Is there such a mob in Tears of Tunare as Muddom?

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Brigh, May 4, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    I see it marked with a red dot on EQ2Map but it isn't on Zam and many hours in the area with no sighting.
  2. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    He dropped... erm, a 91 belt? I specifically set some time aside when the servers were coming back up after a morning patch. Parked right in the bowl of that giant rock where the x was. haven't seen him besides the fresh zone.

    PS. The named fairy, Daerlina, was up at the same after reset expedition, and she dropped 91 leggings... shaman wis chain, i think. I noticed very few items from these two fellas on the broker, and have seen them in the flesh only after reset. Mabye we can make a fresh post, something like Withered Lands: Named Respawn Reliability, and list our findings. (Never seen the panther named at the x, have you?).

    Edit:pPS: I feel that stats on the 91 attunable WL boss drops are better (ignoring the adorn slot differences) than some of the solo mission 92 gear, so I were trying to farm a few kinds of pieces for my weaker slots. Legs and hands were hard to see many of, others were very reasonable (Jalapook-fighter arms, Talapook=scout arms, Ovamawasaur-hat?) well I forget somewhat. Swhy I'm so boss interested =), who drops what and how often they are around.
  3. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    Seen him 1 time,

    The thing is all overland named mobs are perma camped so you are realy lucky if you should get 1.
  4. ARCHIVED-miragian Guest

    There's the whole issue that there doesn't seem to be scout/priest arms, helm on any of the mobs, I have yet to see any mob drop any mage/fighter weapons and the exsiquite drop rate on the treant that is suppose to have pants is close to 100% if not so, I've killed him I think 25 times or so and have 25 fabled shields.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ibuki Guest

    which one does the ear drop from?
  6. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    Priest and scout arms shoulders I've seen off Talapook'tei.( did you mean shoulders or forearms earlier?)
    Earring off of the rare drop of the viney giant on the balconey.
    Does the tree only have a fable drop(priest/scout shields)? His loot might be messed up.
    On a side note, the contested bosses have rare drops too, firebrand definitely can drop a fabled ear, besides the usual legendary neck.
  7. ARCHIVED-miragian Guest

    ElectricPotato wrote:
    Refering to shoulders, I have yet to see priest or scout from him but than again of the mobs I've killed he's the smallest sample size at like 5. Typically all I see from him is brawler and mage, though I have gotten plate tank from him as well.
    Granted it's a poor reference but one of the loot database sites has I believe the mage pants dropping from the tree. Of the times I've killed him I've only ever gotten the fabled shields.
    Speaking of why no tank shields off the same mob? Or tank/mage weapons off the named Holgresh.
  8. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    Talapook'tei, the one in the pass in the caves i think is priest/scout shoulders. (Kill him slow, he can still invuln sometimes)
    Jalapook'tei, valley of the fallen holg, I'm almost sure is mage/fighter shoulders (rare neck).
    Were you getting you pook'teis' crossed?

    Weird how most bosses seem split into magefighter or priest/scout common drops though.
  9. ARCHIVED-devist8or Guest

    Brigh wrote:
    While he does exist, there seems to be a problem with some of the named spawns. Muddom and the named gator only seem to spawn at server reset and do not repop while the named fairy, giant and others are "usually" on a 70min timer and perma-camped.
    Good luck!
  10. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    I left this thread to die when I got my answer. It sounds like WL named have the same problem that the Scion skeleton had in Gfay.
  11. ARCHIVED-Observe Guest

    There are at least 6 named mobs in Withered Lands that do not respawn, which makes their drops very expensive on the broker compared to the others. Their drops include belts, legs, chain and plate healer helmets, weapons and shields.
    The tree does rarely drop legs.
  12. ARCHIVED-miragian Guest

    Seems this still isn't addressed or fixed. What mobs don't spawn? Only ones I know of are the named panter, Muddom, the named sifly, and that's about it.
    And the tree in my opinion's issue is that his common loot is fabled shields rather than his rare.
  13. ARCHIVED-Caernarvon Guest

    Muddom is a 97^^ and is a blob thing and sits indside the crater at the top of the big rock mound where he is marked up on EQ2 maps. Have only encountered him the once about 30 minutes after a server reset today, dropped a caster belt.

    Daerlina I have yet to see myself, but am going to camp her spot for a couple of hours some point soon.

    There is also a named single up red crocodile near to the fairy, 'Swampmaw the Gorged', and I don't recall seeing this yet.

    Rendclaw I run into a lot. He seems to always be a triggered spawn, i.e. he's never just sat there waiting for someone to come and whack him, he (or she hehe??) kinda just seems to appear when you run round the area he's marked up on, killing some other panthers might help. I've killed him quite a few times as I've gone through the area anyways.

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