Isle Of Refuge is DEAD

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Wormy, May 2, 2017.

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  1. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Do you actually read the threads? This has been answered.

    I'll pass. TY for the invite, it just sounds to non-inclusive for my tastes. Cliquish environments tend to be toxic in the long run. I have seen it in guilds and to have it on a server scale sounds really bad. That's how I perceive IoR right now, as someone just taking in the information being passed around. Just for Kittybock "How I Perceive it" not that it IS! Based on information gathered from sources found in these threads and from private messages. Since 'I have never played on IoR'.
  2. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    My experience is the opposite. On servers such as skyfire, halls of fate, Maj dul, and Antonia bayle, not only could I not get help or groups from general chat(and even get trolled about it half the time), but guilds rarely even helped their own members when asked nicely. Just get crickets. And I tried many. Perhaps just bad luck. But then there's the toxic, slr riddled gen chat too. On refuge, many people help others, regardless of guild affiliation. But, again, I am happy where I am, and I only encourage those whom are unhappy where they are, to give the Isle of Refuge a chance. :)
  3. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    I will add that it does sorta feel like some people want to judge and badmouth this server. I wonder how many played here, for how long, and to what length did they try to make friends, and find a guild that suits them? Also, for those not interested in this server, why are they going to great lengths to troll us or put down IoR? All good questions. There are good people, great and passionate players, and wonderful guilds, on every server. I personally have tried every PVE server, even started on Vox PvP server in 2006, and am happiest on the Isle of Refuge. :)
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  4. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I am left wondering how many of the comments in the above post, are a reflection of how you handle yourself, rather than a reflection on servers such as Skyfire, Halls of Fate, Maj'Dul and Antonia Bayle? If you get ignored in multiple guilds, and were unable to get help from groups or general chat, and are continually "trolled" on general chat, there may be a reason that does not amount to everyone on Skyfire being evil trolls.

    You talk of being in many guilds, on many servers, a combination which makes me suspect you are very whimsical about joining and leaving both guilds and servers. I really hope you're not one of those people who join a guild, and expect everyone in said guild to drop everything any time you think you need help, and jump ship when it does not happen the way you want. You have to build relationships with people, even within guilds. It is amazing how much assistance can be provided by people who enjoy your company.

    Yes, it is good to wonder. Why do some people have a much easier time obtaining help than others...

    I think I am starting to get a better idea of what the cause of your problems are. However, I am happy you are enjoying yourself on IoR, while it lasts.
  5. AB guy New Member

    I've had really positive experiences of IOR too. Overall server numbers are definitely lower but everyone has been friendly both inside and outside of the guild. Perhaps it's the low population that makes or encourages this situation? I don't know but it is something akin to living in a small town where people get to know you and your reputation sticks. I'm an older guy and judging from the voices in guild chat I'm not alone in this respect). However I've met more people and grouped more (again not only with my guild members) in a couple of weeks than I did on AB. Maybe it's a "horses for courses" situation and I've just found a guild suits my slow, measured, casual approach but I'm enjoying my time here nonetheless.
  6. Konc3pt Active Member

    I like this xakrein guy. I'd be his friend.
  7. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    We're going to go ahead and close this thread since it's gone off topic and is beginning to devolve into insults. Locking this up for now.
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