Is there a T15 Crate? and...

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Xianthia, May 13, 2022.

  1. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    if yes, what is the resolve to see it? I've only just hit the T14 crate and have a long way to go.
    Hitting the T14 made me wonder if there are more crates and what the resolve target is for them.
  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    Not that anyone has reported actually getting yet, or has been updated to Census as of yet via discovery.
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  3. Riverbear Active Member

    It may be, that those players that might use a T15 crate to help them be eligible to do what they do,
    would not need a T15 crate because of the loot drops at their level of activity already current.
    Not so much of a "get back in our own lane thing"
    as it is a "then let them eat cake" thing.
    What level of nastiness are you hunting that would require T15 crates? Especially if you just breeched the T14's.???
  4. Terrius Well-Known Member

    If you consider the previous tiers and how the resolve reqs increment, T15 crates would be at either 7661 or 7716 resolve. I thought there was mention somewhere of T14 being the last crate, I could be imagining it that though.
  5. Thand Well-Known Member

    7789 and stlll no crates i am thinking t14 was the last one
  6. Nutari Member

    Why crates if you get enough armor in challenges.