content - is there any intent to increase the drop rate for double purple slot/darkfeather items, or potentially have divine relic drops increased in order to entice players to do more heroic content to give raiders a reason to return to groups?

    5) [Mechanics/Itemization] Chrono Dungeons. These are.. painful. While I am sure you are aware by now of my opinion on this topic, can you broach the future of these? Is the intent to leave them as is, or make them more enticing somehow, or... what? As they currently stand, I don't know anyone who actually *enjoys* this content, but the promise is there.
  5. Bord Active Member

    When will cheesecake mount be released?
  6. Phee Active Member

    When will we get to play Chains of Eternity expac all the way though VOV or up til whatever the current expansion is when we hit it in a TLE style of play? there is interest in playing those expansions and even playing on the live version but no one wants to just jump to live they want to progress every 4 months until it catches up. this is really all i want out of EQ2.
  7. Lemilla Active Member

    Out of all the math being used by the game, there is one thing of which I still haven't been able to figure out how it really works, despite numerous attempts of data gathering and number crunching since that mechanic has been introduced. What is/are the actual formula(s) behind Combat Mitigation?
  8. Phee Active Member

    Why was the HP so absurdly high on all the Bosses in Rise of Kunark on Varsoon, and furthermore, WHY is the HP STILL so absurdly high on Varsoon in that Expansion compared to literally the entire rest of the game?
  9. Doomey Active Member

    Are there any plans or discussions involving a game wide stat/number squish? Is it just too much work for the team you have now or is it something that may possibly happen in the future? The current state of the game is hard to digest, particularly as a returning player.

    Can we add a few more tiers of currency so we can once again transact on the broker and trades in a number that is easily discernible? Cap or not things are still being traded and now it takes a lot more risk and trust to trade anything of value due to the amount of trades that have to take place.

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  10. Chiffon Active Member

    Are there any plans to merge IoR with a more active server?
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  11. Gematria Active Member

    1. What, if anything, is being done to try to fix the insane Plat inflation in the game? Kronos are going for around 5b Plat on Live servers as an example.
    2. What is the process of balancing classes on the Dev end? What happens that results in a new set of Meta classes almost every expac and little to no changes to bring other classes up to par? Ex. Assassins vs. Other T1 DPS and SKs vs. Other Tanks and Shamans vs. Other healers.
    3. Besides the few interactions with Twitch streams, are there any other plans to advertise more for the game?
    4. The recent survey we had was asking if we would recommend the game to others - I know for a fact a lot of people scored this very low. Are there any plans to encourage new players to start playing and to make the game more accessible for new players?
  12. Evilary Well-Known Member

    1. Are you ever going to disconnect a server from the series and give the players a true TLE that matches the original release rather than the versions we have now where the stats are out of sorts due to the Live servers being tied to them for updates?
    2. Year of Darkpaw items and other items like the Ratscallion cloaks, are you going to make them available again down the road to players who were not here at the time?
    3. Several players have asked in the past, do you have any plans to do a stat squish and/or a level squish?
    4. With status being so high on so many items this expansion, does this mean you are considering it the new form of main currency going forward with Plat being a side currency since it is so out of control?
    5. Is there any chance you will consider adding mercenary training and mount training to the research tab in the last page of the knowledge book so we have 1 spot to check on all our stuff going?
  13. Squeeble_Jumjum New Member

  14. Trav Member

    Will we ever be able to search for MAX HP items on the broker?

    Not only for us poor tanks, but on Varsoon with many of the later fights requiring entire raids to have max hp items it would be helpful to be able to search for them on the broker.

  15. Phee Active Member

    Why are Character Slots not Giftable, and could you change that? i literally want to give you my money but you seem to not want it.
  16. Saw-Lau Member

    Are there any plans to open up any parts of the game to the player community who also happen to be software developers, either in a full open source on GitHub with pull requests way, or via some sort of NDA?

    I'm thinking along the lines that the community could contribute to making low-priority quality-of-life changes that the paid devs just don't have time to do (e.g. different mechanisms for inventory management/implementing more filters for bag item placement).

    There's also a possibility of opening up some art assets for community contributions as well?
  17. Kotter Legendary Member

    when does Everquest 3 Alpha start?
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  18. Jinksie Well-Known Member

    To help reduce the grind, can we make some leveling processes more universal?
    For example:
    * Mount leveling - Once you level a mount to max level, all mounts on that toon are now max level.
    * Merc leveling - Once you level a merc to max level, all mercs of the same tier in that battalion group are now max level. All you have to do is earn them, unlock them and gear them (if you so wish).
    * Familiar leveling - Once you level a familiar, all familiars of the same tier in that season are now max level.

    There is just too much to research/level/upgrade right now. It is overwhelming for current players and extremely overwhelming for new players. If we could reduce the amount of effort needed to benefit from buffs/bonuses/etc and get more actual play time vs. grind time/research time, that would improve the experience a great deal.
  19. Jinksie Well-Known Member

    I would love to be able to filter the broker search for Collectibles that are not yet collected. Basically only the shinies that one toon needs and not the ones already collected.
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  20. Jinksie Well-Known Member

    Can we add a way to sort Mercenaries by Battalion in the Merc window? If you play several expansions in a row, it is so challenging to find which ones are current battalion vs previous ones. A filter by battalion buff would work great too, either way.
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