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Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Rothgar, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    I'm looking for more information regarding mobs that may be warping as they move. If you're still experiencing this problem, please provide some information such as the zone where it occurred, the mob name, your class information and what you were doing at the time they appeared to be warping.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dark Messenger Guest

    it looks like if you move in a same speed, the mob doesnt warp, but if you change permanently your speed, like stand still move and, stand still again etc, the mob warps.
    for example Mikill in Halls of Legends EM, while tanking and moving backwards, if i move on the same speed without stopping, he seems coming with me without port, if i move slowly, he ports permanently, class is monk.
    same thing sometimes on Trashmobs who have a big hitbox, or big model
  3. ARCHIVED-Fiyy Guest

    I see this happen to our tank on Mikill as well (Pally)

    In addition to that, we seem to get the same issue when moving statue from one fountain to the other, loves to port right behind the tank then red text lol. But it is a similar situation with the stop and go of the mob.
  4. ARCHIVED-aislynn00 Guest

    Mikill (normal and challenge mode), guardian tank.
    Easy way to reproduce:
    Aggro the mob, then move backwards until the moment your CA icons turn red, then stop and wait.
    At this point, the mob should walk/run forward until it gets within melee range, which is usually exactly what happens. In that case, just move backwards again until your CA icons turn red.
    Sooner or later, though, the mob will warp instead of running to you. Where the mob warps to seems completely unpredictable: sometimes way off to either side, sometimes in front of you, sometimes behind you, and sometimes right on top of you.
  5. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    I know I Mikill will do it sometimes, for me the tall tell sine if it will start is that at some point in time the mob lags then starts running to the MT at around 200+ run speed. any time the mob is going to have to move any significant distance after that it will be a warp. NOTE, I normally only OT for this fight I am a monk, MT for this fight is Paly.
    Next I MT King Tormax, when I am moving him from one side to the other or am repositioning him on one side he sometimes will warp to me.
    The statue of Zek on EM raid, sometimes he can warp, but it is more forgiving on this fight it seems.
    The 2nd named in Kratoc is supposed to warp....
    My list is short since I dont think i have ever seen a mob warp on pull and outside of a few named they don't move after pull. But all of them seen to start with the fast running ones then warping ever thereafter.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mistacee Guest

    just about any raid mob that involves moving, if you move too fast or out of the mobs auto range it will warp right to you then start spazzing around right on top of you
  7. ARCHIVED-Drumstix Guest

    Almost all giants do it. Seems to be that larger mobs do it more often. It also seems to be directly linked to the NPCs movement speed. Some NPCs will run at you like a bat out of hell, and this definitely will often cause them to warp. If they are moving to you on a surface at different height they will most likely warp to you at one point during their path.
    Also, any mob that causes a knockback usually ends up with the mob warping multiple times until you land, and then maybe once or twice when you reposition on the ground.
    Seriously, just watch a raid on Live or be part of one. You'll see it plenty of times. Start with Mikill or any mob with a knockback
  8. ARCHIVED-Mascouti Guest

    Zone: Foundations of Stone HM
    Mob: Legatus Prime Mikill
    Time: 7/18/2011 8:45 PM PST
    Server/Guild: Antonia Bayle - Ancient Prophecy
    Guardian Tanking, running Mikill around in a circle (counter clockwise) around raid force. Mob constantly warping behind tank, in front of tank, on top of raid force. When he ports behind tank, he stops briefly then fail script is activated.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    Thank you for the feedback so far. I'll get this info to QA. We haven't had any luck reproducing this warping in our own test environment, so I'm not sure if server lag plays a factor or not.
  10. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    Like other's we have had this problem with Mikill (both EM and HM) almost every time we run him at some point while the mob is running in a circle he warps. We usually have an SK tanking that fight (he lost the coin toss).
    We had problems last night with EM Statue (and that's also not uncommon). When attempting to move him (post AE) last night after the first echo was down and we were turning the raid force position clockwise he and back to the other side he warped on us. We're on Oasis and that time we had a Guardian tanking (our normal MT).
  11. ARCHIVED-drakkenshield Guest

    Not sure how related it is but...

    I find that since the attack range got increased, mobs now form large circles around you and frequently its causing warping, and also "jitter" in mob positions, as well as mobs falling off of things or even falling into the ground.
    It happens in Karnor's Castle and Sebelis, for example.
    Sometimes it appears to cause LOS issues or make existing ones a bit more of a problem.
  12. ARCHIVED-Firnbarion Guest

    It also happens to Mob out in the open zones - for example in Eastern Waists the Basilisks and other mobs. Or in Great divide around the frozen tower.
    For a period of time it had been fixed, but than it suddendly startet again. It is very annoying, because while the mob is 'dancing' around you until they find their right spot, they can not be attacked. It has nothing to do with Lag, it seems, that since the range was changed, the mob got disturbed and they do not know anymore where their place is ... well if you would just test the game from a 'normal' home pc, away from SOE offices you might be able to reproduce it without any problems?
  13. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I feel like a broken record, but as we now have a dedicated thread just for this subject...
    What is the possibility we can revert the 5 meters mob melee range back to 2 meters?
    This change during Velious beta has been the root of many problems beyond mob warping.
    • Tanks now have to run all over the room trying to get the mob to follow them and park them in the correct place.
    • Larger mobs are almost impossible to place, especially dragons, giants, and golems.
    • With the increased distance, it's much harder to tell that certain mobs have switched targets.
    • It has reduced AoE DPS as mobs are sometimes hanging just outside of range.
    As a ranger, I do appreciate the one advantage we got from this change -- I can now use all my combat arts when standing toe-to-toe with the mob. But it's not worth it for how much this change has upset tanking.
    I suggest reverting melee range for mobs to 2 meters and then adjusting the minimum range of all of the ranged combat arts (mostly Troubador, Dirge, Assassin, and Ranger) to 2 meters. This could be just level 80-90 expert and master combat arts as far as I'm concerned.
  14. ARCHIVED-Boli32 Guest

    Mikill in Throne of Storms as everyone else but with new hardware on Splitpaw I can get 80 ping and still experiance this; most obviously on Monday's raid (1830-2300 GMT).

    Also any knockback (well knock up if you're against a wall) can sometimes cause the mob to instantly warp underneath you and face the raid. the z axis needs to be less sensitive to player movement. In being knocked up to a giants head height will cause the giant to run in and turn around to attack you. If they are casting a spell and finish they have a tendancy to warp directly onto you (i.e. 2 AoEs which land right after each other).

    Honestly the frontal hit box size and the z axis need to be looked into. As a tank you have to run out sometimes 20-25m to even get the mob to move but a simple knock up to eye level will cause the mob to move.

    Tell your test team to spawn "wansuu" and ask them to move him around... he warps, spins on a dime and you need to move 30m+ away to get him to move. If he is casting when you move away he has a tendancy to warp directly to you; once the AoE hits.

    That should be an easy example to demonstrate the warping and also the hit boxes but its the same on many other larger size mobs
  15. ARCHIVED-Aeadiin Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    Oddly, I think client lag has more to do with it then anything. As a multi boxer, I can impact my FPS pretty drastically the more clients I have running (obviously), and once I start seeing an FPS of around 10 or lower, mobs are constantly warping. Uneducated guess, is the mobs are getting jittery positioning information from the clients, which cause them to "catch up" and warp a lot.
  16. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    The whole "mob moving in range" mechanic should be fixed, not just the warping. When you are out of range of your target you move into range. That's the logical behaviour. But when you try to pull NPCs they don't move in range, they move onto your position, instead of moving into attack range. This makes especially moving big mobs a giant PITA. These mobs have hit boxes with sth like 20m diameter and if you want to move them 5m you can't just move a meter away and the mob follows you, it will move 20m on top of you. This behaviour just sucks. Also, when you are standing at a wall and the mob in front of you has a knockback, the mob will almost always move on top of you after the knockback, also you didn't move centimeter. And then you can't get between the mob and the wall again unless you move the mob again. And as described above, you can't just move the mob a meter away from the wall, because it will only move for 20m.
  17. ARCHIVED-Nebbeny Guest

    As someone else mentioned, big mobs seem to have this issue. I don't see alot of warping on splitpaw but what i do see alot of is the mobs running at massive speeds to get into range, usually after a KB or teleport (like the two reggies in UD). One mob that i found to consistantly do this a few days ago was trakkanon, if you get hit by the KB, he'll come charging ultrafast for you. Would be appreciated if you could get that behaviour fixed, it's a real pita for placing
  18. ARCHIVED-dajokster Guest

    Twin Idols in [Challenge] Temple of Rallos Zek, Heroic Instance. Sometimes as you move one of them will just warp on top of you, and step over and behind you. I am sure someone stated it but it seems to mainly just be an issue w/ Giants. I dont notice it happening much on other mobs.
  19. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Statue of Rallos Zek does it.
    And these huge mobs are damn near impossible to move and place with melee range being what it is. They are so big already, when you add in their massive melee range, they simply have no NEED to move and thus they DONT move.
    To move a mob 5m for instance, the tank may have to run 10m thru the mob, 7m to get out of melee range, then another 5m to make the adjustment, then run back thru the mob to get it done.
    It is ridiculous and un-fun.
  20. ARCHIVED-Undorett Guest

    It seems any large mob will do it. The fluidity of your movement has a large impact on if the mob warps or not. For instance on mikill if you move continuously at full speed, he won't warp. If you take two steps back and two to the right and stop for two seconds then repeat he will start to warp to your current position. When repositioning large mobs during battle after a mem wipe this often happens as well.

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