Isn't Channeler is supposed to be a Prestige Class?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Character, May 25, 2019.

  1. Character Member

    I am NOT expecting Channeler to be OP, nor do I want them to be the new flavor of the month. This happened during ToV and was a total disaster. So many people tried playing the Channeler and had no idea what they were doing or how the class mechanic worked. This gave the class as a whole, a decidedly bad reputation. I am however referring to aspects of the class that are broken and/or turned off. This is a class that players actively paid for to be able to play and it should be a fully working class. This is a prestige class, something not available without monetary investment and not readily playable without a time investment. I guess the point is, I just want the class fully working. Please fix what you folks have broken about this class or rewrite the tooltips associated with the broken class abilities.
  2. Rutlan New Member

    I completely agree. At a minimum allow us to betray to another healer class. Even with betraying I'm still out the RL cash paid to open the class and all the in game cash used on gear, spell upgrades etc. Depressing, but at least I would have a playable class. Or just fix the Channeler class!
  3. panjinliann New Member

    im an channeler and fully working on it.healing stance ONLY. no dps. my friend always say my dps sucks. i dont know why i need dps as a healer (cry )
    my current state:2045res, 90K POT,4400CB,called panjinliann on HOF.
    sometimes channeler can do massive healing on top1 HPS on phase, but most time just 4th(2 healer per grp on raid)
    this class can do massive HPS for sure but in hard healing stituation ONLY , such like 1st named on air zone
    if normal hard fight or under the normal, channeler sucks
    bug every where on this class. have a look:
    when i first time play this class, my pet disappear alots time during fight! if i lost my pet, i can do nothing. but this bug fixed i think cuz this bug not happend again.
    to new prestige player, i will say: ud better to play other presige class like warden. my 2045res 90K pot channeler cant beat HPS with 1800res warden, this is sad thing

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