Isle of Refuge (Free Trade) Server Coming June 28

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Adevil Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a conspiracy theory similar to the one back during the server consolidations last year. All those login issues F2P players were having were just a prelude to removing F2P entirely. :rolleyes:
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  2. hammerstone New Member

    I got a bunch of loyalty coins for being a 12 year vet. How do you get them otherwise?
  3. Ratmaninov New Member

    Daily quests.
  4. hammerstone New Member

    gotcha, thanks!
  5. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Daily objectives. You can earn 1 per day, 2 if you're a subscriber.
  6. RadarX Community Manager

    Will there be an EU Free Trade server?
    There will not be an EU Free Trade server at this time.

    Can I buy a Krono / Heroic Character / House / Mount on the Marketplace?

    The Isle of Refuge does not have a limited marketplace. Anything that you can purchase on a normal server can also be purchased on Isle of Refuge with the sole exception of a character transfer token as these could not be used.

    Is Isle of Refuge a Progression server?
    No, The Isle of Refuge has access to all expansion content.

    Can I use my loyalty tokens on Isle of Refuge?

    Can I use a Mercenary on Isle of Refuge?
    Yes, absolutely!

    Will there be different XP gain, Live Events, coin/treasure drops on Isle of Refuge?

    No, the only gameplay change to the Isle of Refuge is the removal of most Heirloom tags on items.

    What /claims have been restricted on Free Trade servers?

    • Goblin Games Ticket
    • Warcry Trial: Red Journeyman's Cloak & Potion Pack
    • Universal Trial: Green Journeyman's Cloak & Potion Pack
    • Curse Trial: Blue Journeyman's Cloak & Potion Pack
    • EQII Fortune League Weekly Participant's Scroll
    • EQII Fortune League Experience Potion
    • Welcome Home Potion Pack
    • Welcome Back XP Potion Bundle
  7. Tradeserverwoot Member

    Wow @ heroic toons. dang
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  8. mh272 New Member

    Well, I was going to come back for this server, but now I am not because of the heroic characters. ridiculous.
  9. Slipshod Active Member

    Are there reward tokens that can be earned on this server that we can use at the vendor in KP? I know there are reward tokens for Race to Trak etc. but I am wondering if there are any for THIS server...
  10. Darkjohnson New Member

    heroic toons is a dealbreaker for you guys? have you leveled a character lately? Hehe
  11. Twilight1976 New Member

    not since a few years back.
    so much faster now ?
  12. Darkjohnson New Member

    The xp in agnostic zones is really high. And you are auto granted AA's as you level. 280 by level 90.
  13. Tradeserverwoot Member

    Yeah good luck doing well with lvl 1 gear. Now you can get OP gear instantly.
  14. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Lol @ people crying over heroic characters. They're not even worth it. You can hit 100 within 24 hours even without a heroic character. 1-85 is the fast part anyway.
  15. Twilight1976 New Member

    sigh, i will see :)

    How i love the old level system from eq1.
    I would give everything for EQ1 with a modern engine
  16. hammerstone New Member

    We still looking at a couple of hours before we can jump in? I saw that the servers are up.
  17. Wheresmycheese New Member

    so i went to make a toon on the free trade server, but their are none on the list? thanks
  18. Slipshod Active Member

    IoR not supposed to open for another 2 hours
  19. Vulsis New Member

    links or it didnt happen
  20. Wheresmycheese New Member

    ah ok - thanks
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