Is There Any Chance

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Almee, May 13, 2022.

  1. Almee Well-Known Member

    Is there any chance that if we buy the new recipe books on one server we will be able to access them with our carpenters, on the same account, on other servers? There are so many things I want to buy for my houses that I hate spending the money on repeats of recipes for four servers.
  2. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    iirc, it only goes to one character. So, sadly, you would need to buy multiples if you are doing multiple servers. :(
  3. Denmum Developer

    Accountwide unlocks for recipe books is not something we have planned.
  4. Almee Well-Known Member

    <sniff, sniff> Well there goes two houses I wanted to buy. Maybe one will be on the Panda this year.